Senator Tom McClintock: "I'm not sure if Ron Paul is presidential Timber"
7 Days Before The Primary, McClintock Refuses To Endorse Ron Paul
By Martin Hill
January 28, 2008


As a former supporter of California State Senator Tom McClintock, I've been very disappointed in im in recent years, particularly after he endorsed gun-grabbing socialist Arnold Scwarzenegger in 2006. So last week I wrote and posted the article 'Which Big-Government Socialist Will Tom McClintock Endorse Next?' (I also posted it at RON PAUL WAR ROOM and DAILY PAUL). When I had started writing the article, Fred Thompson was still in the race for president. Then Fred abruptly dropped out, and I wanted to challenge Tom McClintock to offer his Ron Paul endorsement. I had heard McClintock interview Ron Paul last August, and Mcclintock was very favorable towards Paul.

With the neocon CFR actor Fred out of the race, I wrote a follow up letter to McClintock, entitled An Open Letter To Senator Tom McClintock, {Also at DailyPaul Ron Paul War Room.. I e-mailed it to The Senator both at his office and to his website, CITIZ ENS FOR THE CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC; and posted it on his blog, HERE. . On his blog, you will see many people urging Tom to endorse Ron Paul, since he hinted at that possibility last week to the L.A. Times.

This afternoon While visiting McClintock's website I saw an announcement that he would be live on KOGO radio (600AM San Diego) at 5PM! I Immediately got on the line and was lucky enough to be one of two callers who got on the air to ask McClintock a question. Here is the transcript of that call. Audio to be posted soon.

Call in to KOGO 600AM, Monday, January 28, 2008, ~5:24PM

Roger Hedgecock: Tom McClintock, let's take a call from Martin, on a cell phone. Hi Martin.

Martin: Hi Tom, Hi Roger. Hey Tom, a lot of people are eagerly awaiting to see if you're going to endorse Congressman Raul for president; or, do you have another favorite??

Tom McClintock:Well, my favorite was Fred Thompson, and you know what happened to him. Umm, I've been saying all along, I'm looking for, a presidential, uh, uh, candidate who I can trust to respect our Constitution, and defend our borders, and, reduce the burdons of government, uh, on our people. And I've got reservations about all of the, uh, candidates Republican and Democrat. I just got my ballot delivered to me today, I'm still not sure how I'm gonna cast that vote. Um, uh.. Ron Paul...uh, in fact, remember, uh, uh, Roger, that when I guest hosted for you that day, uh, Ron Paul was one of our guests.

Roger: Yep.

McClintock: Um, and, my my my read of him is, he is raising some awfully important questions that need to be raised; and he's got a very enthusiastic group of people behind him. And a very eclectic group spanning the entire political spectrum, who are responding to a basic message, and that is, 'we want our Constitution back', we want it all back. Uh, I'm not sure that Ron Paul is presidential timber. But I do believe he is raising some very important issues that are going to, uh, have to be addressed, uh, during the upcoming presidential campaign in the fall.

Roger: All right. Tom McClintock, I've got to run, uh I appreciate the opportunity...

I suggest all advocates of freedom in the Ron Paul Revolution movement become involved in government on all levels. By tomorrow I will post the TV news clip of me interviewed in 2003. Immediately after the California recall election, a few days after he won the race for governor, I protested gun-grabber abortionist degenerate Schwarzenegger and George Bush in Riverside California. I will also post video I took at McClintock rallies in September 2003, where he insists "if you stick to your principles, ultimately you do win". I supported Tom then. He has let us all down, but the fight for freedom and limited government continues.

God Bless you all.

In for the fight,

Martin Hill
Tom McClintock "Not Sure If Ron Paul Is Presidential Timbre"

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