11-12-2008 1:21:20 AM

Hi Folks, just one final reminder sent via MEETUP before our meetup account expires for good tomorrow. See the original explanation below. Meanwhile here's our latest video, my trip to Paris, France and the video I took of French President Nicolas Sarkozy:


Please disregard any solicitations or offers you receive from meetup regarding our 9/11 Truth IE account.

We are terminating our MEETUP.COM account as of October 2008 and will be sending messages via regular email instead. Contact me through http://LibertyFight.com to sign up for updates. Our group will continue as usual. Please disregard any solicitations or offers that meetup.com sends you regarding continuing to pay for our meetup membership. Details:

Hello to all our members! Our group, Inland Empire 9/11 Truth, has grown a lot since we started it in January 2008, and we are pleased with what we have been able to accomplish in the past year. We are going to start something new, attending and speaking at local city council meetings starting in November 2008. This is something that many of our members have expressed an interest doing in their local cities, and we are going to try to do this as a group.

We are also making some changes regarding this e-mail alert list. Whenever we have had a meeting or action, we have been using this meetup.com website to email the members. John and I have decided that paying $15 bucks a month merely to send e-mails is a silly and foolish waste of money. E-mails are free to send, therefore we will be terminating our MEETUP.COM account and membership as of the end of October 2008. This does NOT mean we are terminating our group. INLAND EMPIRE 911 TRUTH will continue as usual , and can be accessed via our urls at http://911TruthIE.com and /or http://LibertyFight.com . We currently have 76 registered members of our group. Anyone who wants to continue to receive notice of our meetings and actions after today is asked to please send me an email at [address removed] . Put EMAIL LIST in the subject line. I will add you to our mailing list. As you know, we do not send too many emails at all, only relevant messages of news and meetings. I have opted not to use a 3rd party email list system, for two reasons: I value privacy, it's no one's business who are members are or what their contact information is, and I do not feel it necessary to depend on some outside corporation to send emails. It is not necessary.

We have accomplished a lot and met a lot of great people in the past year. John and I sincerely thank everyone for their efforts and participation. We have made a lot of new friends, met a lot of great and smart people, and look forward to meeting many more of you in the coming months.

A short recap of some of the things our group has done in the past 10 months: Two of our founding members, John Shanahan and Vicki Margburger, are credentialed members of Archtitects and Engineers for 911 Truth [http://ae911truth.org ] . I am particularly proud and honored to have them both aboard. We have had numerous successful film screenings throughout the expansive Inland Empire area; from San Dimas to Lake Arrowhead to Ontario to Riverside. We have confronted Hillary Clinton personally regarding 9/11, and had the footage air on FOX TV show TMZ. We've talked to Michael Reagan, son of Ronald, on his direct line regarding 9/11, staged a protest of him and his radio show, and launched a petition with nearly 1000 signatures to have him removed from the board of directors of Notre Dame high School, because Reagan had made death threats against Mark Dice and 911 truth activists. We've protested Obama and McCain at saddleback church in Orange County, made the newspaper in Fullerton for protesting Rumsfeld; gotten coverage on KFI news, had our letter regarding 911 truth read on KFI's Bill Handel program to millions of listeners; Numerous articles and videos of ours have been regularly featured on major anti new world order websites INFOWARS.COM, PRISONPLANET.COM, WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM and others. I am particularly proud of our success in this regard. Our members have attended numerous Ron Paul events across the country; Our member Hassan is currently running for Mayor of Pomona and has been on ABC news; Our member Matt has been involved with Bone thugz & harmony , engaging hjp hop with 911 truth. We have been featured guests on former libertarain presidential candidate Michael Badnarik's program on WE THE PEOPLE RADIO NETWORK. We have distributed many 9/11 dvds to the public to raise awareness. We have met and gotten interviews with G Edward Griffin, Joe Bannister, actor Mike Farrell, Jason Bermas and others.

We have worked in conjunction with other local groups WE ARE CHANGE L.A., ORANGE COUNTY 9/11 TRUTH, WE ARE CHANGE LONG BEACH, SAN DIEGO 9/11 TRUTH, & Ron Paul Meetups.

This is just a sampling of our group's accomplishments and potential! Each of us can accomplish whatever we set our minds to! Together we can accomplish great things in the year to come. I look forward to it.

Following are some of our latest youtube videos,

Alex Jones Finally Dismantles & Exposes The False Opposition satanic 'Zeitgeist' Films

Rest in Peace, Pete Nosan

Inland Empire 9/11 Truth Questions M*A*S*H Star Mike Farrel about 9/11 Truth:
Mike Farrell: 9/11 Was Not A Government Conspiracy

Our Latest Video Featured on Prisonplanet.com: POLICE STATE MEASURES AT THE STATUE OF LIBERTY

See more of our history at http://LibertyFight.com

We look forward to meeting more of you and having more of you meet each other at the same time. We intend on having a social gathering within the next few months to strategize and get to know each other better.

In closing, let me remind you that if you would like to stay on our mailing list for notice of monthly meetings, events and actions, as well as recieve notice of our media coverage and confrontations with hack politicians, and if you would like to continue to contribute to the success and growth of our group, please join the email list by emailing me.

Thank you and God bless. Martin Hill,
Inland Empire 9/11 Truth