9/11 Truther Willie Nelson to sing at Republican National Convention
By Martin Hill
August 6, 2012

In a priceless touch of irony, 9/11 truth advocate Willie Nelson will be cheered by the Republican neocon establishment as he sings for them in Florida later this month.

Mainstream political sites such as Politico and Breitbart have reported on the fact that legendary entertainer Willie Nelson will perform at the Republican National Convention. But neither has dare made mention of the fact that Nelson, a multi-generational favorite and cultural icon, is an avid advocate of 9/11 truth, insisting that the attacks of September 11, 2001 were an implosion that hasn't been properly investigated. Breitbart described Nelson as "the pot-smoking, tax troubled troubadour" who "leans decidedly to the left", opting not to address the more controversial aspects of Nelson's truth-telling.

The very Republican establishment whose complicity is necessary to maintain the false flag narrative will cheer and sing along with Willie on August 29th in Tampa Florida.

The concert is hosted by the "Got your 6" campaign, which notes "The prominent gathering of the nations' Republican political candidates, the 2012 Republican National Convention will be held in Tampa from August 27-30, 2012. Got Your 6 and The Mission Continues will co-host a fundraising and awareness-creating event in Tampa on that Wednesday."

In February 2008, Nelson went public on the Alex Jones show with his statements casting doubt about the official 9/11 story:

"I saw those towers fall and I've seen an implosion in Las Vegas - there's too much similarities between the two, and I saw a building fall that didn't get hit by nothing"... "How naive are we - what do they think we'll go for?"... "I saw one fall and it was just so symmetrical, I said wait a minute I just saw that last week at the casino in Las Vegas and you see these implosions all the time and the next one fell and I said hell there's another one - and they're trying to tell me that an airplane did it and I can't go along with that"... "What does it take for us to realize we're having the wool pulled over our eyes one more time?"
Later that same month, Nelson was asked by DemocracyNow about his 'controversial' views on 9/11: "Well, I have a lot of questions. I think a lot of people have a lot of questions. I think 85 or 90 percent of the people in this country say, "What?" I mean, a plane hit this building, and it fell kind of like that. And another plane hit that building, and it fell kind of like that. About the same time it fell, this one fell the same way. It looked like an implosion somewhere, you know? And then, all of a sudden, the third building fell, and no plane hit it. So, naturally, I've got questions."

On April 16, 2010, Nelson talked about 9/11 on CNN with Larry King and although many versions of the video have been taken down, some are still available. The CNN website also has a transcript of the exchange:

KING: Willie took part in a great benefit for 9/11 victims and their families. He sang "America the Beautiful." I don't think anyone ever sang it better. But he has questioned the official story. What prompt you'd to look into this from another angle?

NELSON: Well, just logic. You know, I've seen buildings implode before. I just saw the Texas stadium implode just a couple of days ago. And these two buildings imploded. And the one next to it, nothing hit it. No plane hit the one next to it. It just decided to fall on its own. So, naturally I have questions about how...

KING: You think something was done inside?


KING: All right. But I'm told that the reason it imploded was so much heat from above and so much fuel on the jets that that caused it to go down rather than go over.

NELSON: Never before has a building collapsed because it was hit by an airplane, a steel building. Never before.

KING: Has anybody building been hit by a 747, though?

NELSON: I'm sure they have.

KING: So, you think there was something going on inside the building?

NELSON: Well, I just question the whole thing. I question the story. I question the implosions. It just looks too simple, you know.

KING: Well, others have questioned it, too, although there was an investigation.

NELSON: There was an investigation, and I think there should be more.

KING: Willie Nelson. Another tweet to kingsthings. How many guitars do you own?

Some 9/11 truth activists have taken advantage of a notable celebrity such as Nelson bringing attention to the issue. Ottawa 911 truth and We Are Change Los Angeles have done outreach at Nelson's concerts thanking him for speaking out and interacting with Nelson's fans who otherwise may not have known about the issue. In October 2007 WeAreChangeLA members Stewart Howe, Katy Kurtzman and Jeremy Rothe-Kushel successfully questioned Mitt Romney on the CFR, Bilderberg group, North American Union, World government, and controlled demolition of the twin towers on 9/11:

The host of Willie Nelson's concert at the RNC is not involved in the 9/11 controversy and has made no statement on it. On the "about" section of their webpage, "Got Your 6" states "Many Americans do not feel connected or comfortable with military and veteran culture, nor do they know what steps to take so show their respect and appreciation of those who serve our country in uniform. Got Your 6 focuses on the activation of the American public through six key pillars of veteran reintegration: jobs, education, health, housing, family, and leadership. The entertainment industry is the catalyst for the campaign's message..." The site continues "In military vernacular, the expression "Got Your Six" means I've got your back, and in turn, you have mine. The reciprocal nature of this statement underlies the message that the Got Your 6 campaign strives to spread to all Americans. Got Your 6 represents a powerful show of respect and understanding for our veterans and military families." It goes on to note that "The Got Your 6 campaign is housed at the 501(c)(3) organization ServiceNation."

Other top-tier Hollywood celebrities have addressed a number of controversial issues. Charlie Sheen is one of the best known, debunking the official government story on 9/11 in 2006. In June 2007, Bruce Willis told Vanity fair that JFK's killers were still in power, noting " "I'll get killed for saying this, but I'm pretty sure those guys are still in power, in some form. The entire government of the United States was co-opted." In November 2010, a day after spending halloween with Bruce Willis and Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone railed on twitter about criminal politicians, "giant banks controling YOUR MONEY!" and "foreign enemies seeking to destroy America".

Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, National Motorists Association, WorldNetDaily, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI 640, The Press Enterprise, Antiwar.com, IamtheWitness.com, FreedomsPhoenix, Rense, BlackBoxVoting, and many others. Archives can be found at LibertyFight.com

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