'Most Pro-Israel Ever' Senator wants to ban and "confiscate" guns to "protect the children"
Democrat Joe Manchin, touted by AIPAC as one of the "Most Pro-Israel Ever", wants to confiscate the guns of American citizens.
By Martin Hill
December 19, 2012

66 year old Joe Manchin [manchin.senate.gov] is the Former governor of West Virginia (2005-2010) and a first term U.S. Senator. Manchin, a Democrat, told NPR on December 18th that he'd be willing to ban and confiscate guns if the right people "come in to the table." Manchin stated that a discussion about "retroactively going back and confiscating or buying back" guns is "a dialogue that needs to happen" and that "I'm sure if we can get all parties to the table, we can talk about all of these things." Consistent with dictators of all stripes who sell their tyranny to the public under the guise of "protecting the children", Manchin added "I'll be prepared to vote with whatever I can do to protect children, and the facts bear that out. I will prepare to vote for that."

SIEGEL: There was a big University of Pennsylvania study about the old assault weapons ban that was in effect from '94 to 2004, and it found that a major flaw was that that ban grandfathered in millions of, well, start with large-capacity magazines and assault weapons that have been made and sold before the ban. Can you imagine the Congress doing something that wouldn't just ban sale or manufacture, but possession and saying, you can't have that? Doesn't matter if it was made in 1992 or if it was made in 2012.

MANCHIN: Right. Well, I don't know about retroactively. I haven't heard anybody speak about retroactively going back and confiscating or buying back. I haven't heard any of that on the table. I'm sure if we can get all parties to the table, we can talk about all of these things. I can't give you any estimation of what would happen, but I think it's a dialogue that needs to happen.
[Source: PBS. Audio of the 6 minute PBS interview is available for download in MP3 format.]

Manchin, a lifetime member of the NRA, said that the definition of an assault weapon "shouldn't be complicated" and has been "muddled up" in past legislation. He complained "We can't even have a conversation without someone accusing somebody to be a traitor". Asked if he thinks if there should be a limit on the amount of rounds which guns should hold, Manchin brought up clay pigeons. This despite the fact that the 2nd Amendment was not enacted to protect hunting, but rather is a defense of the people against tyranny. "I'm a sportsman. You know, I go out clay shooting and put three shells in ... What I will say is I want to sit down with the people that want 10 or more rounds. I want to hear. I don't know. I want to hear their reasoning, and I think that's a conversation that we need to have."

A licensed pilot, Manchin in the past has called for a "substantial and responsible reduction in the United States' military presence in Afghanistan" and said "We can no longer afford to rebuild Afghanistan and America. We must choose. And I choose America."

Senator Rand Paul, who entered the Senate the same time as Manchin, has criticised his colleague in the past. The only video on Rand Paul's RANDPAC website features Manchin. Paul wants "to send Manchin home" - not because of his position on guns, but rather because Manchin "votes to send billions of our taxpayer dollars" to countries Paul opines are comprised of "radical Islamists" like Egypt, Libya and Pakistan, which according to Paul, "imprisons and tortures the hero who helped us get Osama bin Laden".

When first elected in November 2010, Manchin was lauded and praised by AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) in their article '112th Congress Expected to be Most Pro-Israel Ever', which stated, in part,

"Manchin met with AIPAC and authored a position paper in which he discussed the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship. 'I believe in the special relationship between the U.S. and Israel and will always seek to ensure Israel's strength and foster its growth,' he wrote. 'I will work to achieve a safe and secure Israel and a more stable Middle East because that will help make America safe, strong and secure.'"

It's interesting that so many U.S. politicians seem to be obsessed with ensuring the security of Israel and Israelis, a heavily armed people, yet want to ban and confiscate guns in the U.S., a blatantly unconstitutional tactic which would surely cause widespread societal rebellion, chaos and bloodshed. Add to this the long-proven fact that an armed society is a safer one, not more dangerous, for the people.

In 2011, the California lawmaker who wrote the bill banning open-carry of handguns in that state had just returned from an Israeli 'political trip' weeks prior:

"Twenty four days after returing from a so-called 'Legislative Study Trip' to Israel with the Jewish Public Affairs Committee of California, the lawmaker decided that no one in California should be allowed to carry a firearm, even if it's unloaded.
Repeatedly describing his experience in Israel as "overwhelming", the obese left-winger shared his thoughts in a column he wrote posted on a Jewish website. "I am very glad I joined the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles on the 2010 Legislative Study Trip," he began. Portantino continued, "Interwoven into our trip has been a connection of the religious and historical importance of Israel with the current geopolitical situation in the Middle East. It is very clear to me that most Israelis, like most people, want to live in peace...It has been fascinating, learning the nuances of a parliamentary form of government and its impact on how Israel approaches national security."

More Excerpts from Manchin's PBS interview:

SIEGEL: What I hear you saying is it's time to sit down and talk with people on all sides, but I don't hear you saying that you're bringing a strong belief in what could or should be banned right now into those talks.

MANCHIN: Robert, I think if we have people coming with preset notions and basically their minds made up, the wrong people come in to the table.


SIEGEL: And at that table, if you sit at that table, are you prepared in the end to vote to ban things that indeed many of your constituents might like and might think are part of their culture?

MANCHIN: I'll be prepared to vote with whatever I can do to protect children, and the facts bear that out. I will prepare to vote for that.

Senator Manchin's official Congressional contact form is here (his website says he's "eager to hear" from people!) and his office can also be reached by phone or fax:

Washington, DC
303 Hart Senate Office Building
Washington DC, 20510
Phone: 202-224-3954
Fax: 202-228-0002

Charleston Office
300 Virginia Street, East
Suite 2630
Charleston, WV 25301
Phone: 304-342-5855
Toll-Free Phone: 855-275-5737 (For residents with a 304 or 681 area code)
Fax: 304-343-7144

Morgantown Office
The Marina Tower
48 Donley Street
Suite 504
Morgantown, WV 26501
Phone: 304-284-8663
Fax: 304-284-8681

Eastern Panhandle Office
217 West King Street
Room 238
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Phone: 304-264-4626
Fax: 304-262-3039


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