Baby's got back- but at least she's not getting shot in the back
By Martin Hill
August 11, 2012

I snapped a funny picture Saturday on the beach at Santa Monica, CA, as two police officers cruising the beach in their ATV's stopped to chat with two ocean-bound bikini clad women. Our tax dollars at work! Only later as I looked at the photo did I notice that one of the officers saw me taking the picture and appears to be glaring at the camera. Hee Hee!

This is indeed an opportunity to mock the armed revenue agents peering at beachgoers looking for petty violations; but these two giddy gals were more fortunate than many, whose interactions with police involves being shot in the back, as opposed to cops checking out their near-bare backsides.

The women told the cops they wanted to ride the ATVs; one officer responded by suggesting they apply for a job on the force. A plethera of helicopters with different colors and markings, including one clearly marked LAPD chopper, also patrolled the beach Saturday.

Anaheim police were in the news for shooting three men in July, two of them reportedly in the back. Here are some classic photos depicting the Anaheim situation.

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