Flight 93 disinfo posted outside government toilets in Pennsylvania
By Martin Hill
December 16, 2012

Off Interstate 76 in Pennsylvania is a 'service plaza' with restrooms, a few food joints and fuel pumps. What makes the otherwise mundane rest area unique is a giant plaque commemorating Flight 93. The plaque includes the absurd government narrative of United Airlines Flight 93, which purportedly was taken over by four Muslim fanatics who, armed with nothing more than boxcutters, managed to outwit and overpower the crew and forty passengers before the passengers revolted and fought back. The plaque includes the long-disproven claim that passengers learned of the attack through "phone conversations", which were impossible at the time from an airplane at that alititude and have even been debunked and contradicted by official reports.

The plaque reads

"On the morning of September 11, 2001, four commercial airliners were hijacked in a premeditated terrorist attack against the United States. Two of the planes were intentionally flown into the World Trade Center's twin towers in New York City; a third plane hit the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. A fourth plane, Flight 93, crashed into an open field at 10:03 a.m., just a few miles from where you are standing, killing all on board.

Traveling from Newark, New jersey to San Francisco, California, the flight was delayed more than 25 minutes before take-off, leaving the ground four minutes before the World Trade Center would be struck. After 46 minutes of routine flight heading west over Pennsylvania, terrorists breached the cockpit and took control of the plane, turning it southeast towards our nation's capital.

Passengers and crew learned through phone conversations with family members and authorities that their plane was part of the terrorist attack - a realization that led to a collective decision by crew and passengers to revolt. As the 40 passangers and crew attempted to overthrow the four hijackers, the terrorists were forced to bring the plane down about 20 minutes flying time from Washington, D.C.

Because of the brave actions of the alert, unarmed passengers and crew, Flight 93 was the only aircraft that failed to reach its intended target that day - believed to have been the U.S. Capitol building or the White House.
The Flight 93 National Memorial, operated by the National Park Service, is located off the Pennsylvania Turnpike at somerset Exit # 110.
To learn more about Flight 93, visit www.nps.gov/flni"

The plaque also features a photo of a grey puff of smoke in the sky above a red farmhouse, titled ""End of Serenity" United Flight 93 September 11, 2001 and attributed to "Valencia McClatchey � 2002-2005". To the right of the photo is a list of crew and passengers in alphabetical order, as well as a map of the alleged "crash site" below the photo.

The realities of Flight 93 are quite different from the story propogated by the establishment. Such as the fact that there was an 8-mile debris field, there was virtually no plane evident at the so-called 'crash site', one of the airplane engines was found nearly a mile away from the 'crater' (how did it get there, it bounced a mile away upon impact?) Below are some informative links on the matter.

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Retired Feds blatantly lie to grieving public about Flight 93 Shanksville crash September 11, 2012 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com.]

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Flight 93: Proof of 9/11 Lies by the US Government and Media


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Cell Phone Calls

Reported Cell Phone Calls from the 9/11 Planes - Further Reflections Evoked by a Critique
By David Ray Griffin
Global Research, September 07, 2008

Phone Call Detail - Detailed Account of Telephone Calls From September 11th Flights

United States v. Zacarias Moussaoui
Criminal No. 01-455-A
Prosecution Trial Exhibits
Exhibit Number: P200055
Description: Summary from Flight 93 depicting: the identity of pilots and flight attendants, seat assignments of passengers, and telephone calls from the flight [Listener discretion is advised. This exhibit also includes information about the other three flights hijacked on September 11]
Download this Flash presentation as a ZIP file - This is a 27 MB file and may take several mintutes to download

ERROR: 'The Phone Calls were Fake'

Phone Calls from the 9/11 Airliners: Response to Questions Evoked by My Fifth Estate Interview
By Dr. David Ray Griffin

Cell Phone Limitations
Given the cell phone technology available in 2001, cell phone calls from airliners at altitudes of more than a few thousand feet, especially calls lasting more than a few seconds, were virtually - and perhaps completely - impossible. And yet many of the reported cell phone calls occurred when the planes were above 25,000 or even 40,000 feet and also lasted a minute or more - with Amy Sweeney's reported call even lasting for 12 minutes.

Three problems have been pointed out: (1) The cell phone in those days had to complete a 'handshake' with a cellsite on the ground, which took several seconds, so a cell phone in a high-speed plane would have had trouble staying connected to a cellsite long enough to complete a call. (2) The signals were sent out horizontally, from cellsite to cellsite, not vertically. Although there was some leakage upward, the system was not designed to activate cell phones at high altitudes. (3) Receiving a signal was made even more difficult by the insulation provided by the large mass of an airliner.

Well-known Canadian scientist and mathematician A. K. Dewdney, who for many years had written a column for Scientific American, reported early in 2003 on experiments showing that these difficulties would have rendered impossible at least most of the reported cell phone calls from the 911 airliners. His experiments involved both single- and double-engine airplanes.
Dewdney found that, in a single-engine plane, successful calls could be counted on only under 2,000 feet. Above that altitude, they became increasingly unlikely. At 20,000 feet,

....."the chance of a typical cellphone call making it to ground and engaging a cellsite there is less than one in a hundred". [T]he probability that two callers will succeed is less than one in ten thousand....

"...My argument for this claim involves three points: (1) Immediately after 9/11, the FBI had described, or at least accepted the description of, about 15 of the reported calls from the airliners as cell phone calls. (2) In 2003, a prominent member of the 9/11 Truth Movement argued persuasively that, given the cell phone technology available in 2001, calls from high-altitude airliners would have been impossible. (3) The FBI report for the Moussaoui trial affirmed only two cell phone calls from the airliners, both of which were from United Flight 93 after it had descended to 5,000 feet."

Transcript of Flight 93's Cockpit Voice Recorder

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