Google portrays black Olympic athlete walking on a strip of watermelon
By Martin Hill
August 7, 2012

In their latest "doodle" image, Google has portrayed a black man walking on a strip of watermelon. In sync with the Olympic Games, the google image above the search box features an athlete walking down a race track and getting ready to start a race. The track is obviously watermelon, with green rind, red pulp and dark seeds. Upon closer examination, there also appears to be marijuana plants lining the outside of the track every few feet. Although they do not include an actual Olympic logo, it's obvious that the image is timed to correspond to the 2012 Olympic games, currently taking place in London.

When you click the 'play' button on the image, the man starts walking down the track and is portayed as thinking of an oddly white-gloved hand typing on a computer keyboard. As the athlete continues down the track he walks leisurely, not runs, knocking over all the hurdles instead of clearing them. After kicking over ten hurdles, the man reaches the end of the track and slumps over in exhaustion. Viewers can opt to take part in the interactive game. A link is then given to the image, [] which is titled Hurdles 2012. Screenshots of the images are below.

UPDATE 8/8/12: Google Inc. visited my website dozens of times yesterday. I guess they were interested in the reaction to their doodle. Here are some of the various reactions to google's doodle yesterday from around the internet. I will start with a person named Erica Joy whose profile states she "Works at Google"; she posted an angry response about the matter:
Erica Joy Yesterday 4:58 PM - Public
If anyone I know really believes that a track looks like a fscking watermelon, I will consider them unknown forthwith. Because it's stupid. Really. Really. Stupid.
Come on people, really?

5Towns Jewish Times: Is Today’s Google Doodle Racist? By Rabbi Yair Hoffman

imgur: I'm pretty sure Google just made the black guy's track out of watermelon.

Webpronews: Google Accused Of Subtle Racism Over “Black Guy Running On A Watermelon” Doodle [reposted at with 24 comments.] google page shows black man running on watermellon. [9 pages of comments] Black guy running on a watermelon on Google’s front page?! "Is it a coincidence or straight up racism for Google to put up a black man with an afro running on what seems to be a watermelon track mat to represent the 2012 Olympic games on their front page? Google recently changed the front page of their website to another sport, currently basketball, after an instant outrage hit the Internet around a black man with “watermelon” track and field theme. Although Google has been switching up the themes every day, highlighting different Olympic events, we don’t see any other races being involved with stereotypes. Was this just a coincidence or another low key dose of racism?"

Bossip: What Is Wrong With This Picture?
Posted on August 7th, 2012 - By Bossip Staff
Categories: News, Race Matters, Random Ridiculousness, Shady, SMH, Sports, What is Wrong With This Picture, What the Hell???

Youtube: Google black man running on watermelon

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