Hollywood Bimbos promote vaccines in pregnant women, leading to 4,250% increase in fetal deaths
By Martin Hill
December 13, 2012

Do Hollywood bimbos such as Amy Ryan, Amanda Peet, and Jennifer Lopez have any effect with the "public service announcments" they film and propagate while grinning on television? You'd think that these celebrity spokeswomen believe so, or else they probably wouldn't be doing it.

If these pro-vaccine propaganda ads have an effect on the actions of their intended audience, what is that effect? What is the result of convincing pregnant women to get jabbed with the toxic vaccine needle?

Well, the verdict is in, and the effect of increased vaccines given to pregnant women is beyond deadly. The mind-boggling result is that there has been a 4,250% increase in fetal deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems in one year alone! Keep in mind that this is not merely 4,250 deaths- more than resulted from 9/11. This is a 4,250 per cent INCREASE in fetal deaths.

VacTruth.com published the article 4,250% Increase in Fetal Deaths Reported to VAERS After Flu Shot Given to Pregnant Women [By Christina England, Nov 23rd, 2012] which stated, in part,

"Documentation received from the National Coalition of Organized Women (NCOW) states that between 2009 and 2010 the mercury-laden combined flu vaccinations have increased Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting Systems (VAERS) fetal death reports by 4,250 percent in pregnant women. Eileen Dannemann, NCOW�s director, made abundantly clear that despite these figures being known to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the multiple-strain, inactivated flu vaccine containing mercury (Thimerosal) has once again been recommended to pregnant women as a safe vaccination this season.

Outraged by the CDC�s total disregard for human life, Ms. Dannemann accused the CDC of �willful misconduct,� saying that they are responsible for causing the deaths of thousands of unborn babies. She stated that the CDC deliberately misled the nation�s obstetricians and gynecologists and colluded with the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) to mislead the public by advertising the flu vaccine as a safe vaccine for pregnant women when they knew fully well that it was causing a massive spike in fetal deaths."

Dannemann was quoted in the article as stating "Continuing the vaccine program without notifying the public or the healthcare practitioners of the VAERS miscarriage/stillbirth incoming data was clearly a purposeful decision. The CDC, aware of their own incoming stream of early vaccine adverse events reports, clearly decided to allow the obstetricians to continue, unwittingly, murdering and damaging the unborn so that the CDC�s blunder of recommending the double-dose vaccination of pregnant women could be kept under the radar."

As pointed out in my 2009 article Zealous vaccine propagandist Amanda Peet is daughter in law of disgraced Fed Chairman Friedman,

Pro-vaccine crusader Amanda Peet, who starred in The X-Files and 2012, caused an uproar some time ago when she told 'Cookie Magazine '  "Frankly, I feel that parents who don't vaccinate their children are parasites." Described on Wikipedia as the daughter of a Jewish social worker mother and a Quaker corporate lawyer father, Peet is probably the most outspoken celebrity advocate of trusting the government and medical establishments. Turns out it runs in her family! She's the daughter in law of former Federal Reserve Bank of New York  Chairman Stephen Friedman, the consumate corrupt government insider and spook (intelligence operative).

The actress, a new mom in 2007, had heard concerns from friends about vaccines and sought advice from her sister's husband, a physician. In this one minute video interview, she explained how she came to her conclusion to embrace vaccines: (embedded below, it's a must see.)

"...there are a lot of misconceptions about the dangers of vaccinations and in particular the associations with autism, um, and I found it to just be really sad. So much of the energy is bring redirected, um, to the association between vaccinations and autism, and it's taking away, um, the money, and research..." 

As noted in my Feb. 6, 2011 article Jennifer Lopez, vaccine shill, should be ashamed as she cozies up to Obama,

Lopez and her third husband singer Marc Anthony had twins who turn three next month. Lopez, according to ABC News, has been "working with the March of Dimes and a drug company to raise awareness of the importance of the pertussis vaccine for new and expectant parents."

When a celeb works ''with a drug company'', one can reasonably assume that the 'work' of advocating vaccines is compensated. In other words, the millionare floozie enriches her coffers by advocating for big pharma. Perhaps they need the dough, seeing as her hubby was reportedly hit with a $3.4 million dollar tax lein in addition to "$2.5 million in back tax bills" in 2007.

Speaking to ABC News in 2009 about Pertussis, also known as whooping cough, Lopez said "We'll be OK, but it could be fatal to the babies." soundsofpertussis.com, the organization which Lopez worked with, is a project of Sanofi Pasteur. According to Wikipedia, Sanofi Pasteur "is the largest company in the world devoted entirely to vaccines." The company lists 10 references in their attempt to advocate the pertussis vaccine on their website, but much information is available on the opposing side, outlining the dangers of the vaccine.

As pointed out in the 2011 article Bill Gates, not vaccine opponents, supports mass murder of innocents, Bill Gates joins the chorus of Hollywood bimbos, having the nerve to invoke the accusation of child-killers to vaccine opponents, when in reality the exact opposite is true:

Bill Gates recently called the vaccine-autism link "an absolute lie". In an interview with CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Gates was asked "There has been a lot of scrutiny of vaccines recently -- specifically childhood vaccines. There has been a lot of news about is there a connection with autism, for example. What do you make of all that?..."

Gates took the opportunity to characterize those who oppose vaccines as dishonest killers: "...All the other studies were done, showed no connection whatsoever again and again and again. So it's an absolute lie that has killed thousands of kids. Because the mothers who heard that lie, many of them didn't have their kids take either pertussis or measles vaccine, and their children are dead today. And so the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts -- you know, they, they kill children. It's a very sad thing, because these vaccines are important..." [You can read or watch the full interview here].

Gates reiterated the importance of making sure vaccines "get out to all the children who need them."

In actuality, it's Gates and his ilk who support the mass murder of innocents through abortion, vaccine poisoning, toxic GMO foods and financial control over people's autonomy by corrupt banking interests.

Actress Amy Ryan appeared in PSAs urging pregnant woman to get the h1n1 vaccine (video below). Peet, Lopez, Ryan, Gates, and all of their despicable ilk should cease and desist their dangerous propaganda vaccine campaign immediately. Vaccine defenders and opponents of medical freedom should be admonished by all decent people.


Creepy pro-vaccine propaganda billboards litter nation's highways (featured on TruthJihad Radio). Note: On 5/21/12 I discussed this article and other issues with Dr. Kevin Barret here (in the 2nd hour of the program.)

Zealous vaccine propagandist Amanda Peet is daughter in law of disgraced Fed Chairman Friedman

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