Jewish Publication coincidentally uses "WHAT REALLY HAPPENED" in article title, complaining about anti-Israel internet bias
By Martin Hill
November 19, 2012

An article published on promoting Israel's version of the Gaza attack and decrying anti-Israel bias on "popular news websites" used the words "What Really Happened" in the title of the article, causing it to be the first result on google when users type in WHATREALLYHAPPENED ISRAEL or ISRAEL WHATREALLYHAPPENED. The article, "Here's what really happened in Israel in the past couple of days" ran Nov. 15th. The writer notes "When I browsed the web to see how my reality looks to foreign readers, I was shocked to see articles that were very far from presenting what journalists swore to present: a balanced, objective story."

There is no doubt that the result of the use of these words "What Really Happened" in the title garnered much more attention to the op-ed than it would have gotten otherwise, since is one of the most popular websites people go to to get the documented facts on world events and political conflicts. The use of the phrase by an establishment publication while decrying internet opinion reveals that in the war of ideas, "WhatReallyHappened" and other alternative sites are definitely winning the public relations battle.


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