Finally, a Presidential candidate who's not afraid to call out the Zionists: Merlin Miller 2012
By Martin Hill
November 5, 2012

Don't want to vote for one of the two puppets tomorrow?

Millions of Americans don't vote at all, and the number of non-participants increases every year. But some folks who see through the controlled left-right paradigm still plan to vote for local or state ballot measures on Tuesday. For those who want to vote their conscience and cast a 'protest vote', there is an excellent candidate running for president of the United States. He's a former military officer, West Point graduate, engineer and best of all, he's not afraid to call out the true powers that be: The Zionists who control and are slowly destroying our country.

Merlin Miller ( says "Israel Did 911" and condemns the path that the Zionist criminals have taken our nation. He supported Ron Paul for president but was drafted by A3p (American3rdPosition Party) to run for the office and help get the message out. And unlike Congressman Paul, Merlin is not hesitant to tell the truth about 9/11: Merlin contends that 9/11 WAS A FALSE FLAG, "A MOSSAD ORCHESTRATED EVENT WITH CONSIDERABLE INSIDE HELP":

He is also the only presidential candidate to meet personally with Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The historic meeting took place in September, but recieved scant coverage in the mainstream media. U.S. News and World Report ran a story titled "Fringe U.S. Presidential Candidate Scores Meeting With Ahmadinejad". Mr. Miller wrote a narrative of his trip to Iran titled "As The War Drums Beat", on Veterans Today.

Miller's website states, in part, "Imagine a candidate for President beholden to the Constitution that truly cares for the American Republic and its citizens. A man with authentic principles that would work towards the goal of returning America to her rightful owners, Americans. Restoring our Republic, Constitutional Rights and Economic Prosperity. Engaging issues that affect Americans including open borders, unconstitutional wars, the federal reserve, foreign influence, the disingenuous ‘war on terror’, American jobs and businesses. A candidate that believes in putting Americans first. Merlin Miller is that candidate."

A discussion of Mr. Miller's ideas among Ron Paul supporters can be found here on the DailyPaul: Presidential Candidate Merlin Miller: "Israel did 911; Zionists control US politics" (The thread surprisingly has not been deleted, yet.) Other so-called "third party" candidates such as Gary Johnson and Virgil Goode, who also don't stand a chance of winning, don't hold a candle to the refreshing honesty of Miller. For this reason alone, liberty-minded voters should vote for Merlin Miller.


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