Why it's so difficult to get Israel-firsters out of office
Bill Pascrell, portrayed as an anti-Israel candidate but not quite so.
By Martin Hill
July 16, 2012

[Caution! This article links to websites with greatly varying viewpoints, including CAIR, a Rabbi on Huffington Post, and whitecivilrights.com. Please don't let this confuse anyone lest it cause conjecture that I'm a muslim extremist zionist white supremacist. :-)]

The following serves as a cautionary tale of how even when sincere people seek out an alernative to the Israeli lobby puppet candidates, said choice is often not all it's cracked up to be.
59 year old Steven R. "Steve" Rothman has served in the U.S. House of Representatives (New Jersey's 9th district) since January 3, 1997, but his term in Congress is about to end. He was defeated in the Democratic primary on June 5, 2012 by another incumbent, 75 year old Congressman William J. "Bill" Pascrell, Jr. after some redistricting. The race between Rothman and Pascrell was quite a contentious one.

Bill Pascrell, son of Italian immigrants, had previously worked as a high school teacher, university professor and Mayor of Patteron NJ. He took office January 3, 1997, after defeating Republican incumbent Bill Martini, (currently a U.S. District judge appointed by George W. Bush.) Rothman, a Jewish attorney, is also a former city mayor and county judge.

There was some controversy in the Democratic primary election after the race was framed in the public eye as a battle of loyalty to Israel vs. loyalty to America.

On February 19, 2012, Dr. Aref Assaf, president of the Arab American Forum, wrote an Op-Ed titled "Rothman is Israel's man in District 9". Referring to this story, Assaf criticized the fact that "several presidents of Orthodox synagogues are urging the Republican-registered members of their respective congregations to switch party affiliation in order to vote for Steve Rothman." Assaf ended his column stating "Loyalty to a foreign flag is not loyalty to America's", later adding a postcript that "The Pro Israel Lobby is not happy with my views".

Pascrell was criticised for not repudiating the alleged "anti-Semitic Slurs" and for refusing to disavow 'bigoted' charges that questioned Rothman's loyalty to America. Pascrell's campaign dismissed the controversy, stating Rothman was "a decent and patriotic American" and urged Rothman to stay in his district: "That way there will be two strong friends of Israel in Congress, Bill Pascrell and Steve Rothman". The press release concluded "Bill Pascrell has a strong record of supporting Israel throughout this entire career, consistently voting for increased aid to Israel and supporting Israel's right to defend itself against acts of terrorism, and passing legislation to increase cooperation between the United States and Israel in combating terrorism."

There was even an Arabic campaign poster with a photo of Pascrell urging people to "elect the friend of the Arabs" in "the most important election in the history of the community".

In 2006, Pascrell praised the Council on American-Islamic relations, stating"it is clear that CAIR has become the preeminent organization representing the concerns of Muslim Americans. I want to personally commend CAIR for its work on issues including civil liberties and opening dialogue with various communities in America." Pascrell also signed the "Gaza 54" Letter, a "Letter to Obama by 54 Members of Congress Demanding End to Siege of Gaza". Rabbi Shmuley Boteach urged Pascrell to "Repudiate the Gaza 54 Letter" in June, but at the same time expressed gratitude to Pascrell for his foreign aid and support to Israel as well as repudiating the myth that Pascrell is a "foe of Israel".

A July 2 article titled Pro-Israel Candidate Defeated in New Jersey on whitecivilrights.com noted "It's good to see the Democrats kick out a pro-Israel shill", but a closer examination of Pascrell is in order.

Both Rothman and Pascrell voted for the "United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012" (H.R.4133) on May 9th. This proposal extends $9 billion in loan guarantees to Israel for another four years as well as helping them with hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military equipment. The House is voting again on the measure this Tuesday, so supporters of Pascrell may want to ask him how he's going to vote.

Pascrell also not only voted for, but cosponsored the Iran Sanctions bill H.R. 1905, "To strengthen Iran sanctions laws for the purpose of compelling Iran to abandon its pursuit of nuclear weapons and other threatening activities, and for other purposes."

After winning the primary on June 5, Pascrell was endorsed by Rothman. To continue the circus, Pascrell, the Israeli loyalist who was characterized as defeating Israeli loyalist interests, will face "Republican Shmuley Boteach, a celebrity rabbi and self-help author" in November.

A genuine anti-Israel Congressional candidate would be Republican Arthur J. Jones of Illinois or Democrat Charles Barron of New York, who is currently a city councilman.

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