Ron Paul: "sinister" "unspeakably evil" 2013 NDAA endangers "Christians, gun-owners, home-schoolers" & gives half a billion to Israel
By Martin Hill
December 23, 2012


Prominent libertarian Thomas DiLorenzo voices support for 9/11 truth 12/26/12

If you search for the terms half a billion dollars to Israel, there is nothing about the U.S. Congress gifting Israel with more taxpayer funds, but rather countless stories dated Dec. 20th about a "half billion" dollars worth of checks that were supposedly found in Israel's "Western Wall". December 20th coincidentally was the same day that Ron Paul gave a speech opposing the latest NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) Conference Report in part because the measure increases foreign military aid "including an additional half-billion dollars in missile assistance to an already prosperous Israel." In addition to wasting half a billion dollars after stealing it from hard-working American taxpayers, Congress officially "sympathizes with the families of Israelis" in the text of the bill.

Paul, who is retiring in January, stated in part,

"Because of the false perception that we must pass this military spending authorization each year or our men and women in uniform will go hungry, Congress has over the years taken the opportunity to pack it with other items that would have been difficult to pass on their own. This is nothing new on Capitol Hill. In the last few years, however, this practice has taken a sinister turn.
The now-infamous NDAA for fiscal year 2012, passed last year, granted the president the authority to indefinitely detain American citizens without charge, without access to an attorney, and without trial. It is difficult to imagine anything more un-American than this attack on our Constitutional protections. While we may not have yet seen the widespread use of this unspeakably evil measure, a wider application of this "authority" may only be a matter of time. Historically these kinds of measures have been used to bolster state power at the expense of unpopular scapegoats. The Jewish citizens of 1930s Germany knew all about this reprehensible practice. Lately the scapegoats have been mostly Muslims. Hundreds, perhaps many more, even Americans, have been held by the US at Guantanamo and in other secret prisons around the world. But this can all change quickly, which makes it all the more dangerous. Maybe one day it will be Christians, gun-owners, home-schoolers, etc."

"...."There are many other measures in this NDAA Conference Report to be concerned about. It continues to fund our disastrous wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, and elsewhere for example. The Conference Report contains yet another round of doomed-to-fail new sanctions against Iran...."

"....This Conference Report contains increased levels of foreign military aid, including an additional half-billion dollars in missile assistance to an already prosperous Israel and some $300 million to help an increasingly prosperous Russia control its chemical, nuclear, and biological weapons. And Russia does not even want the money!" [Read full speech here.]

The measure, known as HR 4310, passed in Congress 315 to 107 on December 20th. Thirty Republicans voted against it, including Paul, Tom McClintock, and Justin Amash. Seventy-seven Democrats voted NAY as well, including Rep. John Hall who sang the 70's song Dance with me". [See how everyone voted here: Roll Call vote 645.]

The Senate approved the measure 81 to 14 on December 21st. [Senate Roll Call vote here.] Rand Paul of Kentucky voted NAY, along with Al Franken (D-MN) of "Saturday Night Live" fame.

The text of the NDAA Conference report [available here] states in part:

Congress - (1) reaffirms its commitment to the security of our ally and strategic partner, Israel; (2) fully supports Israel's right to defend itself against acts of terrorism; (3) sympathizes with the families of Israelis who have come under the indiscriminate rocket fire from Hamas-controlled Gaza; (4) recognizes the exceptional success of the Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system in defending the population of Israel; (5) desires to help ensure that Israel has the means to defend itself against terrorist attacks, including through the procurement of additional Iron Dome batteries and interceptors; and (6) urges the Department of Defense and the Department of State to explore with their Israeli counterparts and alert Congress of any requirements the Israeli Defense Force may have for additional Iron Dome batteries, interceptors, or other equipment depleted during the recent conflict with Hamas-controlled Gaza.

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Dec. 26th: Feast of St. Stephen, the first martyr, who was killed by the Jews 12/26/12

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Note: I was a guest on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show Monday, November 12 to discuss this article and related issues. The show can be heard in MP3 archive here [2nd hour].

Nov. 10, 2012: I thought it would be appropriate to share part of a sermon from Pope St. Leo the Great, whose feast day is today, November 10th. He died November 10, 461.
Catholic sermon on money-lending:"usury of money is the death of the soul"

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