"For the children", Big Bear schools closed during Dorner manhunt- but then cashed out.
By Martin Hill
February 20, 2013

Schools in the Bear Valley Unified School District conducted an urgent "lock down" on Thursday, February 7 due to the manhunt for fugitive Christopher Dorner. Parents initially received a recorded message at 1:05pm from Assistant Superintendent Walter Con, who informed them of the emergency lockdown "due to investigations in the valley". The district then made separate calls to parents later telling them that the busses will not be running and that parents must pick up their kids personally from school. The school district then sent a third phone message at 6:30AM Friday Feb. 8th, stating that there will be no school "due to the unknown whereabouts of Chris Dorner".

However, on Saturday the district sent a 4th message from each individual principal stating "thank you for your cooperation during a stressful time. School will be in session on Monday and remember, Monday's a late start!"

So despite the fact that schools were locked down Thursday and closed all day Friday "for the children's safety", the schools re-opened Monday and Tuesday while Dorner's whereabouts remained unknown. This is because schools receive a certain dollar amount of funding for each student who attends school each day. A live body in the desk, so to speak, equals cash for the institution- which is one reason "truancy laws" were put into place. Government institutions will always have revenue generation as a priority before the well being of the people. Listen to the Thursday and Friday calls below.

On Monday February 11th, school was in session with police stationed at each school. One school in particular had six police stationed at the perimeter, with no outdoor recess time on Monday. Kids were instead led to the indoor auditorium for play time. On Tuesday, however, with Dorner still on the loose, the same school had recess outside with no police presence. Early Tuesday evening on February 12th, Dorner had a shootout with police, who burned him alive in a mountain home. in a LibertyFight exclusive, a Big Bear student explains what it was like in the lockdown during the Dorner manhunt. The boy explained that after he was told they had to return to school on Monday Feb. 11th, he asked the police why, if the police were Dorner's targets, were they going to station police at all the schools.

On Tuesday, Feb. 19th, the school sent home a notice [below] stating that Friday, April 26th, a day which had previously been scheduled off, will now be a school day to make up for the Dorner day off: "Another note of interest is that we will be in attendance on Friday, April 26th to make up the day we were out of school on February 9, 2013 due to the manhunt and snow day" [see pic below]. Note that the Academic Awards Assembly was scheduled for Friday, Feb. 8th, which was not a 'snow day', and that the incorrect date of "February 9" as stated in the memo was neither school day or a "snow day" as the memo alleges.