1938: Fr Coughlin explains the cause of Jewish persecution in Germany, warmongers falsely attack him as an Anti-Semite & Nazi
By Martin Hill
[Originally published 12/1/13.]


NOTE March 9, 2017: In re-posting this article today I was inserting a new ISP visitor log and took a look at the previous logs. This article has been here for many years but it never ceases to amaze me who has been reading this type stuff. I almost never take a look at the ISP logs of older articles but it reveals who exactly is interested in revisionism. Just in the first 5 pages of visitors are visits from the University Wisconsin Madison, University of West Georgia, The University Of Alabama, University Of Chicago, Louisiana State University, Ohio Mid Eastern Regional Education Service Agency, University Of California, Los Angeles, City Of Dallas, Texas, (they logged 'Multiple visits spread over more than one day' and also visited my Fr. Coughlin archives, zionism archives, and Mike Rivero's great article All Wars Are Bankers Wars, Ottawa Catholic School Board, Sheppard Memorial Library in Greenville, NC, and many others. As I said here on the page about the great Ernst Zundel documentary "OFF YOUR KNEES, GERMANY!!", for some reason holocaust revisionism has gone fully 'mainstream' and people are very interested in it. Even if they don't admit it outright, I have the proof.

Seeing all the 'elite' academia such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, etc. reading reading my little "fringe" soapbox website to me is personally extremely amusing and gratifying, because even though my parents sent all of their six kids to 12 years of parochial Catholic college prep-school, (that's 72 YEARS OF TUITION! - my dad never allowed any of us to attend what he called "government school," and he always told me that people who went to college would likely turn out to be commies. LMAO! As my readers know today, in retrospect, he was right on the mark, as Charlotte Iserbyt, who served in the Reagan Administration's Dept. of Education admits. She outlined all this stuff decades after my dad warned me about it, in her book 'The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America.' God bless you, pop! Without further ado, here is the original article about Fr. Coughlin and the alleged "Jewish persecution in Germany." :-)

"...Give bread to the hungry, clothing to the naked, and shelter to the homeless in this land of plenty. And more than that, O God, not only for the daily bread by which our bodies live, do we ask! Give us this day our daily bread that our minds may know the truth." Fr. Charles E. Coughlin, Royal Oak, Michigan, 11/27/38

On November 20, 1938, Fr. Charles E. Coughlin broadcast an important message about the situation in Germany: "I shall ask an intelligent audience composed of intelligent Christians and intelligent Jews: "Why is there persecution in Germany today? How can we destroy it?" Seeking to avert tragedy and European world war, the Catholic priest sought to "abolish persecution, eliminate hatred & establish justice for all without exception." He explained that "Nazism was conceived as a political defense mechanism against Communism" and warned "Simply as a student of history, I am endeavoring to analyze the reason for the growth of the idea...Let us not forget the object of this discussion. My purpose is to contribute a worthwhile suggestion to eradicate from this world its mania for persecution."

As a result of his efforts the priest was slandered and attacked worldwide, and addressed his critics the next week on November 27. He urged people to work towards peace and warned that "security can not be achieved by unjust wars!"

Following is a partial transcript and synopsis of the two broadcasts. The 11/27/38 broadcast is emebbed in the three youtube videos below. Or, You can read along with the PDF as you listen to the two original MP3 files. [If the PDF or MP3 files are no longer available at the sites listed, you can e-mail me here.]

Father Coughlin's book of nine addresses dated Nov. 6, 1938 to Jan 1, 1939, titled "Am I an Anti-Semite?" was given out free to millions of listeners. It can be found here.

The first address featured in this aticle, titled Persecution- Jewish and Christian given Sunday, Nov. 20, 1938, can be found at page 19 of the PDF. The second address, titled Let Us Consider the Record, dated Nov. 27, 1938, begins on page 30 of the PDF.

The written tramscript and original audio broadcast is embedded on the YouTube videos below for easy listening.

Also, here are the original audio files. These archives from archive.org can be found here.

Persecution- Jewish and Christian - Sunday November 20, 1938

Let Us Consider the Record - Sunday November 27, 1938

In the 11/27/38 program, after an introduction and re-airing the broadcast of the previous week to prove he said nothing wrong or untrue, Fr. Coughlin resumes his commentary at minute 45:19. But as the transcript points out on page 34 of the PDF, "N.B. This is the manuscript as prepared but for lack of time it was impossible for Father Coughlin to deliver the whole discourse over the air. What he delivered over the air is on the record."
At page 35 of the pdf, (66-67 of orig) Father Coughlin concludes the broadcast with the 'Our Father' prayer.

Excerpts from the 11/20/38 broadcast:

"Thus, I shall ask an intelligent audience composed of intelligent Christians and intelligent Jews: 'Why is there persecution in Germany today? How can we destroy it?' "

Before attempting to answer these questions, permit me to review for the uninformed members of this audience the chief incidents immediately preceding the latest manifestation of persecution suffered by thousands of innocent Jews, natives of Germany; a persecution which, fortunately for all, has recieved a superabundance of publicity both at home and abroad.

A few days ago, a young Polish Jew fired a shot that was heard around the world. Because his Polish-Jewish parents were dismissed from Germany by an order issued by the Nazi government, expelling all foreign-born Jews from the reich, this frenzied youth murdered a German public official in Paris.

Reprisals for this imprudent act were rapid on the part of the Hitler government- peculiar reprisals. Instead of demanding an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth, the German government levided a fine of approximately $400-million against the 600,000 German-Jews resident in Germany.

Following this, the American newspapers were aglow with headlines. Our public officials were loud in their denunciations....

To be effectual in our discussion which is not content merely with offering sympathy for the innocent German-Jews; which is not satisfied with registering protests against the German government- to be effectual in our discussion, which aims at unveiling the cause of persecution and then, at destroying it, it is necessary to record the following facts.

...while it is true that foreign citizen Jews resident in Germany were disparaged and expelled, it is likewise true that many social impediments were placed in the pathway of Catholics and Protestants by the Nazi government- impediments which are revolting to our American concepts of liberty. But despite all this, official Germany has not yet resorted to the guillotine, to the machine gun, to the kerosene-drenched pit as instruments of reprisal against Jew or gentile.

[pg 20] "...In all countries Jews are the minority. They have no nation of their own; they have no flag. "The World Almanac" states that there are only 15-million Jews in all the world and only 4-million resident in North America. Certainly they are in the minority- but a closely woven minority in their racial tendencies; a powerful minority in their influence; a minority endowed with an aggressiveness, an initiative which, despite all obstacles, has carried their sons in the pinnacle of success in journalism, in radio, in finance and in all the sciences and arts.

....The Jew has challenged the Christian for his sympathy and cooperation. In turn the Christian challenges the Jew for this. Thus, in a spirit of mutual cooperation; in a scientific spirit of coldly facing causes in order to remove effects, let us pause to inquire why Nazism is so hostile to Jewry in particular and how the Nazi policy of presecution can be liquidated.

It is the belief, be it well or ill founded, of the present German government, not mine, that Jews- not as religionists but as nationals only- were responsible for the economic and social ills sufferred by the fatherland since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles.

Imbued with this idea, be it right or wrong- an idea that spread rapidly, particularly since 1923 when Communism was beginning to make substancial advances throughout Germany- a group of rebel Germans under the leadership of an Austrian-born war veteran- Adolph Hitler by name- organized for two purposes. First, to overthrow the existing German government under whose jurisdiction Communism was waxing strong and second, to rid the Fatherland of Communists whose leaders, unfortunately, they identified with the Jewish race.

Thus, Nazism was conceived as a political defense mechanism against Communism and was ushered into existance as a result of Communism. And, Communism itself was regarded by the rising generation of Germans as a product not of Russia, but of a group of Jews who dominated the destinies of Russia.

Were there facts to substanciate this belief in the minds of the Nazi party, I ask?

Official information emanating from Russia itself informed the world that Communism, while barbarously opposed to every form of Christianity, made it a crime for any comrade to utter a single word of reproach against Jews.

...More than that, the 1917 list of those who, with Lenin, ruled many of the activities of the Soviet Republic, disclosed that of the 25 quasi-cabinent members, 24 of them were athiestic Jews, whose names I have before me.....[Pg 21] Be it emphasized that these Jews were not religious Jews. They were the haters of God, the haters of religion. Throughout Germany, antipathy towards all Jews, however, grew rapidly. It was increased year by year- and particularly in 1935 when the official disclosure made manifest that the central committee of the Communist Party, operating in Russia, consisted of 59 members, among whom were 56 Jews; and that the three remaining non-Jews were married to Jewesses.

I speak these words, certainly holding no brief for Germany or for Naziism. Simply as a student of history, I am endeavoring to analyze the reason for the growth of the idea in the minds of the Nazi Party that Communism and Judaism are too closely interwoven for the national health of Germany.

Nor do I speak these words to defend the athiestic, international Jews and gentiles throughout the world who follow the footsteps of Lenin and advocate the principles of Marx. I do ask, however, an insane world to distinguish between the innocent Jew and the guilty Jew as much as I would ask the same insane world to distinguish between the innocent gentile and the guilty gentile.

Believe me, my friends, it is in all charity that I speak these words as I seek to discover the causes that produced the effect known as Naziism- Naziism which was evoked to act as a defense mechanism against the incursions of Communism.

Let us not forget the object of this discussion. My purpose is to contribute a worthwhile suggestion to eradicate from this world its mania for persecution.

...I ask you: Should not all good men- Jew and gentile, Catholic and protestant, Christian and non-Christian- coordinate their forces to restore sanity, peace, and justice to an era which for its ferocity, its barbarism and its hatred has outstripped the Diocletians, the Neros and Torquemadas of old?

....Persecution is an injustice wherever it exists. Today's persecution was born from the loins of yesterday's persecution. Thus, if Naziism, a persecutor of Jew and Catholic and Protestant, is a defense mechanism against Communism, be assured that Communism, another persecutor, was a defense mechanism against the greed of the money changers, who persecuted and pilloried the teeming populations of Europe.

[pg 22] "...Thus, one persecution begets another as one injustice evolves into another. The inevitability of cause and effect will pursue its course to its logical destiny of chaos as one injustice continues to reproduce a worse injustice. It is our concern, therefore, to destroy the cause in order to prevent a succession of disastrous effects. To abolish persecution, let us destroy hatred. To eliminate hatred, let us establish justice- justice for all without exception. Any other approach to our problem is unscientific. And, may I add, there can be no justice without God; there can be no God without love- love for Him and for our fellow-men whom He fashioned according to His image and likeness.

Therefore, I say to the good Jews of America, be not indulgent with the irreligious, atheistic Jews and gentiles who promote the cause of persecution in the land of the Commnists; the same ones who promote the cause of atheism in america. Yes, not be lenient with your high financiers and politicians who assisted at the birth of the only political, social and economic system in all civilization that adopted atheism as its religion, internationalsm as its patriotism, and slavery as its liberty.

Our President recently said: "Such news from any part of the world"- speaking of the persecution of the Jews in Germany- "Such news would inevitably produce a similar profound reaction among American people in every part of the nation." Alas! the news of Christian persecution came to our shores. Alas! the press and the radio were almost silent. Alas! this present government made friends of these murderers by recognizing their flag! Those were the days when there was silence in the press; days when there was silence on the radio because opposition to communism was a "controversial" subject. Turn the pages of history to recent years when the disciples of the Communists, atheists, internationalists, and anti-Christians obtruded their philosophy into Mexico. Although the Christian world stood aghast while hundreds of millions of dollars of property, including ecclesiastical institutions, were confiscated,there was no condemnation officially utterred against a Cardenas, there was no recall of the Ambassador Josephus Daniels, there was no national protest on that occasion, there was no invitation extended to the persecuted Christians of Mexico to seek refuge in our land."

[Note: I have written extensively on the topic of the Cristero War, Catholic prosecution in Mexico, which Fr. Coughlin refers to:

Fr Coughlin then outlines the solution to the problems in Germany.

[pg 25] "...By all means, let us have a convention of ambassadors.

"...Let us distill this sympathy into a program of peace- peace, the result of order; order, the offspring of law; and law, the child of justice. ...Gentiles must repudiate the excesses of Naziism. But Jews and gentiles must repudiate the existence of Communism from which Naziism springs. In conclusion, may we Americans not engage in unreasonable reprisals against any nation. Let charity be the norm of our conduct as we assemble our forces for action.

P.S. I know that this address is particularly displeasing to those of the communistic mind. I have it on definite information that these persons have organized to the radio stations to stop my future broadcasts. Need I say more?"

Coughlin attached photostatic copies and appendices of supporting documents outlining 'Jewish Power.'
The next Sunday, November 27, Fr. Coughlin gave an address titled LET US CONSIDER THE RECORD. In it he defends himself of the rabid attack and protests from establishment media and rabbis nationwide. He then rebroadcasts the previous week's program and concludes the broadcast with a prayer, an extended version of the Our Father, (begins on page 35 of the pdf) in which he prays, in part,

...we have witnessed mad usurpers wielding scepters- scepters of terror before which cringe millions of Thy sons awaiting the lash of persecution in a new dungeon. O God, grant that foolish men will unite to rebel against the fierce tyranny of hate and injustice!"

....Today, O God, we are sad because our legislatures have written laws reflecting the minds of materialists, laws that blot out the laws of God!

...Give bread to the hungry, clothing to the naked, and shelter to the homeless in this land of plenty. And more than that, O God, not only for the daily bread by which our bodies live, do we ask! Give us this day our daily bread that our minds may know the truth.

...About us factories that should be busied manufacturing the productive good things of this life are busied fashioning ammunition, battleships, shrapnel and lethal gas....Upon every shoulder are raised the welts of suffering. O God, we have learned at last that persecution can not be destroyed by persecution, that security can not be achieved by unjuust wars or unjust treaties!"

...Wicked men have conspired against Thee and Thy Christ and His brothers.

..O deliver us from evil of selling our birthright for a mess of commercial pottage!

...From false prophets, false leaders, and false philosophy, O God, deliver us!"

University of Detroit Mercy has an archive of Fr. Coughlin's work with an apologectic disclaimer by Rev. Gerard L. Stockhausen, S.J., Ph.D., which states, in part, "Why would a university library go through the bother of digitizing materials that represent hatred and bigotry? ...It is the work of a university. It is why UDM provides access to these archive materials. "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

In reality, Fr. Coughlin left a more effective legacy for peace and justice than UDMercy will probably ever accomplish. It's shameful that they falsely accuse Fr. Coughlin of spreading 'hatered and bigotry,' when in reality the devout principled priest did just the opposite. He actually practiced the doctrines of Christ and proclaimed them boldly, instead of being too cowardly to promote them.

We need more moral leaders of courage today. Fr. Coughlin is a good example for all of us. Check out our Fr. Coughlin Archives here.

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Here is audio of Father Coughlin's 11/27/38 radio broadcast:

[Part 1][Part 2][Part 3]

Be sure to visit our archive of Catholic articles below.

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Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 TV Los Angeles, The Press Enterprise, LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened.com, Infowars.com, PrisonPlanet.com, Economic Policy Journal, FreedomsPhoenix, Haaretz, TMZ, Veterans Today, Jonathan Turley blog, The Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show, National Motorists Association, AmericanFreePress.net, RomanCatholicReport.com, WorldNetDaily, OverdriveOnline.com, Educate-Yourself.org, Dr. Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad radio show, Strike-The-Root.com, Pasadena Weekly, ActivistPost.com, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI AM 640, IamtheWitness.com, Redlands Daily Facts, BlackBoxVoting, The Michael Badnarik Show, The Wayne Madsen Report, Devvy.com, Rense.com, The Contra Costa Times, Pasadena Star News, Silicon Valley Mercury News, Long Beach Press Telegram, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, L.A. Harbor Daily Breeze, CopBlock.org, DavidIcke.com, Whittier Daily News, KCLA FM Hollywood, The Fullerton Observer, Antiwar.com, From The Trenches World Report, and many others. Archives can be found at LibertyFight.com and DontWakeMeUp.Org.

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Oppressing the poor and defrauding a laborer of his just wages: "sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance" April 1, 2013
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Easter 1939: Father Charles E. Coughlin warns of the war propagandists, their system of financial control & their evil "blood business" [Featured on RomanCatholicReport.com , WhatReallyHappened.com , Republic Broadcasting Network, Fourwinds10.net , cottage-two , rustymetals.com , usapartisan, & scoop.it.]

Man who hit cop in self-defense is acquitted, with help of friend's video footage March 28, 2013 [Featured on educate-yourself.org , WhatReallyHappened.com and strike-the-root.com.]

Despite protests and risks, San Bernardino, CA Catholic Archdiocese plans cellphone tower at kids school for profit March 27, 2013

CA introduces "AB 666", an evil scheme to fleece motorists and eviscerate their rights 3/25/13 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com , Rense.com, Economic Policy Journal , and RomanCatholicReport.com.]

Obnoxious CHP cop tries to make people stop filming him 3/24/13

Lunatic CHP cops go berzerk as female motorist successfully demands her rights under CA Vehicle code 3/22/13 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com , Economic Policy Journal, From the Trenches World Report , The Daily Paul (most popular of the day), Fourwinds10.net, and TheLibertyCaucus.com.]

Why I wasn't going to allow the squirly Walmart Guard to demand my receipt 3/20/13

Remember the guy who called George H. W. Bush a murderous, Zionist, peice of $h!t at a Houston Pizza place in 2010? This story is about him and what he's been up to lately:
Jane's Addiction/Lollapalooza frontman Perry Farrell confronted on Bin Laden, 9/11 by pro-Palestinian 9/11 truther March 18, 2013 [Featured on Veterans Today and Roman Catholic Report.]

Ron Paul officially promotes his Israeli-smitten son Randy for President 2016 March 11, 2013

NO, Obamacare does not include any provision for RFID microchipping March 3, 2013 [Featured on the Dr. Katherine Albrecht Show.]

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly blatantly lies about past NY gun confiscation on national radio January 20, 2013 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com and Republic Broadcasting Network.] [NYPD, The City of New York, The New York State Senate, and countless other spook/govt agencies have visited this article numerous times.]


Internal Documents in TX Trooper lawsuit: Cops admit "the passenger is under no obligation to comply with request" for ID

Catastrophic Bridge Collapse in Washington State reveals importance of sleep for Truckers as NTSB investigates the sleep records of driver
This story illustrates the perfect reason why psycho pig cops must obey the law and not illegally disturb motorists.

4/17/13: DontWakeMeUp.Org goes viral immediately after public launch: People from across the world along with Corporations, Universities, Law Firms, as well as State and Federal government agencies have visited DontWakeMeUp.Org since our release on Tuesday, April 16th. We will have an "our visitors" page outlining the government visitors soon.
Cop at Suspicionless Checkpoint Starts Barking Orders, But Then Flees from Camera (4/17/13)
Creepy DHS Supervisor tries to open vehicle door when motorist asks officer's name [Featured on LewRockwell.com , Economic Policy Journal , WhatReallyHappened, RomanCatholicReport.com , battlefourtimes, gunnyg , U.S. Constitutional Free Press , Flyover Press , Freedom Watch, Sodahead, and many others.]

4/16/13: WOKEN UP AGAIN! The irony of, on the very day I launch my new website DontWakMeUp.Org, it happens. Again. Today. UNREAL. Watch how these lunatics change course the second they see the camera. Keep your cameras ready, folks! The article and video can be seen here.

April 16, 2013: DontWakeMeUp.Org Launched As Civil Rights Lawsuit Proceeds Against Texas Troopers
Trooper facing civil suit denies threatening motorist with arrest, despite being recorded
[Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com.]

Motorist puts police in their place at suspicionless internal checkpoint December 2, 2012
[Must see video- Featured on PrisonPlanet.com].

How I Beat A Cell Phone Ticket In California

Cell phone ban does not reduce accidents: California revenue scheme exposed as complete fraud

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