NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly lies about past NY gun confiscation on national radio
By Martin Hill
January 20, 2013


Update! Good morning to the snoops at the New York Police Department. I hope you enjoy the article. Perhaps Commissioner Kelly isn't too cowardly to debate Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America about the FACT that guns were confiscated by police in New York. :-)

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On Geraldo Rivera's nationally syndicated radio show January 18, 2013, Geraldo conducted separate interviews with Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America [GunOwners.org] and New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly, in addition to several others: The MP3 download of the episode is available at WABC for free:

"Happy Friday! Geraldo gears up for inauguration weekend with coverage of what to expect! Lance Armstrong officially come out of the closet on using banned sports enhancement drugs on Oprah. What do the experts think about his admittance of this think? Plus, guns are are still on the mind of everyone in America. Geraldo discusses this and more with John King, NYPD Commissioner Kelly, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Andrew Ross Sorkin, Bill Kristol, Suze Orman, Laurie Dhue, Larry Pratt and more on today's show!"
The relevant segment with Kelly starts at minute 46. Geraldo begins lauding Kelly by mentioning his recent approval rating of 75%, the highest rating ever. Kelly points out that his "stop and frisk" policy, which he has been sued for, is "a lifesaving practice," adding "I'm sued every day, but we're going to continue to do the right thing." Kelly says he supports President Obama's agenda on guns but notes "it's going to be a heavy lift in Congress." The 72-year-old Kelly, a former Bill Clinton appointee, then denies any knowledge of door to door gun confiscations which took place under his watch.

Geraldo: "You now have the toughest gun law in the nation in New York state. I just had Larry Pratt the president of Gun Owners of America on board. He says the NYPD is gonna start confiscating these illegal weapons. He conjured up an image from 30 years ago, he says, of cops going door to door without warrants and getting people's guns and confiscating their guns. Did that ever happen, will that happen?

Kelly: "No. No. I don't know where he's getting that from. There's certainly no, no direction in the legislation to, uh, do anything like that. It's- people have to register their weapons, and they won't be able to purchase them in New York. But you know quite frankly our problem stems from out of state. Doesn't stem from people buying guns in New York for he most part. 90% of the guns we confiscate are coming from out of state. They're coming up the iron pipeline on I95. So you know, this is not the panacea. Tough guns laws in New York State? Hey. Okay, we're moving in the right direction. But unless we have a comprehensive federal approach to the problem we're still gonna have it. We have you know, anywhere from 250 to 300 million guns abroad in America, those guns are still gonna be there and cops are still gonna be the ones that face them.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly lies about past New York gun confiscations

In reality, the exact such door-to-door gun confiscations that Kelly denied ever hearing of took place while Kelly was the First Deputy Police Commissioner in New York, and were even reported in mainstream news. At the time, Kelly had been Deputy Commissioner for two years and this was less than one month before Kelly was appointed as the head police commissioner. So Kelly, according to his own testimony, is either grossly incompetent and ignorant as to what his own department does, or he is blatantly lying to the public and bearing false witness.

As GunOwners.org documents, "On August 16, 1991, New York City Mayor David Dinkins signed Local Law 78 which banned the possession and sale of certain rifles and shotguns." On September 5, 1992, the New York Daily News in their article "Weapons ban defied: S.I. man, arsenal seized" by John Marzulli, stated, in part, "Police raided the home of a Staten Island man who refused to comply with the city's tough ban on assault weapons, and seized an arsenal of firearms. . . . Spot checks are planned [for other homes]." A month later, on October 16, 1992, Mayor Dinkins appointed Kelly as the 37th Police Commissioner of the City of New York.


E. Gun registration can (and does) lead to the confiscation of firearms

1. New York City

* Registration. In the mid-1960's officials in New York City began registering long guns. They promised they would never use such lists to take away firearms from honest citizens. But in 1991, the city banned (and soon began confiscating) many of those very guns.[xiii]

* Confiscation. In 1992, a New York City paper reported that, "Police raided the home of a Staten Island man who refused to comply with the city's tough ban on assault weapons, and seized an arsenal of firearms. . . . Spot checks are planned [for other homes].”[xiv]

[xiii] On August 16, 1991, New York City Mayor David Dinkins signed Local Law 78 which banned the possession and sale of certain rifles and shotguns.

[xiv] John Marzulli, "Weapons ban defied: S.I. man, arsenal seized,” Daily News (September 5, 1992).

In additon, there are many instances of gun confiscation in New York, as evidenced in the governments own admissions and reports:

At minute 53 of the interview, Geraldo asks Kelley about the parents of black and hispanic youths who are stopped by police in the 'stop and frisk' program and perhaps later barred from jobs or having a record for marijuana. Kelley replies that is not a concern and that they even have NYPD officers who had been arrested in the past. "Nobody is being convicted quite frankly these days certainly not in the court system of New York City for small amounts of marijuana, thats just the reality. So that is a- you know, that's a fiction. And uh people are stopped we're not keeping their names as far as stop and frisk records are concerned. A lot of people put out this as a smokescreen- that's just not so."

Geraldo then congratulates Kelley on "the great success and hopes it's a model for the whole country."

Wikipedia points out that "The first World Trade Center terrorist attack occurred on February 26, 1993 while Kelly was Police Commissioner under Mayor Dinkins (1992 to 1994), and Kelly led his department through the investigation of the bombing" and that in his latest term "Under Bloomberg, Commissioner Kelly also revamped New York City's Police Department into a world-class counter-terrorism operation, operating in conjunction with the CIA." Kelly's son Gregory Raymond "Greg" Kelly, a televison news host and former White House correspondent for Fox News, was investigated by the Manhattan District Attorney's office upon an accusation of rape in 2012. The victim's boyfriend reportedly shouted to Commissioner Kelly at a public event that his son "ruined my girlfriend's life," and that "You better keep an eye on your son." Deputy Police Commissioner for Public Information Paul Browne confirmed to ABC News that the Commissioner "suggested that he write a letter". Not surprisingly, the The Manhattan District Attorney's Office refused to file charges against the Police Commissioner's son, who soon went back to work at the TV station unscathed.

Kelly came under fire after in 2012 it was revealed "that the NYPD spied on people solely for practicing Islam and that the NYPD traveled to schools as far away as Yale to infiltrate Muslim student groups." In early 2012 the NYPD announced under fire that they will end collaboration with the CIA. The NYPD also has a branch office in Israel, staffed by a lone NYPD detective. Kelly took a trip to Israel and visited the Western Wall wearing a yarmulke (a platter-shaped cap worn by Orthodox Jewish men) in February 2010. Senator Rand Paul, who endorsed Mitt Romney for president, made an identical trip to Israel earlier this month.

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