When the U.S. government supplied ammo & military planes to kill thousands of Catholics
By Martin Hill
September 18, 2013


An expose on the U.S. government's role in the slaughter of tens of thousands of Mexican Roman Catholics fighting for their freedom to simply practice their faith. For naive well-intentioned Catholics who believe that we should always trust the government, these documented facts should be a real wake up call.

Update: Read our part 2 in the series here:
Historical details reemerge: U.S. Government supplied 10 Million rounds of ammo, 10,000 Enfield Rifles, military planes & tanks to Slaughter tens of thousands of Catholic Freedom Fighters (10/17/13)

Have you heard of the film "For Greater Glory" starring Peter O'Toole, Andy Garcia, and Eva Longoria? The film made its debut last summer, June 1, 2012. Interestingly, despite featuring several superstar actors and famous director, Hollywood wouldn't touch this historical epic. They wouldn't fund it, promote it, or distribute it. For discerning folks, that should raise some eyebrows.

I first heard about the film from a neice, who had heard her parish priest recommend it. I did a little research prior to seeing the film, and saw it July 2nd. To say I was astounded is an understatement- not so much by the film itself, which was indeed outstanding- but moreso for the window of history that my research into the Cristero War has opened. The Catholic clergy had been promoting the film prior to its release, at the same time they had launched the 'Fortnight For Freedom' promoting religious liberty.

Having attended parochial school for 12 years and being a lifelong Catholic, I was shocked that I had never once heard about this deadly, bloody war, which took place on our own continent not even 85 years ago. Not only that, but not a single Mexican person I know, even those Catholics who grew up in Mexico, had ever heard of it either! How could this be? To say this is a massive coverup and whitewash of history is an understatement.

Wikipedia reports "The Cristero War (1926-29) also known as La Cristiada, was a mass popular uprising and attempted counter-revolution against the anti-Catholicism of the ruling Mexican government. It was based in western Mexico. The rebellion was set off by the enforcement of the Mexican Constitution of 1917, as seen by President Plutarco Elias Calles, in order to weaken the Catholic Church."

There is a massive amount of information on the Cristero War which can be found on the internet. My goal is not to recount all of that here, but rather to focus on an aspect of the story which has not gotten much attention- and that is, the U.S. government's role in the slaughter of tens of thousands of Mexican Roman Catholics fighting for their freedom to simply practice their faith. For naive well-intentioned Catholics who believe that we should always trust the government, these documented facts should be a real wake up call.

Christopher Check is executive vice president of The Rockford Institute and a lecturer on military and Church history. He served for seven years as a field artillery officer in the Marine Corps, attaining the grade of captain. In his September 2007 article 'Viva Cristo Rey! The Cristeros versus the Mexican Revolution', Check outlines the U.S. cooperation with Mexico against the Cristero rebels:

"The heroic efforts of the Joan of Arc Brigades notwithstanding, the Cristero army never had enough ammunition to win a decisive victory. Too often, in the heat of battle, they had to disengage so as to live to fight another day. On several occasions they were reduced to rolling boulders (called "Hail Marys" and "Our Fathers") down a hill on advancing federal troops. Although the federal army was badly led and plagued by high rates of desertion, they were never short of arms and ammunition - supplied by the U.S. government. In at least one battle, American pilots provided air support for the federal army. Stalemate, albeit one that could last for years, seemed to be the best for which the Cristeros could hope."

In his article THE CRISTEROS CATHOLIC SOLDIERS OF CHRIST, Olivier Lelibre outlines in great detail the story of the Cristeros, "the Mexican Catholics who, some 70 years ago, rose up against Freemasonry for the social reign of our Lord Jesus Christ." In his article, Lelibre documents that American Bishops at the time even made reference to the fact that the killers were armed by the American government:
"Throughout the country, Catholic public figures were assassinated, girls coming out of church were kidnapped, imprisoned, raped. Msgr. Curley, the Archbishop of Baltimore, vented his indignation: "Calles persecutes the church because he knows that he has Rome's approval. Our government has armed Calles's killers. Our friendship has encouraged him in his abominable enterprise: to destroy the idea of God in the minds and hearts of millions of Mexicans."

"In 1914, President Carranza, put in place by the US, inaugurated a period of open persecution: priests were massacred (160 were killed in Mexico in February, 1915). John Lind, one of Woodrow Wilson's advisors, rejoiced over the news: "Great news! The more priests they kill in Mexico, the happier I shall be!" An American pastor, indignant about the outraging of the nuns in Vera Cruz, received this reply from Wilson's personal representative: "After prostitution, the worst thing in Mexico is the Catholic Church. Both must disappear!"13

"In 1924, Plutarco Elias Calles became President. For this descendant of Spanish Jews, a 33rd degree Mason, "the Church is the unique cause of all Mexico's misfortunes. ...In 1926, the president and his clique launched a new offensive which they hoped to be definitive: "Now there must be a psychological revolution," Calles declared. "We must penetrate and take hold of the minds of the children and the youth because they must belong to the revolution."

...On May 28, Calles received the Masonic medal of merit from the hands of the Great Commander of the Scottish rite in Mexico. On July 12, the following communique appeared in the press: "International Masonry accepts responsibility for everything that is happening in Mexico, and is preparing to mobilize all its forces for the methodic, integral application of the agreed upon program for this country."18

...In October the Holy Father declared: "The blood of martyrs has always been the seed of blessings from heaven." How could one fail to understand that one year after Quas Primas, the Cristeros were signing with their blood this text on the social reign of our Lord Jesus Christ? Freemasonry understood it, and in its American journal The New Age of December 1926, it expressed its stand: The Catholic Church has perverted the Mexicans for 400 years. Calles's merit is to have delivered them from ignorance and superstition. That is why he can count on our understanding and on North America's support.21"

Several prominent Catholic clergymen at the time publicly condemned the slaughter of Catholics in Mexico and the United States complicity in the matter. Father Francis Clement Kelley wrote Blood-Drenched Altars: A Catholic Commentary on the History of Mexico. [Available here]. Father Michael Kenney, S.J., a contemporary of Fr. Kelley, wrote No God Next Door: Red Rule in Mexico and Our Responsibility in 1935 and references Fr. Kelley's work. The Amazon book description notes "In the late 30's, FDR pressured the clergy to remove this book from circulation or he would institute taxation of church property."

Father Charles E. Coughlin, in his famous 1938 radio address entitled Not Anti-Semitism But Anti-Communism, pointed out the corruption and hypocrisy of the U.S. Government in regards to Mexico. Coughlin noted that there was "No invitation of persecuted Christians from Mexico... Why the silence? Ask the gentlemen who control the three national radio chains." Coughlin exposed the mass murder in Mexico City: "...but also from the blood of Christians, snuffed out, property confiscated, without official protests from America!" [LibertyFight.com has an entire Fr Charles E. Coughlin archive page with much more to come in the future. I consider him a great American hero, truthteller, and patriot.]

The official Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD has a webpage on Most Rev. Michael Joseph Curley, who "was outspoken in his criticism of the foreign policy of the Roosevelt administration." They note "In time Curley won a reputation as a battler as well as that of a builder. He was the most outspoken and militant prelate in America in the interwar years. Among the crusades he launched were those against the anticlerical governments of Mexico and Spain... He was the first American bishop to speak out forcefully against Communism, persuading the bishops in 1936 to conduct a study of its influence in America."

The Wikipedia page on Plutarco Elías Calles reveals that even former President Vicente Fox acknowledged Calles freemasonry in his book Revolution of Hope p. 17, Viking, 2007 Fox, Vicente and Rob Allyn]

"On 14 June 1926, President Calles enacted anticlerical legislation known formally as The Law Reforming the Penal Code and unofficially as the Calles Law.[15] His anti-Catholic actions included outlawing religious orders, depriving the Church of property rights and depriving the clergy of civil liberties, including their right to trial by jury (in cases involving anti-clerical laws) and the right to vote.[15][16] Catholic antipathy towards Calles was enhanced because of his vocal atheism.[1] He was also a Freemason.[17] Regarding this period, recent President Vicente Fox stated, "After 1917, Mexico was led by anti-Catholic Freemasons who tried to evoke the anticlerical spirit of popular indigenous President Benito Juárez of the 1800s. But the military dictators of the 1920s were a lot more savage than Juárez."[18]"

Despite being framed as a three year war, the Cristianos actually lasted much longer. Three encyclicals were written by Pope Pius XI during this time specifically addressing the conflict and serve as a fascinating historical record:

In ACERBA ANIMI, Pope Piux XI referenced the freemasons:
"9. Add to this that not only is religious instruction forbidden in the primary schools, but not infrequently attempts are made to induce those whose duty it is to educate the future generations, to become purveyors of irreligious and immoral teachings, thus obliging the parents to make heavy sacrifices in order to safeguard the innocence of their children. We bless with all Our heart these Christian parents and all the good teachers who help them, and We urge upon you, Venerable Brethren, upon the clergy secular and regular, and upon all the faithful, the necessity of giving their utmost attention to the question of education and the formation of the young, especially among the poorer classes, since they are more exposed to atheist, masonic, and communistic propaganda, persuading yourselves that your country will be such as you build it up in the children."

Wikipedia notes that "The reaction of the government was hostile, the President at the time Abelardo Rodriguez, called the encyclical "insolent and defiant."

In his 1937 Encyclical FIRMISSIMAM CONSTANTIAM, Pope Pius XI made reference to a 4th Encyclical, Ad Catholici Sacerdotii [12/20/35] and Our Apostolic Letter Paterna Sane Solicitudo of February 2, 1926, which addressed "the actual conditions of their country"... "which are so similar to those of the early times of the Church, when the Apostles appealed for the collaboration of the laity."

"...5. In congratulating you on this praiseworthy initiative which is already becoming a consoling reality, We again express Our gratitude to all those who have so generously tendered you hospitality and assistance. And with paternal instinct We remind you again on this occasion of Our precise wish that you make known and explain suitably, not only to the clerics, but to all your priests, Our Encyclical Ad Catholici Sacerdotii, which explains Our thoughts on this the gravest and most important among the grave and important subjects treated by Us.

6. The Mexican priests thus formed according to the Heart of Jesus Christ will feel that in the actual conditions of their country (of which We spoke in Our Apostolic Letter Paterna Sane Solicitudo of February 2, 1926) - which are so similar to those of the early times of the Church, when the Apostles appealed for the collaboration of the laity - it would be very difficult to reconquer for Christ so many misguided souls without the providential assistance which the laity give by means of Catholic Action. More so since at times grace prepares among them generous souls ready to develop most fruitful activity if they encounter a learned and holy clergy capable of understanding and guiding them.

There are several excellent free audio interviews with authors and scholars on the Cristero war. I highly recommend the following three:

Attack on Religious Liberty - Battle for the Faith in Mexico By Patrick Madrid
Defending the Faith, Suffering - Patrick Madrid explores the history of the persecution of the Catholic Church in 1920s Mexico. He recounts the sufferings and martyrdom that thousands of Catholics endured to defend their religious freedom during the Cristero War.

Age of the Martyrs with Christopher Check, Monday, June 16, 2008 - 6pm ET
Christopher Check is Director of Development at Catholic Answers. A graduate of Rice University, for nearly two decades he served as vice president of The Rockford Institute. Before that he served for seven years as a field artillery officer in the Marine Corps, attaining the grade of captain. He lectures on Church and military history.

The following is a free 30 minute homily by a Catholic priest, from the great website AudioSancto.org. I highly recommend the site. The Cristeros: Will We See Another Catholic Persecution?

"Actual eye witness descriptions of the persecution of Catholics and the Church in Mexico (circa 1917-1926), especially of the Blessed Sacrament, priests and religious, by the Federales (Mexican Federal Police). The REAL revolutionaries were not the Cristeros but the anti-Catholic, Masonic regime. USA government support. The Vatican's interdict was a protective effort because the persecution was so vicious. In the countryside the war of the Cristiada began on August 3, 1924. "Viva Cristo Rey! Viva la Virgin de Guadalupe!" was the war cry. The women were instrumental. When the war was declared ended the persecution escalated and the remaining Cristeros were hunted."

In the end, 100,000 lives were reportedly lost in the Cristero war- 40,000 Catholic Cristeros and 60,000 Mexican government agents. May the souls of the martyrs rest in the peace of Christ and may their battle Cry: 'Viva Cristo Rey!,' Long Live Crist the King," echo through the Heavens and Earth for all time.


Catholics see a rallying cry for 'religious freedom' in "For Greater Glory" film

Ventura County Star: Hueneme councilwoman speaks on family's involvement in revolution 7/9/12

The Church-State Conflict in Mexico from the Mexican Revolution to the Cristero Rebellion (21 pages) .

Mexican Anticlerics, Bishops, Cristeros, and the Devout during the 1920s: A Scholarly Debate

"Viva Cristo Rey"- A movie review of 'For Greater Glory' by a Catholic attorney

History of Mexico - The Cristero War

Blood-Drenched Altars: A Catholic Commentary on the History of Mexico
By: Most Rev. Francis Kelly

Handout by Christopher Check at talk: http://www.instituteofcatholicculture.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/cristeros-handout.pdf

Bishop Francis Clement Kelley (1870-1948)
by Brian Kelly October 16, 2008
"The only thing I knew about Bishop Kelley was that he authored Blood Drenched Altars, the story of the persecution of the Church in Mexico under the freemason, Plutarco Elias Calles, in the 1920s. The martyr, Blessed Miguel Pro (1891-1927), was featured in this riveting book. A friend of mine thought that Kelley had written another book about the suffering Church in Mexico, however, that book, No God Next Door, was not the bishop's work; it was written by Father Michael Kenney, S.J. The Jesuit, Kenney, a contemporary of Kelley's, references the latter's work. Both are excellent books. Catholics should not be ignorant of the atrocities that went on not only south of the border in the nineteenth and into the twentieth centuries, but also north of the border (up until Polk's War of aggression, 1846-1848) when one third of our country flew the Spanish (and later the Mexican) flag."

Myles Muredach was the pen name used by Francis Clement Kelley (1870-1948), the second Roman Catholic Bishop of Oklahoma. Born in Canada, he was trained in Canada and Belgium before being ordained in Detroit, Michigan in 1893. Father Kelley founded the Catholic Church Extension Agency and its quarterly magazine, and wrote several books of fiction and non-fiction. He was active in the leadership of the Catholic Church and its involvement with the Boy Scouts of America.

Books by Francis Clement Kelley

Blood-Drenched Altars
Baltimore's Archbishop Michael Joseph Curley, Oklahoma's Bishop Francis Clement Kelley and the Mexican Affair: 1934-1936

The official Archdiocese of Baltimore, MD webpage on Most Rev. Michael Joseph Curley:

"A Warrior Bishop

Though he avoided involvement in local politics, Curley was outspoken in his criticism of the foreign policy of the Roosevelt administration. On this and other matters his public statements proved often a source of embarrassment to the administrative committee of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, with whom he was often at odds. In 1936 Curley submitted his resignation to the conference when ordered to dissolve a corporation he had created for Mexican relief. Curley was also frustrated in his efforts to make a true university of The Catholic University in Washington, of which he was, as archbishop of Baltimore, the chancellor. The dismissal of the rector whom he supported Curley also took as a rebuke.

Curley had, in fact, no close friends among the American bishops and was the first archbishop of Baltimore not to be recognized as leader of the Catholic Church in the United States. On July 22, 1939, however, he was named also archbishop of the newly created Archdiocese of Washington, but he continued to govern the two archdioceses as a unit. Unaware of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Curley responded to a reporter in a flippant manner concerning the catastrophe. The interview was used by those who wished to silence him to have the apostolic delegate deliver an admonition. Pained by the reproof, Curley made no pronouncements on political affairs for the rest of his life."



Quotes from Popes of the Roman Catholic Church wherein they taught: http://www.romancatholicism.org/popes-jews.htm

DECLARATION ON MASONIC ASSOCIATIONS Rome, from the Office of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 26 November 1983. Joseph Card. RATZINGER Prefect

Official Vatican document:Irreconcilability between Christian faith and Freemasonry March 11, 1985

Vatican document on Freemasonry: Rome, from the Office of the S. Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 17 February 1981.

Research: Rosa Maria Ojeda Miss Mexico references the reality of the Cristero War, causes controvery as cowards tell her to change her dress
Miss Mexico modifies controversial pageant dress

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Awesome new liberty film playing in theatres: FOR GREATER GLORY. I HIGHLY recommend this excellent film.

July 2, 2012: I saw this film yesterday and it was absolutely great. Right up my alley. Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria, Peter O'Toole. What is interesting is that Catholic churches are promoting this movie which is in essence a very radical statement against the government when said government pushes too far. This at a time when the church in the U.S. has just released a letter on religious liberty (which comprises much more than freedom to worship- it comprises freedom of conscience.) For those who liked Braveheart, I highly recommend this film.

Here are some interesting excerpts from the Wikipedia page on the Cristero war; such as the fact that the US military actually helped Mexico kill the Catholic rebels and the klan funded the Mexican government too. The Knights of Columbus funded the 'terrorist' rebels (freedom fighters). One thing I found very interesting is that I have never even heard of the Cristero war. Ever. And that is with 12 yrs catholic school. And also, no Mexican that I've ever asked has even heard of it.!! Andy Garcia in an interview mentioned that very same point- that no one he'd asked, even Mexicans, had even heard of it. He said it is a secret of history 'swept under the rug'. Wonder why??

Who had known that the US government had EVER helped mexico militarily? ever? much less within the last 80 years?
Against Catholic anti-government rebels no less. WOW.
90,000 people were killed by the end of it. 60,000 were government feds, 30,000 were the rebels. So they did pretty good statistically wise. The women supplied the ammo, food and nurses to the rebels clandestinely.


Here are some excerpts of endorsements of the film by Catholic clergy:

  • Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop, Diocese of Phoenix: "It is not often that a film opens a window into the past that casts so much light on the present. "For Greater Glory" depicts a courageous struggle for religious freedom that was inspired by love of Christ and love of country. The Cristeros of Mexico have much to teach us today."
  • His Eminence Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley, Archbishop, Archdiocese of Boston: "As a nation established on the principal of freedom for all people, For Greater Glory reminds us of the important values that we as Americans and Catholics share and must be willing to protect. This film helps us to understand the history surrounding the Cristero War and its importance in the Mexican Catholics' efforts to fight for religious freedom and tolerance. Those values are as relevant today as they were almost one hundred years ago."
  • Most Rev. Bishop Kevin Vann, Diocese of Fort Worth: I was deeply impressed and moved by this movie, and I believe that its release is quite timely given our own recent growing concerns and struggles for religious liberty in our own country. I encourage all of you to take some time to see this great movie and to reflect upon the gift of our faith and our religious liberty that we have been given in this great country of ours."
  • Rev. Edward M. Dougherty, M.M., Superior General of the Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers: "For Greater Glory is an inspirational film about the power and resilience of the Mexican people during the Cristeros War. See this film and learn this powerful story and its broader implications for humanity. A stunning piece of filmmaking; the images will stay with viewers as they experience a profound appreciation for an often overlooked period in our world history."

" Today I would like to recall for you the Mexican Catholics who, some 70 years ago, rose up against Freemasonry for the social reign of our Lord Jesus Christ. They were called the Cristeros."

Andy Garcia on the Movie About Freedom Hollywood Would Not Make
Andy Garcia and Eva Longoria in For Greater Glory
(CNSNews.com) - Andy Garcia's new movie - co-starring Peter O'Toole and Eva Longoria - is an epic story of freedom that Hollywood would not make. "It's a completely independent film," Garcia told CNSNews.com. "It is being distributed independently and it's being financed independently."
And it is the true story of men and women and children--who lived 90 years ago in Mexico and whose struggle for liberty could echo powerfully in the United States today.

Viva Cristo Rey! The Cristeros versus the Mexican Revolution
By Christopher Check