We Love You Maxine!
A Tribute To A Great American Dog's Life
By Martin Hill
January 11, 2013

"And God made the beasts of the earth according to their kinds, and cattle, and everything that creeps on the earth after its kind. And God saw that it was good." Genesis 1:25

The old adage is correct- Dog is truly man's best friend. Our beautiful "baby girl" Maxine, my beloved 'daughter', sidekick, partner and supervisor, died on Wednesday, January 2, 2013 at 7:50PM. She died naturally in her bed with us at her side. It was a truly heart-breaking moment to see her draw her last breath as I cried, told her it was okay if she had to go, and kissed her goodbye.

I grew up with dogs, but never has a dog been such an integral part of my life. All of my family, friends & co-workers were also friends with Maxine. She was with me for nearly half my life, almost 18 years. It's astounding in itself that this half-Samoyed mix could live that long- their life span averages 12-14 years.

Maxine was such a lovely, vital and active dog. Growing up in the mountains, she was a scrapper; very social, affectionate and sweet-natured with people, but always the dominant "alpha dog" with other canines. Maxine feared no one, and they knew it. Although not big in size, topping out at 54 lbs in adulthood- her attitude made up for it.

In her youth, Maxine's passion was running, and I first adopted Maxine in September 1996, when I lived in the mountains of Southern California. Maxine had initially been found by some local teenagers roaming the mountain road, and ended up being a stray, digging out of trash cans for several months for food and eventually became pregnant. After seeing her in the neighborhood late one one night, I declared that this beautiful dog was a stray no more, took her in, and named her Maxine- because the name just fit.

Because she was so young and small, her first litter was only four pups. She had waited until I got home from work to have them. Being a sled dog by nature, Maxine ran upwards of 30MPH. Even after moving out of the mountains, she always got a gleam in her eye when seeing the open fields or the snow. She was never one for swimming or playing fetch, but loved to hunt, run and catch critters- even when innapropriate by societal standards.

Growing up as a stray in the mountains, she had a truly wild streak, and was an absolute brawler- evident by several unforgettable incidents over the years. One time in particular, I was in Seal Beach walking with Maxine and we passed a restaurant with an outdoor patio filled with ladies dining. She saw a group of pigeons and got loose from my grip. The birds scattered, but not before she lept up, caught one in her mouth in mid-air, shook it to death and proceeded to bring the lifeless squawk back to me with pride. The screaches and screams of horror from the 30 or so women was nearly deafening. Needless to say, Maxine and I got out of there quick.

Another time, jogging in Newport Beach late one evening, Maxine came across a live seal on the beach- very unusual for that area. She tried to pick a fight with the seal, and I shouted for her to stand down because the angry seal had very sharp fangs. Luckily, he was slow and fat as she ran circles around it trying to figure out how to get a bite in. My voice was hoarse after the matter but thank goodness she finally obeyed and came to her senses, coming out unscathed.

She killed a number of oppossums who wandered into the yard over the years, and stared down her share of cows, horses, squirls, cats, pit bulls, gophers, molls, etc.

I never got Maxine a so-called "dog license" because I see no reason to pay a bureaucrat money for "permission" to own a dog. That is deranged nonsense. One time, a dog-catcher in Santa Monica named Shepherd of all things, was driving down the street and spotted Maxine on private property off leash. Maxine was peeing, and the overzealous revenue-agent pulled in and wrote me a citation for dog off leash. The shrew didn't care that she came onto private property without a warrant. As always, invoking due process and presumption of innocence, I pled not guilty, and the obnoxious obese woman who leeches off hard-working taxpayers for her salary was too lazy to get up in the morning and go to court, so the judge dismissed the charge. Big surprise, eh?

I took Maxine to work with me every day, and so this was not the ordinary dog that stayed in the backyard. There are so many funny and poignant stories that could fill volumes. Maxine was literally a part of me as the decades passed.

When I met my beautiful wife on the beach, it was Maxine who introduced us. This dog was truly heaven sent, and had a real purpose in my life. Of course as one might guess from her photos, Maxine had always been a "chick magnet"; but in retrospect, my wife says Maxine needed a mommy, and someone to civilize her (and me). Maxine definitely became markedly more sensitive and pampered once we got married. It was then that Maxine truly became our "baby girl", our daughter. She was and always will be, an absolutely unforgettable and irreplaceable part of our life.

Not only did Maxine travel with us throughout the U.S. and internationally, but she was also more politically active than most Americans.

Maxine was with me for my "wake up call" outside the Lakers Championship game over the Indiana Pacers at the Staples center in 2000, when I was shocked to see the LAPD start the riot afterwards. Maxine was with me outside the Democratic National Convention in Los Angeles in 2000, listening to Bonnie Rait perform and interviewing protesters who had their right to peacefully assemble blatantly violated.

Maxine sat next to me as I watched the events of September 11, 2001 unfold, and she was there with me in the subsequent years, spending literally thousands of hours in reading, study and research. She was there the times I wept after becoming aware of the painful reality and horror of the way this world really works. Maxine was there as I resolved to try and do something about it.

On the eve of the CA governor's '03 election, a TV crew in Santa Monica, CA asked me if Maxine could be in a promotional shot they were filming at the Schwarzenegger headquarters on the 3rd street Promenade. I turned it down because I didn't want her beauty tainted as if she supported such a candidate as Arnold. Maxine was with me in 2003 when I was the sole person protesting the degenerate globalist Schwarzenegger in Riverside, an interview that aired on KNBC TV's 11 O'clock news. Maxine was with me when I protested George H. W. Bush in Los Angeles circa 2006 where I recorded agents harassing other protesters. Maxine was with my dad and I when we put up a giant Ron Paul for President sign in 2007. Maxine attended our 9/11 film screenings in Lake Arrowhead in 2008. Maxine went with us to the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas to pay our respects in 2008. Maxine was with me when I shouted at Hillary Clinton about 9/11 in Beverly Hills in 2010, a segment that aired on FOX TV. Maxine went with me protesting the Iraq war in Los Angeles among thousands of others and a handful of other dogs. In her senior years, Maxine attended an occupy protest in Pasadena.

Many thousands of hours of peaceful late night runs (and as she got older, walks,) gave me ample opportunity to ponder life. Maxine was a joy- she was precious. The joy she brought to others and the smiles she brought to the faces of the thousands who pet her was a small but constant blessing. One could feel the peace when others were interacting with God's magnificant creature.

Maxine was in several of my videos. Massive Chemtrail attack- public responds on PrisonPlanet.com [CHEMTRAIL ATTACK at Santa Monica: Part 2 (clicking here will begin the video at the 1:05 point] Max was in my video of the border area in Laredo, TX showing that not everyone who travels there is beheaded; The video of me filming jackboot cops. Maxine was there for my interview with my good friend Vincent Arias. (By the way, I have several videos with nearly one million views each; but the interview with Vincent, at only around 3000 views, is still my absolute all-time favorite.) There are two videos of Maxine alone, Samoyed Strolling The Beach- Leash Free in Newport in 2008, and one after a bath in 2011.

Watching Maxine age made me painfully aware of mortality- not only hers, but ours. As a once vital and energetic dog encountered various challenges and became needy and vulnerable. Ever the sweetheart, she enriched our lives to a degree that cannot be described. I thank God for this priceless blessing.

Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured on LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Economic Policy Journal, FreedomsPhoenix, Veterans Today, The Wayne Madsen Report, Devvy.com, Rense, Antiwar.com, IamtheWitness.com, National Motorists Association, RomanCatholicReport.com, Republic Broadcasting Network, WorldNetDaily, ZionCrimeFactory.com, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI 640, The Press Enterprise, BlackBoxVoting, and many others. Archives can be found at LibertyFight.com.


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