VP of largest fuel chain boasts of cheating loyal customers: "Fuck'em early and fuck'em often"
By Martin Hill
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June 22, 2013

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An Alabama trucking company is among the latest of 14 parties suing the nations largest fuel and restaurant chain retailer, after a massive scandal was uncovered by the FBI. Documents in the latest lawsuit against Pilot Flying J offer a keen insight into the typical corporate culture of purposeful deception and theft on a massive scale. The VP of sales, one of the defendants in the suit, explained that the way to to cheat customers was to "Fuck'em early and fuck'em often." Customers were also described as "unsophisticated," "dumbass," and "dumbshit."

The fuel chain is being sued for purposeful fraud and racketeering crimes, accused of cheating loyal customers out of fuel discounts which they had agreed to in contracts. Plaintiff Eagle Motor Freight, Inc. of Alabama is suing Pilot Corp. along with their CEO and other executives, as reported by OverdriveOnline.com. The FBI raided Pilot/Flying J's company headquarters and other locations on April 15th, and the lawsuits begin after the federal affidavit was unsealed on April 18th. A copy of the Eagle Motor Freight suit can be found here. More information on the suit, Case No. 2:2013cv00393 filed June 7th, can be found here. The original 120 page FBI affidavit can be found here.

In the class-action suit, Defendants are named as Pilot Corp., Flying J, James A. "Jimmy" Haslam III, John Freeman, Brian Mosher, and Mark Hazelwood. 'Jimmy' Haslam's brother is Bill Haslam, the Republican Governor of Tennessee, who was elected in 2010. Interestingly, one of the first things Governor Haslam did was sign a bill which limited punitive damages in civil lawsuits. He is also infamous for having nearly 100 'Occupy' protestors arrested after passing a curfew, arrests which were all thrown out of court and earned the governor a stern admonition from the judge, who noted that Haslam has "no authority anywhere" to impose a curfew on protestors. Jimmy Haslam bought the Cleveland Browns football team for over $1 Billion dollars in August 2012. He is married to Susan "Dee" Bagwell Haslam, owner of RIVR Media, a tv production company that produces a lot of cable programs. His father is 82 year old Jim Haslam, founder of Pilot Corporation.

The lawsuit states that Pilot is the country's largest chain of truck stops with an annual revenue of $29 billion, as well as the number one retailer of diesel fuel and one of the country's largest restaurant operators. It is reported to be the sixth largest privately owned company in the U.S. and the owners include Pilot Corp. and Haslam. The Plaintiff notes that Pilot's customers are primarily trucking companies or individual owner/operators of commercial motor vehicles.

The lawsuit refers to Pilot/ Flying J as "THE RICO ENTERPRISE" and outlines an extensive laundry list of crimes and abuses, concluding "The above referenced wrongful acts violated all concepts of moral uprightness, fundamental honesty, fair play and right dealing in the general and business life of the members of society."

Page 6-7 of the suit notes

"Pilot Flying J systematically and intentionally targeted what it considered to be customers who might not have the manpower or financial sophistication to discover that Pilot Flying J was cheating them. The Defendant's scheme to shortchange Pilot Flying J customers was so pervasive that it became part of the Pilot/Flying J culture. Recorded conversations among the individual Defendants and their Co-Conspirators recounted in the FBI Addidavit demonstrate the extent and nature of their efforts to cheat Pilot Flying J customers out of their agreed discounts or rebates. As described by Pilot Flying J's Vice President for Sales, defendant Freeman, while leading a meeting of Pilot Flying J regional sales directors, the idea of Defendants' ongoing scheme to cheat their trucking customers out of their fuel rebate/discounts was to, "Fuck'em early and fuck'em often...," See Ex. A, at 63, p. 50.

The executives were later shown to have conversations joking about the fraud and massive monetary theft, stating "why wouldn't we love it?", referring to their victims as "unsophisticated," "dumbass," and "dumbshit." Also present in the suit are allegations that the company specifically targeted latinos because the language barrier would make it even more difficult for them to detect fraud. Freeman, who made the disparaging comments about his "dumbass" customers, is a Republican who supported Mitt Romney for president and donated to Romney's campaign on September 25, 2012. He also donated twice to U.S. Senator Bob Corker, also from Tennessee.

On page 8 of the suit, the plaintiffs note how the defendants discussed purposely cheating one particular customer for $450,000 per month for five years and how company executives "loved it." Pilot Flying J brass explained how even after they had got caught, their paltry penalty still made the deal a "great investment."

Explaining the breach of contract, the suit states, in part, "Plaintiff Eagle Motor freight, Inc. Alabama Corporation was a party to a fuel rebate contract from February 2009. Flying J was required to credit or refund a certain percentage of plaintiff's fuel purchases on a monthly basis. The agreement was reached with employee Kevin Hanscomb whose home was searched by the FBI." Hanscomb's direct supervisor was John Freeman, whom the suit notes, prior to promotion was regional sales director of the company's south/southeastern region.

Page 11 of the suit states "defendant Pilot Corp is a Tennessee Corp with its principal place of business in Knoxville TN. Pilot Corp fka Pilot Oil Corp was founded by defendant Haslam's father in 1958 with his purchase of a single existing gas station. By the late 1990s Pilot Corp. had grown to operate truck stops across the country. Pilot Flying J are both headquartered at and operated from the same address 5508 lonas drive, knoxville tn 37909. Defendant James A. "Jimmy" Haslam III is a citizen and resident of Knoxville TN or the surrounding metropolitan area," as is John Freeman.

John Freeman and nine other Pilot executives all donated to Governor Haslam's campaign. The Governor was president of Pilot Corp. until 2002. The meeting in question with all the scandalous admissions was secretly recorded by a Pilot Corp. regional sales director who had become an FBI informant.

In addition to this recent scandal of cheating customers, Pilot/Flying J was previously caught handing over customer information to Iowa police without customer knowledge or consent in 2010. Dr. Katherine Albrecht, radio host and co-author of the best-selling book SPYCHIPS, discussed how retailer Pilot/ FlyingJ gives Iowa police access to customer loyalty card data. LandLine Magazine originally broke the story in 2010: [See Iowa police comparing logbooks against Pilot Rewards.] At the very bottom of this page are several screenshots of interesting parts of the lawsuit.

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