Live report from TX Interstate: Road Shut down for 8+ hours, Miles of vehciles still stranded in freezing cold
By Martin Hill
November 24, 2013


I-20 West of Odessa, TX mile marker 102- Freeway has been shut down for nearly 6 hours now since 11:46PM Central Time on Saturday 11/23/13. Fuel stations last night in Van Horn TX on I-10 were not taking any credit or debit cards, it was cash only. Loves travel center in Van Horn was completely shut down. Pilot truck stop in Van Horn was complete chaos, cash only, and their Wendy's was OUT of chili. :-(

Several big rig trucks were crashed, over the side and jackknifed along I-10 and I-20 Saturday and Sunday. Slow down out there, be careful, leave lots of following distance and pull over somewhere to stop if you're not comfortable in these conditions. This is a good reminder to have water, blankets, snacks, a full fuel tank, and other necessities in your vehicle in case you face a situation like this. Here is a live report from the scene. Check my youtube channel for updated videos which will be posted periodically. The sun is coming up now, I will post new daylight videos shortly. Comments can be left below.

UPDATE: 8:38AM Central Time: Traffic on I-20 East at milemarker 102 slowly began to open up at 8:00AM, after nine hours stopped. Traffic is currently travelling at approx. 15MPH Eastbound. There is a Loves Travel Stop with a McDonalds at MileMarker 115, with parking available. At Milemarker 109 WESTBOUND, There is a CFI big rig trailer crashed and on its side, blocking the entire right lane and some of the left lane. The Sheriff is parked at milemarker 110 with cones, I don't believe they are letting any more westbound traffic past MM 110.


I-20 Odessa TX Shut Down for 6 hours 11-24-13

In many cases, motorists have actually frozen to death in their own vehicles during a storm if they get stuck, skid on black ice, and/or run out of fuel. ["Seven motorists were found dead in their cars in Buffalo and its suburbs".] In Britain, a driver described such a situation as "driving through some sort form of apocalypse because there are just cars everywhere and a few times we have had to swerve through cars that are just abandoned".

I have seen situations where throngs of motorists literally resort to lurking out into the surrounding fields to use the side of the road as toilets after being stuck on I-40, not during winter storms, but other various roadblocks. It was a stark reminder that all societal standards and norms quickly go out the window, within hours, during a disaster or other challenge. Here are some helpful links, and an up-close tour of what a big-rig crash looks like. The exclusive footage below was taken from a crsh on I-40 this past July. Also, be sure to check out our trucking site, which outlines the Federal Civil Rights lawsuit against Texas troopers, who were punished by their employer for illegally waking up a truck driver during his sleeper berth time and demanding to see his ID. Driving a semi is a dangerous job, especially in hazardous weather. There is a reason that federal sleep laws are in place. Law enforcement has no right to violate the very rules that FMCSA passes to protect motorists.

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AAA: Tis the Season to Prepare for Winter Driving Winter Survival Kit: 10 Things to Keep in Your Car

This is what happens when a big rig driver falls asleep.

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