Rest in Peace Fabiola Noel: Actvist explains how 9/11 Truth shaped his marriage of 22 years
By Martin Hill
January 20, 2013

Sad to report that Fabiola Noel, the wife of activist Dan Noel, has died after an excruciating battle with cancer. Dan is a friend and long-time 9/11 truth activist, an author and tireless advocate of justice. He is the dedicated organizer of Orange County 9/11 Truth. I met Dan many years ago and always saw him at events, outreach, protests and rallies. The Orange County 9/11 Truth website published an announcement regarding the funeral:

Funeral with 9/11 Connotation: Fabiola Noel
Sunday, January 27, 2013
1:00 PM
Fairhaven Memorial Park
1702 East Fairhaven Avenue, Santa Ana, CA (map.)

Dan Noel, organizer of Orange County 9/11 Truth and author of an original 9/11 course starting with this teaser, just lost his wife of 22 years Fabiola at the age of 58, following a cruel encounter with cancer.

As the keynote speaker, Dan will delve into 9/11: why it is essential, how it shaped his marriage, and how his wife handled a relationship within the context of a highly unpopular cause.

All 9/11 dissidents are warmly invited to honor an extraordinary woman who let her husband forgo a lucrative career to study and teach what may be the most promising message of our times. Those who cannot come are welcome to leave a remembrance on the event's web.

Bob Green of the Freedom Forum of Orange County sent out an e-mail which stated, in part, "Often we find that what we do either strengthens our connection with our spouses or destroys it. Their marriage of 22 years attested their commitment to each other and to their beliefs to the causes they were involved in. Unfortunately, Cancer does not discriminate as to who it will take or not take next. May God bless her and that she rest in peace."

I remember one time in particular in 2009 when Dan came to a rally of support for Muhammed Abdullah, the U.S. Marine veteran who was targeted by the Pomona Police Department after conducting outreach on the sidewalk in front of the Police Station. Abdullah, who had already been fired from his job and raided by police as a result of his activism, had the cops petition the court to file a restraining order against him, as if he were a danger to police.

Muhammed had a court date and I tried to rally support for him and his cause. People came from all over Southern California- Los Angeles, Orange County, and the eastern desert. They were present in court and made an impression on the judge who became aware that this was a First Amendment case which had gotten the attention of a lot of dedicated people. I organized the darn thing yet I couldn't even make it- I got there over an hour late. But yet Dan Noel, along with his son and his contingent from Orange County, as well as the great folks from We Are Change L.A. had made it to the early morning court date in Pomona - in rush hour traffic, no less- which is no easy feat. I arrived and found people covering the entire block with giant signs, dvds, and leaflets in front of the police station, which was next to the courthouse. It was amazing- beautiful- and actually brought tears to my eyes. They didn't even know Abdullah other than that he was a fellow patriot, a truth-seeker in need.

In the end, the judge did not issue the restraining order and Muhhamed told me that he believed it was largely because of the presence of support that he had at his court hearings and outside the police station.

Dan was also at the protest of Obama and McCain when they appeared at Saddleback church together in 2008, at the Protest of Donald Rumsfeld in Newport Beach, and countless others.

Dan is the author of Global Platonic Theatre, a free E-book in which he asks "Do you realize that the most frightening level of the 9/11 conspiracy is the censorship?" He urges people to "consider pondering the epistemological and sociological implications of the twin towers' terrorist controlled demolitions" and introduces a "highly promising road map towards a bright future for the whole human community." Dan has been featured as a guest on Dr. Kevin Barret's Truth Jihad Radio Show. The program can be heard here.

Our condolences go out to Dan Noel and his family at this time. May they find peace and comfort in their continued journey for truth.

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