Ron Paul officially promotes his Israeli-smitten son Randy for President 2016
By Martin Hill
March 11, 2013

Retired Congressman Ron Paul, champion of libertarian and Constitutional conservative causes for decades in the House and a three time presidential candidate, has officially begun promoting his son Rand Paul for president in 2016.

The most recent e-mail from Ron Paul was sent from the e-mail address and had a prominent "RAND2016" logo at the top. Visitors to are redirected to In the e-mail titled "I Stand with Rand" sent Sun 3/10/13 12:44 PM, the elder Paul wrote

"Last week, my son, Senator Rand Paul, stood for 13 hours filibustering Senate business to defend our Constitution. Because of Rand's principled stand, Barack Obama hedged and finally gave Rand the answer he and other freedom lovers were asking for in writing. Martin, Rand is currently holding a Stand With Rand Money Bomb to rally millions of Americans to help defend the Constitution. I'm proud of my son's principled stand, so I'm personally asking you to sign your Defend the Constitution Petition and make a generous contribution to the Stand With Rand Money Bomb. The Money Bomb ends tomorrow at midnight. So please sign your Defend the Constitution Petition today.

In Liberty,
Ron Paul
P.S. Although Rand Paul's filibuster is over, the battle to restore Constitutional government rages on. If you haven't yet done so, please sign your Defend the Constitution Petition right away. And if you've already signed your petition, I hope you'll make a donation to help Rand Paul continue to defend Constitutional government in Washington.

The e-mail then has a link which says "Like Rand Paul On Facebook." Interestngly, the note at the bottom of Ron Paul's e-mail says that the e-mail was "Paid for by Rand Paul for Senate 2016."

Regarding my personal subscription to Ron Paul mailing list, the messsage also notes "You were added to the system October 1, 2009. [More information] Update your preferences | Unsubscribe". Note that I never signed up for Randpac, rand-2016, randpaul2016, or anything to do with Rand, but rather signed with campaignforliberty several years ago. Passing along e-mail lists from father to son are innocent enough, I suppose.

Rand Paul, who got elected to the Senate on ther coattails of his father's popularity, has been a disappointment in many respects to the non-interventionist libertarians and paleoconservatives who were Ron Paul's support base. While good on issues such as gun rights and drone strikes, the younger Paul has toed the neocon line on foreign policy such as when he voted on sanctions against Iran, an act which Ron Paul had previously characterized as an act of war. Aside from the recent filibuster publicity stunt, Rand, who was considered a traitor by many former supporters after his 2012 Mitt Romney endorsement, has been positioning himself for the 2016 run for some time. But as Thomas J. DiLorenzo recently noted in his article Rand Paul, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham Are All Wrong, "Sorry guys, but this "debate" was ended more than 140 years ago when the U.S. government established the precedent of murdering hundreds of thousands of American citizens and imprisoning thousands of Northern-state political dissenters without any due process... The Constitution is long dead, Senator Paul. Secession is the only way out."

Following are some Rand Paul archives regarding his relationship with "our very special friend" israel. As Mike Rivero of aptly points out, all wars are banker wars [MP3 here] and for a supposed good-guy like Rand to toe the line of the warmongers, discounts any hope or legitimacy which Rand Paul may have briefly held for any hopes of enacting any meaningful change.

IN 2010:

In 2010, Rand came out and publicly opposed a mosque near ground zero, a position at odds with his father Ron which was mocked by the Weekly Standard:
Is Rand Paul Just Another Neocon Stooge? Aug 23, 2010

United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012:

Multiple AIPAC Chairmen flanked Obama as he signed Israeli bill 8/1/12
"Despite tough fiscal times, the President fought for and secured the largest amount of funding for Israel in U.S. history"

White House taking comments on pending Israeli aid legislation prior to Obama's signature 7/26/12
"Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia, who introduced the bill along with Barbara Boxer on March 6 2012, stated"There should not be one scintilla of light between the positions of Republicans and Democrats on the issue of the security of Israel."

New law allows Israeli Air Force easy opportunity for a false flag in United States 7/20/12
[Featured on]

House passes Israeli loyalty bill by voice vote, awaits Obama's sig 7/18/12
[Featured on]


Israeli Air Force to Conduct Training Exercises in United States Under Fast-Tracked Aid Bill 7/15/12
[Featured on]

7/14/12: I spoke with Rand Paul's Senate office in D.C. to inquire about this matter:
Rand Paul remains silent on $9 Billion dollar giveway to Israel 7/14/12 [Featured on Economic Policy Journal]

The red-herring of Rand Paul's "proposed foreign aid cuts" 7/14/12
Yes, Paul proposed a very good bill to cut foreign aid in 2011, but the bill went nowhere. So that single attempt does not exonerate Paul from sticking to his purported position of no foreign aid in the future.

"Fiscal conservative" Rand Paul pledges $9+ Billion to Israel on the backs of American taxpayers 7/9/12
Romney Lapdog Joins Criminal Senate, Guarantees $9 Billion Dollars (plus interest) in Loans to Israel in six second voice vote
[Featured on and Economic Policy Journal]

Rand Paul Archives


On Anniversary of 9/11 tragedy, Rand Paul peddles his new book September 13, 2012

Rand Paul claims violence/death threats made against him by liberty advocates - Has anyone been charged? [Featured on]

Ron Paul says GOP is wrong for trying to cut food stamps one week after Rand tried to cut food stamps
Libertarion icon criticizes Republicans for precisely what Rand spearheaded

Rand Paul betrays Liberty Movement

Ron Paul on 9/11 conspiracies (in chronological order)

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