George Zimmerman lawyers will report "negative, hate or prejudice-based" web content to "proper authorities"
By Martin Hill
May 26, 2013

With the Trayvon Martin- George Zimmerman case back in the news and the trial coming up in June, I came across this yesterday and thought it was hilarious, harkening back to the point I made about Zimmerman when the case first broke.

The website, which is "operated by Mark O'Mara PA on behalf of the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund," has an interesting page titled Why Social Media for George Zimmerman? But one line in particular stands out. It states "We are also working hard to identify negative, hate- or prejudice- based web presence and will report those to the proper authorities."

What "authorites" are they referring to, and what recourse could they possibly purport to have against "negative," "hate," or "prejudice-based" internet content? This is the U.S.A., we haven't joined the European Union or adopted the U.N. Charter, where people have to be "oh-so-careful" of what they write so as to not 'offend' the "hate crime" thought police loons. What a joke.

As I explained in the March 2012 article George H.W. Bush wore hoodies at White House,

"People across the country have been bickering and speculating about the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case, taking sides largely based on their own perspectives. The fact is that this paranoid busibody and registered Democrat George Zimmerman called the cops constantly over absolute nonsense. Potholes. Stray dogs. Trash in the street. People loitering. Suspicious persons. Someone driving without headlights. A bike rider popping wheelies. Youths playing basketball. Kids playing in the street. Slow drivers. Aggressive drivers. Music too loud. Etc, Etc, Etc. Just based on that alone, Zimmerman sounds like a complete fruit loop, an unstable busibody kook, memserized with police and obsessed with "turning people in" for real or imagined violations. A libertarian's worst nitemare. The absolute worst kind of neighbor one could have, in my opinion. Normal people have lives, and aren't obsessed with peering out the windows worrying about the minutia of what everyone else is doing. Ironically, George Zimmerman's brother Robert told CNN that George was "a neighbor everyone would want to have". Yikes. A former coworker said that Zimmerman was fired from his job as an under the table security guard for being too agressive, that George "loved the power". Zimmerman's father, who was a "former magistrate judge" according to the New York Daily News, also defended his son to the press.

The city released a record of the 911 calls, available here. Zimmerman called the cops 46 times between January 2011 and Feb. 26. On February 26th, Zimmerman called police to report Trayvon Martin, who he 'didn't recognize' and was 'acting suspiciously'. By the time cops arrived, Martin was dead.

The police told Zimmerman not to follow Trayvon, but he did anyway. Sounds like an underachieving wanna-be cop with a chip on his shoulder, always looking, peering, peeking, snitching on neighbors just looking for the next imaginary crime to occur. Trying to be a powerful "enforcer" of one of the myriad of nonsensical laws on the books today. This is not the behavior of a normal person. Responsible gun owners don't follow people around, starting trouble with strangers. Quite the opposite, in fact; the majority of gun owners show great restraint and only use guns as a last resort. Deadly force is a serious matter and not to be taken lightly.

And now the busibody's lawyers are "warning" people that negative content will be "reported" to "the proper authorities?" What is that clown or his lawyers going to do about this negative content? "Report" me? Shoot me when I buy a slurpee and skittles? Oooh, booga booga! Scarey! Ha Ha! Insanity! While the coverage of the Trayvon Martin- George Zimmerman case has died down a great deal in the past year, it's likely that this upcoming circus trial will be the next obsession of the media similar to the Jodi Arias case, which served to distract the public from real issues such as the collapsing economy, police state, and endless undeclared wars.

There's nothing wrong with a high-profile defendant having their own website, but the paranoid "SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!" mentality of "reporting" everyone seems to be precisely what got this fruit loop in trouble in the first place.

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