1939: "Anti-Semite" Fr. Coughlin Warns that Warmongers will Use Japan to Ensnare U.S. Into 2nd European World War
By Martin Hill
[Originally published November 14, 2014.]


Yersterday we published an article outlining how Fr. Charles E. Couglin of Royal Oak Michigan issued a serious warning to sincere Americans in 1939: Catholic Priest Exposes War Agenda in 1939: "The propagandists are at work in government, in journalism, and in the cinemas. Forewarned is forearmed!"

The good Father spoke of how the propagandists would "merchandise lies, murders, shell holes, corpses, and broken hearts for the loved ones left behind." He warned his audience that they would do this "While you people pay to be propagandized" and said "They are still depending upon your gullibility. They are still banking upon your unintelligence, as they say, to lead you like sheep to the slaughter tomorrow, as they did your fathers and brothers yesterday. For oh, they are ingenious!"

Today we will focus on a specific aspect of this speech and will post the audio below. FDR wanted to put Coughlin in jail and passed communication laws to restrict Coughlin's ever-growing national radio audience. Coughlin also published Social Justice Magazine, which was sent to millions of his suporters weekly. He offered it free of charge to all families who could not afford to pay for it during those tough economic times. Fr. Coughlin would include a free printed transcript of his programs to his listeners and often held reader anti-war essay contests with prizes awarded in the thouands of dollars.

Even today Fr. Coughlin is falsely characterized as an 'anti-semite', even though he wrote books refuting that false accusation. He insisted constantly that Americans should not support either Nazis or Communists- in countless publications, radio shows, and interviews. He repeated the founding fathers warnings to steer clear of foreign entanglements.

In this episode Fr. Coughlin quotes from a book which reads like a PNAC document from the 1930s! He reads from 'PROPAGANDA IN THE NEXT WAR,' which he also published and offered in its entirety for all of his listeners, free of charge. Coughlin warned embroiling the U.S. into a second World War would be difficult but "will naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved!:"

The book, Coughlin said, was for the 'elite' but had been leaked to him. Excerpt, which he reads below:

"To persuade her (the United States) to take our part will be much more difficult, so difficult as to be unlikely to succeed; It will need a definite threat to America, a threat, moreover which will have to be brought home by propaganda to every citizen, before the republic will again take arms in an external quarrel... The position will naturally be considerably eased if Japan were involved, and this might and probably would bring America in without further ado."

Coughlin continues "Oh Machiavelli at his best or his worst! For the innocent amateur my friends, when compared to lenial descendants of deceit- who at this moment are operating upon you for your destruction! You who digested the lying propaganda of democracy twenty years ago."

This is part 9 in our series of articles from the LibertyFight.com Fr Coughlin Archive, which include many fascinating historical snippets. The audio of this particular program is below. You may wish to start on part 2 if you just want to hear the part about Japan:

[Note: If you're interested, below the videos I tell the short story of how I first heard of Fr. Coughlin, in 2007.]

Fr. Coughlin was a genius and is one of my historical heroes. I still learn from his audio shows and publications. I highly recommend them.

Do you want to know how I heard of Fr Coughlin? It was 2007 during the Ron Paul campaign and my wife and I went over to visit my folks. On the desk my dad had a copy of The Wanderer Catholic newspaper and he showed me an article they had about Ron Paul. (My dad had introduced me to Ron Paul's work years prior, while Ron was a Congessman when I was a kid.)

When I was interviewed by John Friend of The Realist Report last December, I told him about my dad and how he taught me my foundation for all religious and political truth. He told me about the 'international bankers,' the freemasons, and told me 'fluoride is rat poison, and we are never drinking it!' when I was about 4 years old. You can listen to that interview, which is my favorite one ever, here .

Anyway- In that Wanderer article, they compared the non-interventionist ideals of Dr. Paul to Fr. Coughlin. That fascinated me, as I had never heard of him and also there is a great lack, or I should say a complete lack, of principled pro-American, anti-war, anti usury clergymen today.

But then it got even better! My mom told me that my grandpa, (who had emigrated from Italy) had been a huge fan of Fr. Coughlin and would listen to all his programs. That sealed the deal and my quest for information on Fr Coughlin began.

Note: Thanks to Mark Glenn of 'The Ugly Truth' for posting this article on his site. Mark interviewed Martin Hill in December 2015. "ALSO - we are joined by Martin Hill, the protester at the Trump rally who challenged Trump on his 'Dancing Muslims on 911'" You can download or listen to The MP3 here .

[WRH link: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/content/1939-anti-semite-fr-coughlin-warns-warmongers-will-use-japan-ensnare-us-2nd-european-world-w .]

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1939: Fr. Coughlin Warns that Warmongers will Use Japan to Ensnare U.S. Into 2nd European World War http://t.co/Bol5rjpEPK

— Martin (@LibertyFight) November 14, 2014

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