1954 Govt 'Report on Hate Groups' Villified Eustace Mullins, Ben Freedman, Opponents of Water Flouridation, 'Invisible Government' & 'Zionist Wars'
By Martin Hill
December 12, 2014


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Sixty years ago this week, on 12/17/54, the U.S. House of Representatives 'Committee on Un-American Activities' released their 'Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups.'

In it, the government Committee demonized Eustace Mullins, Benjamin Freedman, and those who opposed Water Flouridation. They particularly hated the popular publication 'Common Sense' which was derided as a self-described "patriotic" outfit trying to "save America" from a shadow government. 'Common Sense,' the Committee pointed out, had the nerve to run headlines such as "Jewish Leaders Are Crazy For Power," "Zionists Threaten Russia With War," and "Invisible Government Rules Both Parties." The Congressional report pointed out that Eustice Mullins wrote for 'Common Sense' and that wealthy Jew Ben Freeedman, who had coverted to Catholicism and gave famous speeches warning of the Zionist threat, was a primary funder of it.

The report tried to characterize the entire group as dangerous, potentially violent, traitorous and anti-Semitic, neglecting entirely to mention the fact that Ben Freedman himself was Jewish. They stated, in part, "In addition to his financial contributions, Freedman is a prominent figure at various meetings held for supporters of Common Sense. He spoke as a "noted authority on Zionism" at a meeting held as recently as November 14 at Common Sense headquarters in Union, N. J. Common Sense advertised the meeting as a pro-America rally sponsored by Americans Against Communism-an organization name occasionally used by McGinley." Conde J. McGinley and his son C.J. McGinley were the paper's publishers, and the House Committee described their periodical as "some of the most vitriolic hate propaganda ever to come to the attention of the committee."

It should be noted that the lead counsel listed on the absurd report, Robert L. Kunzig, held personal meetings with the ADL at the time, at the demand of the ADL. Kunzig, incidentally, was later appointed to a federal position by Richard Nixon. A 2-page ADL memo from 1953 outlines the ADL meeting with the chairman of the House Comittee, along with lawyer Kunzig and several leaders from so-called 'responsible Jewish organizations'.

The bottom line is that this so called 'Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate groups' falsely characterized sincere people's efforts to save the country and to awaken the masses as 'Fascist' or 'un-American' plots. In reality they were just the opposite- very similar to the way that efforts to save the country today are likewise demonized, smeared, vilified, and called 'anti-Semitic.'

Daryl Bradford Smith's excellent website Iamthewitness.com has the audio and text version's of Freedman's speech, which he describes as "a very important speech that verifies what many people have been complaining about for decades.": Ex-Zionist Benjamin Freedman speaks at the Willard Hotel, Washington D.C., in 1961. Several of Eustace Mullins' works are also available for free download at the site, including 'The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.'

The original 40-page Congressional report can be found here: 'Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate Groups' 12/17/54
I will begin below with an excerpt from page 10 of the 1954 U.S. Congress 'Preliminary Report on Neo-Fascist and Hate groups:' [Emphasis in bold added by LibertyFight.com.]

December 17, 1954
Prepared and released by the
Committee on Un-American Activities, U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C.


Growth of the hate group in recent years is exemplified by the publishing endeavors of Conde J. McGinley and his son, C. J. McGinley, in Union, N. J. The McGinleys, senior and junior, operate as the Christian Educational Association, for the purpose of publishing a semimonthly paper, Common Sense, as well as a mass of individual printed matter.

Common Sense represents itself as "the Nation's anti-Communist paper." Subscriptions are sought from "loyal and patriotic Americans" in order to "help save our Republic." Such patriotic claims provide poor disguise, however, for some of the most vitriolic hate propaganda ever to come to the attention of the committee. Common Sense defines communism as "Judaism" and devotes its pages almost exclusively to attacks on the Jewish and to a lesser extent the Negro minorities in our Nation. Sympathy for the former Nazi regime in Germany also is injected into this propaganda, which is hardly distinguishable from that of the National Renaissance Party except for the latter's open appeal for a fascist government in the United States.

Despite its patriotic claims, Common Sense has in fact employed and/or carried the writings of a number of individuals associated with the National Renaissance Party. Through the columns of Common Sense and innumerable booklets printed and offered for sale, the McGinleys appear to serve as a clearinghouse for hate propagandists throughout the country. Among these are many of the native fascists and hate racketeers who were active in the 1930's. In contrast to the limited appeal of the openly fascist National Renaissance Party, the McGinley enterprise appears to be a shrewd and going business.


During 1946 and 1947, McGinley's allegedly anti-Communist publication gave little indication of its subsequent level of propaganda. At the outset, its columns carried a certain amount of factual information on communism. Beginning in 1948, however, Common Sense became increasingly outspoken in its statements of a pro-Nazi and anti-Semitic nature. It was soon almost exclusively a vehicle for the exploitation of ignorance, prejudice, and fear. The paper devoted considerable space in 1948 to the support of the late Robert H. Best- American newsman who was convicted of treason and sentenced to hfe imprisonment in that year as a result of his broadcasts for the Nazis in World War II. A eulogy of Best appearing in Common Sense for December 15,1952, described him as a "patriot,' "Paul Revere," and "true Christian American." An arrogant letter written by Herman Goering to Winston Churchill just before the Nazi leader poisoned himself, appeared in Common Sense for July 1, 1950. An editorial note recommended that the letter be "read carefully by Members of Congress and all others who are shaping the destiny of America."

Common Sense adopted the National Renaissance Party line which alleges the United States Government is plotting a new world war:
* * * Now that the matchless German army is destroyed, Germany laid in ruins, and Europe helpless, Eisenhower asks the German people to help him prepare for another war purporting to be a war against communism, while he protects and coddles in Washington the same people who prevented Germany from wiping out communism. This is to be a war against the Russian people-not communism. * * *
In this statement, McGinley's "anti-Communist" and "patriotic" publication apparently is not averse to serving the Communist propaganda cause. Indeed, McGinley has even print,ed such statements as the following, which he identified as being from a "European" correspondent:
* * * if your paper is to continue its excellent work of opposing the policy of the Jew, please do not fight Russia also, for we in Europe look upon it as the only hope to prevent Jewish world domination by means of its stupid, willing, technically clever American slaves, the destroyers of Europe's cities, the hatemongers of the vile occupat.ion and the hangmen of Nurnberg.13

Anti-Semitism is the chief stock in trade of Common Sense, which now distortedly defines communism as "a false face for Judaism." Typical of headlines which appear in the publication are: "Jewish Leaders Are Crazy For Power, *" "Zionists Threaten Russia With War ;,' " 'Brotherhood - Jew Trap For Christianity;" and "Invisible Government Rules Both Parties; Adlai and Ike Marxist Stooges." Articles in Common Sense have even attacked water fluoridation as a Red plot by "the invisible rulers" aimed at mass destruction of the American people.

The violent nature of this propaganda is illustrated by an article written by George Thomas Adams in the issue of Common Sense for December 1, 1952. In the course of a discussion of anti-Semitic pogroms in Communist countries, Adams stated:

* * * If the Russian people wish to throw off their Jewish yoke, what right have we to criticize them? * * * We should be doing the same.
Conde McGinley, Sr., uses the oblique method in an article in the issue dated June 15, 1952:
* * * The German Government, facing the same situation as the United States does today, put these Red Jews in concentration camps. * * * [Italics supplied].

A survey of Common Sense propaganda fails to reveal any outright advocacy of a fascist government for the United States. The solution customarily offered by Conde McGinley, Sr., to "save America" is an increase in the circulation of Common Sense. It is apparent that this publication represents a modern example of the racketeers who made a business out of un-American hate propaganda during the 1930s. 1'Common &me, October 15,1953, P. I. JJ Common sense, June 1,1953, p. 2.


[p. 14] Information in the possession of the Committee reveals a significant interchangeability of propagandists working for the allegedly patriotic Common Sense and the avowed1 fascist National Renaissance Part A good example is provide by Eustace Mullins, who frankly eulogizes Hitler in the pages of the National Renarssance Party's Bulletin and who has been observed at an NRP street session in New York City last year. Articles written by Mullins have been appearing in Common Sense since at least September 1951 and, last year, he became a writer on the staff of Common Sense.

[p. 17]. Subscriptions to Common Sense sell for $1 a year and provide a minimum of $15,000 annually, based on second-class mailing alone. On-the-side sale of books and pamphlets brings in an estimated maximum of $1,000 a year. However, the publication also receives financial contributions, the exact amount of which has not been ascertained. McGinley solicits contributions in urgent messages printed in Common Sense as well as through special fund-raising letters. A typical lett,er sent out by McGinley in the spring of this year stated that, due to a low subscription rate and lack of advertising revenue, "We must depend on real patriots to subsidize us in keeping with their ability."

McGinley invariably represents himself in these appeals as a penniless patriot who has used up his life's savings of $15,000 on Common Sense yet continues to work "fulltime" without salary or profit in order to save his country. "When I am reminded of my duty, and it is not for myself," he has stated, "I take courage to warn you that if you do not get mto this work personally and actively, or give money quickly to those who are active, the hidden invisible government plot will have proceeded so far that dictators will be giving orders." McGinley adds the sly reminder that money orders can be sent under fictitious names.

Such broad fund appeals appear with irregularity. They usually occur when McGinley requires large sums for a special project, such as the remodeling of his new headquarters building. Constant solicitations seem to be unnecessary as a result of very substantial financial support rendered McGinley by a few well-to-do patrons. One of the financial "angels" behind Conde McGinley has been Benjamin Harrison Freedman, a retired toilet goods manufacturer of 960 Park Avenue, New York City. Freedman estimated that he had spent $15,000 on Common Sense by December 1950, according to testimony he gave on December 12 of that year before the Senate Armed Services Committee. In a propaganda sheet published by Freedman in New York on January 2, 1951, he detailed his support of McGinley in this way:

* * * In 1948 Freedman met McGinley. They found that they had much in common. Freedman became interested in Common Sense as one of the most aggressive organizations fighting Marxism [communism] to which Freedman had lent financial assistance. Since 1948 Freedman has given unsparingly of his time and his efforts to increase the circulation of Common Sense and has advanced a small fortune for that purpose. Within the past 2 months alone Freedman has advanced to and/or for Common Sense in excess of seven thousand dollars ($7,000.00). Common Sense was rapidly becoming an important factor in the nationwide fight against the worldwide campaign of the Marxists [Communists] for world conquest. * * * Freedman advanced funds to McGinley to cover the cost of printing and mailing fifty-thousand (50,000) copies of Common Sense (No. 126) * * *

In addition to his financial contributions, Freedman is a prominent figure at various meetings held for supporters of Common Sense. He spoke as a "noted authority on Zionism" at a meeting held as recent,ly as November 14 at Common Sense headquarters in Union, N. J. Common Sense advertised the meeting as a pro-America rally sponsored by Americans Against Communism-an organization name occasionally used by McGinley. In a fund-raising letter sent out in the fall of 1954, McGinley stated, "I have learned recently, that some people are under the impression that Mr. Ben Freedman and a prominent manufacturer are backing us." McGinley acknowledged in the let,ter that Freedman's assistance was "a help in making Common Sense the most widely read factual publication on Marxism," and that Freedman today continues to "give all his time and is a tower of information." McGinley attempted to persuade his readers that nevertheless "for some time, Mr. Freedman has not been in a position to be of material financial assistance to us." With respect to the unidentified "manufacturer," McGinley also insisted that the contributions have been "nominal" although "very helpful."

The thriving nature of the Common Sense enterprise is attested to by McGinley himself on numerous occasions. He cannot avoid boasting of his accomplishments, even in the course of his urgent requests for funds. He reported, for example, that in 1953 he had made "much progress." He referred to his excellent new headquarters which were extensively remodeled and enlarged; a press at his disposal for the first time; and the addition of an investigator and a writer to his staff. A fund-raising letter issued this fall boasted that "we have now built Common Sense into a large operation to reach numbers." However, McGinley continued to announce ambitious plans, including the installation of new mailing equipment in his headquarters at a cost of $3,000. McGinley has also stated hopes of soon stepping up publication to a weekly basis.

McGinley's claim to full-time work in behalf of Common Sense without salary or profit is misleading in view of the facts developed in the committee's investigation. Volunteer workers perform many duties in connection with the publication. The committee has learned, however, that Conde McGinley, Sr., has no employment or income outside of the Common Sense operation. He has for a short period in the past served as caretaker of property in Union, but his payment did not exceed $1,000 a year. Conde McGinley, Jr., supplements his Common Sense activities by serving as a free lance salesman of aluminum windows and siding for houses. Conde McGinley, Sr., and Mr. and Mrs. Conde McGinley, Jr., reside in the headquarters building of Common Sense at 530 Chestnut Street in Union.

Since contributions form an admittedly important part of Common Sense income, the true state of its finances is difficult to determine. The committee has been denied access to Federal income tax information on the principals involved. A minimum ineome of approximately $30,000 annually is evident from a study of bank deposits made in the name of Common Sense or its new corporate cloak, the Christian Educational Association. A total of $25,965.97 was deposited in the publication's account in a Union, N. J., bank during the lo-month period from January 1 to October 29, 1954. During the 12 months of 1953, deposits totaled $29,320.78.

It is regrettable that any American may have contributed to the perpetuation of a hate factory such as that operated by the McGinleys. If loyal Americans seek to play an active part in protecting their country from subversion, they would do well to lend their support to legitimate patriotic organizations rather than to those whose real objective is another form of subversion.


In this preliminary report, the committee has concentrated on a few examples of subversive propaganda activity currently to be found in the United States. The committee is well aware that this report conveys only a small part of the total picture of such activities in this country today. The committee believes, however, that this preliminary report will rovide useful information to the Congress.

Both the National Renaissance Party and Common Sense have made unsolicited distributions of their un-American propaganda to Members of the Congress, and the Members have consequently made frequent inquiry of the committee regarding the nature of these organizations. The committee further hopes that this report will alert both the Congress and the American public to dangers which must not be ignored. The National Renaissance Party and the operators of Common Sense illustrate two types of subversion from the extreme right. The committee condemns any such resurgence of pro-fascist and hate activity.

The committee is continuing its investigation and exposure of Communist conspirators wherever they may be found. The committee is convinced, however, that there is a concurrent need for continuous investigation,.exposure, and, where necessary, prosecution, to the end that no activity of a pro-fascist nature will ever be permitted to gain substantial stature or influence in the United States.

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