DOT Employees Stole $2.1 Million From Taxpayers, Audit Reveals; Not A Single Person Punished
$2.1 million in unauthorized purchases, $200k in cash advances were made by government employees, with no consequence given.
By Martin Hill
September 29, 2014


Employees of the U.S. Department of Transportation have been found to have stolen over $2 million dollars, a government audit has found. Workers using their government issued 'travel cards,' intended for business-related expenses, were found to have made $2.1 million in unauthorized purchases, and nearly $200k in unapproved cash advances - with not a single person being prosecuted or held accountable for the fraud. Only in government can such a morally bankrupt organization continue to exist unscathed.

The U.S. Office of Inspector General released an Audit Report on Sept. 18th entitled ACTIONS NEEDED TO ENHANCE CONTROLS OVER TRAVEL CARDS, which outlined fraud and abuse totalling over 2 million dollars for 2012.

The report begins "In fiscal year 2012, Department of Transportation (DOT) employees spent $175 million using Government-issued travel cards. DOT issues travel cards to its employees to pay expenses related to Government travel including transportation, hotel and meal costs. Cash may be used as a secondary payment method. DOT considers use of the cards for anything other than official Government travel to be misuse or abuse. In prior audits, we identified instances of DOT employees' abuse and misuse of their travel cards, including purchases for personal use, excessive cash advances, and late payments... Accordingly, our audit objective was to determine whether DOT's internal controls were properly designed and implemented to prevent and detect travel card abuse or misuse."

The OIG determined that despite prior abuses and official recommendations, "DOT lacks a robust system of internal controls to detect instances of travel card abuse and misuse, such as excessive cash advances, cash advances taken while not on government travel, and purchase misuse."

They continued, "We estimate that program officials did not detect that cardholders made purchases worth an estimated $2.1 million who were not on Government travel during fiscal year 2012." Cardholders also collected $183,000 in cash advances unrelated to Government travel during fiscal year 2012. The banksters over at JP Morgan Chase purportedly provides oversight tools to Agency Program Coordinators in order to identify travel card delinquencies, unauthorized cash advances and purchases. [See also: J.P. Morgan war propagandists plot to control the media: U.S. Congressional Record, 1917.] aa

Examples of widespread abuse and the complete lack of oversight included the following:

The OIG concluded "Travel cards improve cash management and reduce administrative workloads. While DOT has successfully implemented controls to prevent cardholders from making purchases at businesses that do not provide travel-related services, cash advance abuse and purchase card misuse still go undetected. Strong internal controls must be in place to protect this high volume of transactions from fraud, waste, and abuse. Until DOT takes the necessary actions to further strengthen controls, it will be unable to more effectively detect travel card misuse."

They also recommended that the DOT

  • 1. Develop and implement controls to detect employees obtaining excessive cash advances.
  • 2. Provide program officials with quarterly Intellilink reports to help identify cardholder cash advances taken while not on Government travel and develop other cost-beneficial methods to detect unauthorized cash advances.
  • 3. Develop and implement automated controls to detect unauthorized cash advances and purchases.
  • 4. Work with the Department to implement an automated solution, which reduces the costs associated with the labor-intensive process of comparing cardholder travel card activity to travel claims.

    Silvia Garcia, Chief Financial Officer and Assistant Secretary for Budget and Programs, replied, in part that "The Department of Transportation (DOT) issues travel cards to employees as a convenience for charging official travel related expenses -including transportation, hotel, and meal costs. Instances of travel card use while not on official travel are against policy. When employees receive their monthly travel card bill, expenses are the personal financial responsibility of the individual cardholder. Fortunately, DOT employees have a good record of fully paying their charges and remitting these payments timely."

    Glaringly, Garcia did not say that the $2.1 milion dollars stolen by government employees will be paid back, or that the plunderers will be prosecuted. This is what happens when government stooges, essentially welfare recipients themselves, are overseeing other people's (in this case the U.S. taxpayers) money.

    Garcia also noted "Our point-of-contact regarding this program is Arnie Linares, DOT's National Travel Card Program Coordinator. He may be reached at (202)366-0520 with any questions or if the OIG would like to obtain additional details about these comments."

    Perhaps Silvia Garcia or Arnie Linares can answer whether compensation of the taxpayers $2.1 million dollars will be sought, and if not, why not?

    Read the full OIG report here.


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    DOT Employees Stole $2.1 Million From Taxpayers, Audit Reveals; Not A Single Person Punished

    — Martin (@LibertyFight) September 29, 2014

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