While They Train With Marines, LAPD Disarms Witless Public With Yet Another 'Anonymous Gun Buyback' At Masonic Lodge
By Martin Hill
December 1, 2014


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    While the LAPD trains with the U.S. Marines this week in 'Realistic Urban Training' drills, they have tweeted their plans for two big 'anonymous gun buybacks' tomorrow in the valley. The cops will be swapping guns, with supposedly no questions asked, for $100 grocery cards at the Masonic lodge and a Ralphs Grocery Store. "TURN IN YOUR GUNS To Receive a Ralph's Gift Card! (While supplies last)", stated the LAPD flier announcing the events.

    A press release issued by the department stated "The citywide Gun Buyback Program is an initiative of the Mayor's Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development (GRYD). Major corporate sponsorship is being provided by KCBS-2, KCAL-9 and Clear Channel Media and Entertainment. City leaders and LAPD gun experts will also be available to answer questions about the event and about the guns. Individuals may surrender guns anonymously at either of the two Gun Buyback locations. The public is reminded that when bringing a firearm to a location, please leave the unloaded gun(s) in a locked container or stored in a vehicle trunk, so that way we won't be forced to blow your head off. [just kidding, that last part wasn't in the Press release. ;-)] The Gun Buyback staff will provide direction to individuals surrendering guns after discussing their intent to surrender a weapon. Those interested in receiving a Ralph's gift card, may qualify for a $100 card for handguns, shotguns, and rifles and $200 for assault weapons as classified in the state of California. For further information, please contact the Mayor's Communication office at 213-978-0741 or LAPD Media Relations at 213-486-5910. Note: An LAPD Media Relations Public Information Officer will be at each of the locations and available for questions."

    Last year, the LAPD told residents to "Get a dog, buy door locks & take a YMCA class, but ditch your guns." They urged residents to TURN IN YOUR GUNS" at the Masonic Temple in December 2013. In June of last year, I had a chance to actually go to one of these gun turn-in events and I conducted videotaped interviews with the police and public, who explained why they surrendered their guns for $100 grocery cards. It was surreal to put it mildly. You can also watch those videos below.

    The LAPD 2013 Annual Report noted "In 2013, there were two gun buyback events: one on May 4 and one on December 14. As a cooperative effort between LAPD and the Mayor�s Office of Gang Reduction and Youth Development, the events aim to reward voluntary surrender of firearms while engaging the community in a common goal of reducing gun violence. For both events, four neutral collection locations were established in Central Los Angeles, the Harbor area, Van Nuys, and South Los Angeles where individuals were able to surrender their firearms�no questions asked. Collection results yielded 1,172 fire-arms collected in May and 817 collected in December, for a grand total of nearly 1,989."

    The LAPD has seen more than its' share of corruption. In 2013 the L.A. City Council paid out $6 million dollars in a lawsuit to officers who sued the LAPD for "imposing a traffic ticket quota and punishing them when they objected." A similar judgment was issued in 2011, when an L.A. jury awarded $2 million dollars to two LAPD motorcycle cops who had sued their employer for demanding illegal ticket quotas. Despite losing over $8 million dollars in taxpayer funds due to his illegal traffic ticket quota revenue schemes, gun-grabber LAPD Chief Charlie Beck continued to defend his actions. Instead of apologizing and vowing to discontinue all quotas, Beck claimed "This was not a quota system under the law," alleging that the lawsuits were settled because it was "the most prudent business decision." "It is unfortunate that this case cost the city hard-earned taxpayers money," he added.

    Below is the tweet that the LAPD sent out about the gun surrender event, and our 2nd Amendment archive.

    [P.S. Keep in mind, tomorrow's date is 'Twelve, Thirteen, Fourteen.' (12/13/14.) I don't know what relevance that has, if any, but it may to those weirdos. It is, after all, at a Masonic Lodge.]

    2014 Gun Buyback Program

    City of Los Angeles Anonymous Gun Buyback

    Saturday, December 13, 2014
    7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    2379 West Washington Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90018
    (Parking lot between Wilton Place and Gramercy Place)

    14750 Sherman Way
    Van Nuys, CA 91405 (Masonic Lodge)

    @LAPDHQ: #LAPD News: City of Los Angeles Anonymous Gun Buyback. Sat, Dec 13. http://t.co/aD93OfkypB pic.twitter.com/acHY12C5CD

    — Trixy Wh (@trixywh) December 12, 2014


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    While They Train With Marines, LAPD Disarms Witless Public At Yet Another 'Anonymous Gun Buyback' At Masonic Lodge http://t.co/JwpJJO6xbg

    — Martin (@LibertyFight) December 12, 2014

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