City Notorious For Revenue Schemes and Aggressive Traffic Tickets Under Fire After Another Kid Dies Due To Lack of Crossing Guards- City Refuses To Pay for Them
By Martin Hill
October 24, 2014


A southern California city which is notorious for their revenue-agent officers agresssively ticketing the people is facing harsh criticism after yet another child died in a crosswalk near an elementary school because the city, Upland, CA, stopped paying for crossing guards in 2009.

11-year old Isaiah Shelton-Dobine died while trying to cross the street by himself a block from Cabrillo Elementary School around 8am Thursday morning, when a white jeep struck and killed him at the intersection of Arrow Highway and Benson Avenue. The driver, 25-year old Jason Fehr of Rancho Cucamonga, [pictured here] will be booked on felony hit-and-run charges at the West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

[UPDATE: The City of Upland still, this morning, has refused to provide a crossing guard for the intersection where the little boy was killed less than 24 hours ago. A good Samaritan from the neighborhood put on his own orange vest and was serving as a volunteer crossing guard for the kids this morning. We got an interview with him and others at the scene, and will be posting the videos shortly. Most people there noted that the Upland Police Dept. recently got a fleet of new shiny cop cars- the city didn't have a problem finding money for that. Meanwhile, the San Bernardino County Superintendent Of Schools in Upland (IP Address: has visited this article.]

The Press Entrprise reported "Alex Ruvalcaba, a school district superintendent, said the district has not had any crossing guards since 2009, when the city stopped paying for them. City Manager Rod Butler said in the wake of the death the city would work closely with the school district to re-evaluate pedestrian safety."

A handwritten sign on neon paper which was posted on the corner of the accident Thursday night claimed that this is the third child that has been killed in the city as a result of Upland's failure to provide crossing guards for schoolchildren.

ABC7 reported "A man in Victorville was watching TV when he learned about the incident at about 1:30 p.m. Police say the man recognized the Jeep as the one he rented for his son. When asked where the Jeep was, the son said he let his friend borrow it. The father then called Upland police, who went to the friend's apartment complex and found the damaged Jeep."

I have reported about the City of Upland for years on this site because of their smarmy, underhanded revenue schemes. But yet even with the millions of dollars they fleece from its residents annually, they did not see fit to pay a paltry amount of money for a crossing guard, to safeguard the city's children. Upland has a very shady track record. The City and its so-called leadership deserve to be publicly admonished for this.

How I beat a speeding ticket in California Superior Court of Appeals (Without a lawyer) outlines how Upland Police officer Hillard issued a fraudulent speeding ticket and was literally found "incompetent to testify" as a prosecution witness in California Superior Court of Appeals, where the conviction was reversed. [That article was featured on , and]

Upland's Red light camera program fleeced drivers for millions of dollars for years until 2009, when the city ceased the program and were forced to admit that "rear end collisions have actually increased" as a result of the revenue cams. My red light camera website, which was launched in 2008 as opposition to Upland's dishonest red-light camera program, caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal as well as local newspapers before the the city's cameras were scrapped.

City code inspectors have been charging Upland residents with petty infractions for years, even literally assigning probation officers to residents for not having enough foilage lining their front sidewalk. One of my neighbors named Sam was arrested after calling the Upland police to report that a burglar had tried to break into his young daughter's bedrrom. Sam had commited the crime of having unpaid traffic tickets he'd overlooked, which unbenknownst to him, had gone to warrant. Michael, a Russian immigrant who lived with his wife, kids and parents, had a busibody Upland inspector snoop onto the property of his two-story house without a warrant and tell him that he wasn't allowed to have renters in his upstairs unit. Michael's mortgage went into default status as a result, since he had used his purportedly "unauthorized" tenants rent to help pay his mortgage.

The reason I started learning how to fight traffic tickets in the first place is because of an absolute outrageous atrocity committed by Upland traffic cops in 2001. They set up one of their "Driver-license checkpoints" (which is dubious enough itself) on 8th street by the Home Depot, just east of Mountain Ave. The city had temporarily changed the regular red light signal to flashing red light for the checkpoint and had an uniformed traffic officer in the middle of the intersection directing traffic and waving us through the intersection to proceed to the checkpoint. As I did so and arrived at the checkpoint command post, the officer manning the checkpoint grinned great big and amusingly sneered "there's someone behind ya." It was another cop, a motorcycle traffic officer, who gave me a citation for allegedly running the red light which the first cop had just literally waved us all through. As I wrote in my 2009 article Why everyone should fight their traffic tickets- every time,
"When people ask why I am so adamant about fighting traffic tickets, I recount the incident which occurred in June 2001 that spawned my insistence on "pleading not guilty every time, for all time". I was driving home and came across some sort of checkpoint, reminiscent of Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia; suspicionless warrantless checkpoints where they demand your 'papers please'. There was a long line of cars and the Police Dept. had an entire intesection shut down; they had temporarily changed the traffic signal to a flashing red signal, and put a uniformed traffic cop in the center of the intersection, waving motorists through to get to the checkpoint. I obeyed the cop's orders to proceed to the checkpoint, and when I got there the cop manning the checkpoint sneered with a big grin on his face, "there's someone behind you". It was a motorcycle traffic cop, who proceeded to issue me a ticket for purportedly 'running a red light', (the light that the first cop had demended we all go through). This was such an outrageous and affrontive fraud operation that I jumped out of my car and started shouting at them.

That was not a wise thing to do, as today they are likely to blow your head off if you do such a thing. Nevertheless, I went home and got my camera to document this fraud,. When I got back to the intersection, there was an old white lady who was madder than a wet hen. The cops had pulled the exact same fraud on her, and she had gotten her camera to document it as well. We exchanged phone numbers and planned on attending each other's trials, but I later misplaced her number.
...Nevertheless, this was the incident that spawned me to vow that I would fight their system every time, for all time thereafter. Not only was it a bogus conviction which raised my insurance rates for three years, costing me over a thousand dollars, they were literally bearing false witness, and stealing; violating two of God's solumn Commandments on purpose... I learned to fight smart, and hold our public servants accountable to their own 'laws'. The system is a satanic system based on lies and inspired by the father of lies and deception and oppression, satan himself. I hope that these evil pig cops who lie daily and oppress so many people will repent for their own sake, and obey the laws of Jesus Christ..."

My most recent my article about Upland, Walmart shoppers greeted by traffic tickets: Cops hiding in bushes ticket customers as they go in (1/9/14) was featured in Economic Policy Journal, when Upland cops were literally hiding in the bushes and issuing tickets to Walmart shoppers for the "crime" of exiting and entering the store "illegally" from the street.

Upland was sued and lost in 2009 when two gun-rights activists sued the city after Upland police illegally detained the 2nd-Amendment advocates for open-carrying and handing out fliers. In 2012, Upland settled a civil rights lawsuit filed by two open-carry advocates who were harassed and detained by Upland police. (be sure to watch the videos of this outrageous exchange.) During the illegal detainment, the gun-rights activist asks an Upland Police officer "Do you believe in the transparency of government?" to which officer Duran astonishingly replies "No, I don't believe in transparency of government". The two men were eventually paid off by the city in an out of court settlement.

You can reach the Upland City Hall at (909) 931-4100 or their Police Department at (909) 946-7624.

Get the Feeling You're Being Watched? If You're Driving, You Just Might Be Cameras to Catch Speeders and Scofflaws Are Spreading -- And Sparking Road Rage
By WILLIAM M. BULKELEY, Wall Street Journal
MARCH 27, 2009, 2:27 A.M. ET
[Note: The Wall Street Journal contacted me several times and interviewed me by phone for the above article. The reporter, Bill Bulkeley, was very nice and we had a good conversation about due process, red light scam tickets in Upland, and basic resistance to corrupt government. He even e-mailed me after the fact to tell me when the article would run. In the end, their editorial department chose not to include my site by name. If you want to know why, let's just say an establishment rag such as WSJ probably would not want the issues brought up at to get widespread coverage. Bulkeley told me he had found my info on See our youtube, 9/11 Truther Scrapped From Wall St. Journal Article .]

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City Notorious For Revenue Schemes Under Fire After Another Kid Dies Due To Lack of Crossing Guards

— Martin (@LibertyFight) October 24, 2014

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