I have An Important Question For Rand Paul. Why Do You Meet With Israeli Groups DAILY? Which Israeli Groups Have You Met With This Month?
By Martin Hill
December 23, 2014


Introducing RandPaulZionist.com!

Last year on 7/31/13, in an obscure Senate speech promoting his Amendment No. 1739 to S. 1243 to eliminate aid to Egypt, Senator Rand Paul admitted that he quote "visits with Israeli groups daily." That's a pretty incredible admission when you think about it. Since Rand is supposed to be representing the people of Kentucky, why is he meeting with Israeli groups daily, as he put it? And which ones did he meet with today? This week? This month?

Furthermore, what exactly does Rand Paul talk about with all these Israelis every day?

Remember, it's not me claiming this, he said it himself. You can even watch it on youtube below. Rand has also admitted he's not a libertarian, but at the very least he pretends to subscribe to transparency in government.

Now since I'm not a resident of Kentucky, Rand, technically you aren't answerable to me because I'm not one of your constituents. If anyone from Kentucky would like to ask Rand these questions on the record I would be eternally grateful. I have a few questions for you, Rand Paul. So Rand, here we go.

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Why, Rand, do you feel it necessary to meet with Israeli groups daily? What do you talk about and what do you do, exactly, when you're visiting these individuals and groups?

I mean, at least Rick Perry has his shindigs with the Jews right out there in public: ;-) So does Jeb Bush!

When exactly did you start meeting with Israeli groups daily, and who taught you that you should do that or needed to do that??

Do these Israeli groups donate money to you or your campaigns?

Why is it so important to put such emphasis on meeting with Israeli individuals and groups, Rand?

Your dad sure didn't do that kind of thing... not that I know of, anyway. If he tried such a crazy thing, Lew Rockwell would sure have put a kibash on it.

What does your dad Ron Paul think of you meeting with Israeli groups daily??

I would love to ask Ron Paul that question if I was given a chance at an unscripted Q&A with him. I would also ask why his daughters were members of the 'Rainbow girls,' since that is a Freemasonic group. Is Ron a freemason? Some people claim he is. If not, why are Ron's daughters members? His wife Carol is reportedly a member of the 'Velasco Order of the Eastern Star,' another masonic group for females. If there's nothing wrong or squirrely about any of that, why not just come out and explain it? Geez. But enough of that awkward, uncomfortable freemason questioning stuff . For now, let's get back to Rand.

Rand, are you a mason? [Sorry if these questons offend the 'ultra-sensitive' Paul-family adulators.]

Okay, fine,. People are offended by all the mason questions. Let's get back to the Jews. After all, so-called "Bilderberg expert" Daniel Estlulin has assured us that there is no such thing as a 'Jewish-Masonic conspiracy' which exists. So I'm sure we have nothing to worry about there. Just because Ron's wife, daughters, and father was a mason, doesn't mean anything. I mean, I'm sure it's perfectly normal for Ron's campaign to condemn Romney critics when he was supposedly 'running for president' against Romney, and it's 100% kosher to ignore blatant voter-fraud nationwide. It's not like this hasn't mason been discussed before in years past ad nauseum, [here, here , here , here , here , and here.]

Anyway, Rand, back to your daily meetings with Israelis.

Rand, do you meet with any other type groups so often, besides Israelis??

Randy, do you meet with gun groups /2nd amendment advocates daily, for example?

Do you meet with raw milk advocates daily?

Do you meet with pro-life group daily?

Do you meet with conservative "traditional marriage" type groups daily, or even do you meet with homos daily? According to the news there are a heck of a lot of them.

You recently told young people not to have kids so quick, because you they will supposedly face poverty and financial problems. Do you meet with any youth groups or ethnic ghetto-type clubs daily, to inspire them perhaps?

Do you meet with IRS/tax reform groups daily?

Do you meet with "ABOLISH THE FED!!" groups daily?

Do you meet with farmers or rancher groups daily?

Do you meet with civil rights groups/ cop watch type groups daily?

Do you meet with educators and/or home schoolers?

Veteran groups or enlisted men daily?

Environmental groups?

Immigration groups, pro or con?

Budget analyists or economists?

LGBT, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgenders, cross-dressers, Hermaphrodites of Kentucky? Why not? Aren't they as good as the Israelis, or what?

Health care reformists?


Okay, I don't mean to blow this out of proportion and put you on the spot, Randy, but this is some weird shit you've got going on there in your Senate chambers, especially with all your Israeli adulation bills and other similar stuff you've been saying and doing.

Rand, did these constant meetings with Israelis influence you unduly to do these type of things?

I got an idea, why don't you meet with gun groups daily starting in January 2015? (I happen to know of one which would be right up your alley, here. ;-)

Do you not have the time? If not, how the hell can you even find time to meet with all these Israelis daily?

Why don't you meet with Americans daily???

Heck, I'm not even an important Senator and I don't know how I would find the time to have meetings with anyone every single day...

That's all for now Rand, but one last thing. Please check out the new website I made in dedication to you and guys like you, it's called RandPaulZionist.com!

I've been sort of keeping tabs on your twitter feud with Marco Rubio over Cuba. I agree with you, Pope Francis, and Obama regarding resuming diplomatic relations and trade with Cuba. Rubio doesn't, and he sneered that you're 'Obama's biggest cheerleader' and falsley implied that you and Obama share the same foreign policy ideals. You replied to Rubio by asking why he arms Islamic rebels:

.@marcorubio forgot to mention his support for Obama's funding of Musl. Brotherhood, arming Islamic rebels, and Hillary's war in Libya.

— Senator Rand Paul (@SenRandPaul) December 21, 2014

That's indeed a good quetion Rand, but I could ask you similar one:

Why do you arm Israeli Zionist rebels who kill and torture brown-skinned, semitic, Palestinian children?

Is it because you're a Zionist?

Watch the video here:

"There's probably 20 different groups in our country who support the nation of Israel and support them as our ally. I speak to them all the time. I visit with them daily and weekly in our office."

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Important Question For Rand Paul. Why Did You Say That You Meet With Israeli Groups DAILY? http://t.co/Lzype43iHQ

— Martin (@LibertyFight) December 23, 2014

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