Despite prohibition by site owner, DailyPaul participants continue discussion about America's subjugation to Israel
By Martin Hill
February 23, 2014



A very interesting phenomenon has been going on over at the, where the owner Michael Nystrom has posted more than once his criticism and even prohibition on all discussion or criticism of Israel/Zionism or Jews.

In September 2013, Nystrom showed his true colors and wrote "The other advantage of being the Mayor is the ability to spontaneously make new laws, with a few keystrokes. I have created a new law: The only people who are allowed to talk about Israel on here are people who live in Israel (and that must be proven to me to my satisfaction). This is a new and special rule, promulgated by the Mayor of the Daily Paul, Michael Nystrom. Thank you. And thanks for sticking around." He then added "Because people arguing about Israel is fucking BORING! GO DO IT SOMEPLACE ELSE. I DON'T GIVE A SHIT!"

He added "There is a proxy, propaganda war going on over Israel. Wouldn't thinking people here agree? It is a pitched skirmish, with high stakes outcomes. But it is clearly a propaganda war. I'm not interested in taking part in that."

Our article last summer covered a related matter after Nystrom banned and deleted the entire discussion of a speech given by a Wealthy Jew who had converted to Catholicism: DailyPaul 'Liberty Forum' deletes Jew Ben Freedman's Historical Anti Zionist Speech & discussions [8/19/13.]

But since the site's users are comprised of independent liberty-minded folks, the owner's cash-cow participants at the popular site have blatantly ignored his rule and continued to discuss the matter anyway.

And 'as the market dictates,' it looks like Nystrom is 'backing down' and now allowing it after previously banning various members and topics.

There have been several examples of this since Nystrom's Sept. 2013 ban.:

The thread Can an Evangelical Christian please explain the obsession and servitude towards Israel was posted on 08/04/2013, had over seven pages of replies and at least 40 'thumbs up.'

The initial post, Submitted by user PeacefulAnarchism, stated

"Im being serious and non-Sarcastic.

I really want to know why certain Christians are so obsessed about bowing down to Israel and Jews? It would just seem to me that the people who denied Jesus to the point they helped Crucify him wouldn't be so high up on the "Favorites List"
and if we were to play this out in Biblical chronological order it would seem like the Jews are anticipating the coming of the Anti-Christ as there Messiah since they rejected Jesus as such. So besides indoctrination and propaganda is there any other reason why Christians see no wrong in Israel and Jews?

by the way I don't have nothing against Jews, I judge people on Character not labels but the idea that Israel and Jews can do no harm and can never be criticized is absolutely ridiculous and detrimental to peace and cooperation with one another."

Nystrom continues to battle various posters on the issue. He probably knows that there would be no better way to destroy his site than to implement a Zionist 'Free Republic' type ban-fest. Additionally, the owner knows that control-freak moderators would be the antithesis of what he purports the site to be.

A search will reveal countless instances of Nystrom forbiding discussion of these issues. I myself was banned from the DailyPaul way back in 2008 after posting the story of 'Infowarrior' Jason Bermas, who had the nerve to claim that Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves.

Even, owned by a Jew, did not ban the story and published my article on the matter, which was discussed by Bermas and Jones themselves on the Alex Jones radio show [part 1][ part 2.] By the way, shortly after this controversy, Bermas show was shelved permanently and he sort of disappeared from the scene. Coincidence? You decide.

A discussion of Liberty by its nature will necessitate a sincere and candid discussion of the root cause of the erosion of our liberties and the cause of the implementation of an empircal foreign policy.

Like it or not, a large majority of people in the freedom movement have concluded, largely because of the government's success with carrying out 9/11 along with Israel, that Israel is a key player in all of the spying, tyranny, false-flag terrorism and undeclared wars.

Kudos to the posters at the for pushing the envelope and continuing the proper criticism of America's subservience and obsession with all things Jews, Zionist and Israel. initially broke the story of DailyPaul censorship last year, with their article New Policy at Any Discussion of Israel Prohibited.

See also the following links for a sampling of Nystrom's comments on the matter: There is a proxy, propaganda war going on over Israel
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Sat, 09/28/2013 - 00:49. Permalink
Wouldn't thinking people here agree?
It is a pitched skirmish, with high stakes outcomes. But it is clearly a propaganda war.
I'm not interested in taking part in that.
I came to this realization recenctly, after seeing how it basically drove the Granger crazy.
But frankly, I'm just not interested in the argument - the same way I'm not really interested in the NHL. It just doesn't appeal to me.

Yeah, I closed it down.
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Sat, 09/28/2013 - 00:26. Permalink
I got tired of looking at it.
I do that from time to time, and end up alienating people who think that I should be otherwise.
Anyway, Things are how they are.

The other advantage of being the Mayor is the ability
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Sat, 09/28/2013 - 00:45. Permalink
to spontaneously make new laws, with a few keystrokes.
I have created a new law: The only people who are allowed to talk about Israel on here are people who live in Israel (and that must be proven to me to my satisfaction).
This is a new and special rule, promulgated by the Mayor of the Daily Paul, Michael Nystrom.
Thank you. And thanks for sticking around.

Because people arguing about Israel is fucking BORING!
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Sat, 09/28/2013 - 00:29. Permalink

Ok, yeah.
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Sat, 09/28/2013 - 00:55. Permalink
Yes, of course I agree. They get money, they should be accountable. No doubt at all.
But that is like hacking at the branches. Why single out Israel, when really, they're all doing it. Wasting the money we send them. None of our money should be going out to other countries.
But, we've got limited recourses. And like you said, a lot of the argument here is less than productive. Much less than productive.
But what does it mean to be "Productive" on the Daily Paul? How do we measure productivity?
So, my opinion is that we need to aim for the root.
Some people think that Israel is the root of the problem, but I don't agree that that is the case.
It is the Fed.
Unfortunately, to many ears, that sounds like saying one and the same thing.

Who Was Granger? And Why Does She Hate Michael Nystrom?

Ok - enough
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Fri, 09/27/2013 - 19:57. Permalink
I'm in contact with her via email. Trying to figure out what is going on.
Just remember, we all have our challenges. Some of them are more visible to outsiders than others. Some of us keep them well hidden - trying to look so perfect for the world. There was a great video up here one time. I have no idea how I could find it again. It was about a guy going through his day, and all the people he met, and all the silent challenges they were suffering from. If anyone remembers that, or knows what I'm talking about, please post it as a new thread. Just find it in your heart to have compassion for others, regardless of how his/her words made you feel.

Like boxing with ghosts
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Wed, 09/25/2013 - 23:45. Permalink
"...I just don't get it. Actually I do. It is part of the pervasive sickness of this country, of people wanting to blame other people for their own situation. For the record, I've never blamed Israel for anything, let alone everything. Oh the hyperbole. Anyway, I've got my own issues, with actual people, in real life. The amount of time I can devote to the problems and issues of erratically behaving, anonymous screen names is exceedingly small..."

Yeah, I understand
Submitted by Michael Nystrom on Wed, 09/25/2013 - 23:54. Permalink
I appreciate the info. Sad to see her go, in a way. She was big on RP at the beginning. Like I said before, everything passes... everything changes... Just do what you think you should do. Yesterday I was thinking me hanging around here is like being old and watching all your friends die. She was user 408. That was early. Lots of people have passed through here, then one day they either freak out like this and flame out, or silently just stop coming.

Is Cointel Pro responsible for this "Zionist" term that is popping up everywhere?
Submitted by letmapeoplego on Wed, 10/27/2010 - 00:11 in Daily Paul Liberty Forum
I hesitate to post this because I don't want to invite the ugliness that will ensue. At the same time, I�d like to hear from my DP brethren. Ready to pull this thread...
The liberty movement is not good at self policing by definition....but if we keep allowing ourselves to be labeled racists an anti-Semites then we will not be able to spread our message.
This is my plea:
If you are honestly not racist, but are concerned about the Zionist conspiracy, could you just keep it to yourself.
Here is why:
It does not matter if we are losing our country and our liberties to a cabal of Zionists or lizard aliens.
The REMEDY IS THE SAME. Liberty....

Israel And USA: Best Friends?
Submitted by bayou on Tue, 10/29/2013 - 16:24

On kennysideshow blog, someone posted: "I'm not trolling, just being naughty. I got banned at the 'Daily Paul' very early on by editor Nystrom for telling the truth about the zionist connection to 9/11. Nystrom never explained why I was banned. I never got over it. I stand by my comment. Nystrom and the 'Daily Paul' never name the Khazarian "jew" virus eating at the core of all mankind."

'WhatsApp' Lets Facebook Spy, Track, Record, Invade & Monitor EVERYTHING You Do

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