Enough of the Sappy "Cop Bought Shoplifter Eggs" story out of Tarrant, Alabama- Here is the REAL SCOOP, And It Ain't Pretty.
By Martin Hill
December 20, 2014


Sorry to throw cold water on this sappy "Glorious, heroic, saintly police bought a carton of eggs for a shoplifter" story. I couldn't stand the propaganda anymore so I did some actual research on the Tarrant, Alabama Police Dept. and the city in general. Yikes!
Cops stole guns and sold them to other Tarrant, Alabama Cops. City Passed Drug Warrior Laws For Revenue; Operated Speed Traps; Police Chief and Mayor Are Being Sued for civil rights violations; city threatened to turn off electricity & sentence the financially disadvantaged with "hard labor."

This all started with an alleged story about a policeman buying a carton of eggs for a woman who had stolen the eggs for her grandchildren- the story quickly went viral. Senator Rand Paul even tweeted about this "heartwarming" story of great cops. Rand opined "The vast majority our police force do care about those living in poverty-- here's a heartwarming example."

In news articles about the story, Tarrant, Alabama Police Chief Dennis Reno is quoted as saying "Police officers do this all the time. Of course, these are the kind of stories that never get told... Every police officer in Jefferson County has done this at one point in time." Reno said this is one way police deal with issues - not every incident ends with someone being hauled off to jail."

But the quote that took the cake so to speak, was so ridiculous, with Police Chief Reno implying that anger or distrust of police is unwarranted and has even disappeared because of people's heartwarming reaction to this story:

"It's growing and growing and growing," Reno said. " A guy called me from New York and just broke down. He said for two months he's been angry with police, and he said this has totally changed his mind." [Tarrant police officer delivers groceries to woman caught stealing eggs at Dollar General.]

The actual nice aspect of this story is the outpouring of generosity and financial support from people across America to the allegedly poverty-stricken shoplifter. But here is the real scoop on Tarrant, Alabama police. If I lived there, I would surely find more info. This is just some cursory research from 3000 miles away.

So enough of this stupid, sappy cop-worship crap. Okay? Here we go. I'll begin with a little bit about Tarrant.

Wikipedia states Tarrant, Alabama "is a city in Jefferson County, Alabama, United States, southeast of Fultondale. At the 2010 census the population was 6,397. As of the census of 2000, there were 7,022 people, 2,896 households, and 1,922 families residing in the city. The population density was 1,104.7 people per square mile. The racial makeup of the city was 79.14% White, 18.73% Black, & 1.71% Hispanic. There were 2,896 households out of which 28.3% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 45.5% were married couples living together. The median income for a household in the city was $29,380, and the median income for a family was $32,392. About 14.9% of families and 16.2% of the population were below the poverty line. [Area Total 6.4 sq mi- Time zone Central - ZIP code 35217 -Area code 205."]

The City's website cityoftarrant.com states "Though independent, Tarrant is an integral part of Alabama's largest metropolitan area. Consequently, the over 6,000 people of Tarrant enjoy the many attributes of both a small city and larger cosmopolitan area. The area has a balanced economy providing a strong manufacturing base as well as an emergent service center. Medical research and healthcare are now the employment anchors of the metropolitan area. The metropolitan area of nearly one million people offers an abundance of cultural arts, major sporting events and opportunities to explore almost any endeavor. One of the intangible benefits of living and working in Tarrant that is special, however, is the close knit feeling of the people. This quality is cultivated throughout the city by getting things done on a cooperative basis. Citizens, merchants, elected officials, and industrialists are often on a first name basis. Education and religion are important in Tarrant with numerous civic organizations, churches and an independent school system all working together for the betterment of the city. The result is evident after even the slightest investigation."

This is probably the best part, so I'll start with this one. Hat tip to the skydancingblog.com who wrote that the egg-buying story "Sounds a little like staged bullshit to me... I mean, when you have a Sgt with the Tarrant Police Department police stealing evidence and selling it to other cops:"

Update: Former Tarrant Police Sgt. turns himself in. - ABC 33/40- Birmingham News
"According to Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno, former Tarrant Police Officer, Sgt. Charles Higgins, has turned himself in to the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.The Tarrant Police Department is asking a suspected criminal to turn himself in. But this criminal isn’t like the others. "He was an extraordinary officer," Police Chief Dennis Reno said. That's because Charles Kevin Higgins used to be a Sgt. with the department. "Myself and every officer here feels betrayed," Reno said. Reno says a while back his department noticed items missing out of the evidence room, which is what Sgt. Higgins was in charge of. Higgins was confronted and was told an investigation would be happening. "Rather than face an investigation, Sgt. Higgins rendered his resignation at that time," Reno said. Further investigation would show much more missing from the evidence room than anticipated. Nine handguns were missing. Reno says Higgins told people he needed money. He sold six of them to citizens. But four of them were sold to closer friends. "He sold them to some of his fellow police officers here at the station," Reno said. The serial numbers on the guns sold to the officers matched the numbers of those missing from the evidence room. Reno believes Higgins made nearly $3,500 on the guns. Reno says the officers who bought the firearms thought they were part of Higgins's personal collection, as Reno says Higgins is a gun collector. Reno says he could not comment whether more items were taken from the evidence room.

Hmmm. I wonder why on earth Chief Reno "could not comment whether more items were taken from the evidence room?"

The city has had a lot of budget and money problems, and many of their problems stem from that. For example, the AlabamaCorruption blog pointed out 'Sinkhole repairs sinking into Tarrant budget' From Birmingham News in 2008. "[Mayor] Tuck said the city has already spent $350,000. "Sure it is affecting our budget," she said. "We are not going to be able to do many things we could've otherwise done this year." The blog Editors note: "a story recently in the news stated Tarrant is having to cut funds to its schools... Why are all of these sinkholes happening within a mile radius of the quarry and not anywhere else in Tarrant? Who is telling them that all of their sinkhole problems are caused by the drought or a hurricane?"

On their website is a video of 'Mayor Loxcil B. Tuck' and another city official talking about the "Tarrant Environmental Plan." The city official is discussing the budget and says "I would encourage other cities to start with things they can control... Go after the funding... If it's not available, start with reviewing the ordinances."

Go after the funding.. start with reviewing the ordinances," the hack says? Yesserie, and that's exactly what they did! Tarrant created what's described on their site as a 'DRUG TASK FORCE' but the statute is actually titled a 'Drug Task FUND.' They created this 'task fund' and wrote a new ordinance specifically for the glorious egg-buying cops to fleece the people! This particular revenue scheme is all about the 'eeee-vil marijuana.' The law states that the "mayor and city council recognize the need for additional funds to be made available to city law enforcement." Ordinance No. 1055 states, in part, "THERE is hereby created a new fund to be called the DRUG TASK FUND.. the money collected and placed into the drug task fund shall be used for city law enforcement purposes..."

They "established a drug task fund within the city of Tarrant, Alabama to assist the city police department in in its' efforts to reduce drug related crimes..." The document continues "Whereas the mayor and city councill recognize that along Alabama State Highway 79, there is an increase in drug related criminal activity of all types, including but not limited to, the unlawful possesion of marijuana in the second degree and the use of or possession with intent to use drug paraphernalia... Whereas, law enforcement in the City of Tarrant is vigilant in the ongoing investigation, arest and conviction of persons violating the criminal laws of the state of Alabama... Whereas, to assist the city police department in its effort against all crime, and specifically, against the unlawful possession of marijuana." Upon conviction, the city will assess a sum of money between $50 and $200 for each case, "which shall be included as a part of the fine but separately designated as a Drug Task Fund assessment."

You also have the obligatory speed traps in Tarrant, where "Police Units hide in a empty lots" awaiting 'customers' or 'revenue sources,' as the city manager might put it.

And then you have a civil rights lawsuit filed only a few months ago against Tarrant Police Chief Dennis Reno for violation of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments to the U.S. Constitution, as well as for malicious prosecution. And once again, this lawsuit stems from an arrest over the collection of fines & fees! Plaintiffs Artelette Cole and Anthony Brown sued the City of Tarrant, Mayor Loxcil Tuck (the old woman in the video above) , Police Chief Dennis Reno, along with council members Angela Moon, Laura Horton, Better Middlebrooks, Cathy Anderson, Deborah Mathews, and John T. Bryant, who are listed as defendants in Case No 2:14-CV-1737-VEH. The court documents state that the "lawsuit arises out of each ones arrest which they contend occurred because of an alleged inaccurate and improper accounting of their payment and fees and fines attributable to prior criminal charges and/or traffic citations that were filed against them." Charges of Violations of Fourth and Ffith amendment and malicious prosecution were made and equitable relief is being sought pursuant to Section 1983 (suing a government entity or agents for civil rights abuses under color of law.) The court then discusses the defendants motions. As always, the defense lawyers try to get these cases tossed with minutia on issues of jusirdiction, qualified immunity etc. etc.

Police Chief Dennis Reno filed a "MOTION to Dismiss plaintiffs' Complaint" along with the other defendants, and also filed a "MOTION to Stay Discovery & Temporarily Suspend Parties' Obligations Under Rule 26 F.R." What, the benevolent Chief Reno doesn't like fulfilling his obligations? The point is you don't hear about all this in the endless 'sappy egg stories' with defendant Police Chief Dennis Reno. [Link: Cole et al v. Tarrant, City of et al -Alabama Northern District Court- Case No. 2:14-cv-01737 -Judge Judge Virginia Emerson Hopkins -Filed Sept. 10, 2014 -Nature of Suit 440 Civil Rights.]

This next part is really something else too. This is a doozie which highlights Tarrant's heartwarming and glorious compassion- not. The Tarrant Optimization Project (T.O.P.) sentenced Tarrant Alabama's financially disadvantaged to "Hard Labor!"

Benjamin S. Goldman, who presently serves as City Attorney and Prosecutor for Tarrant, Alabama, (and as Town Attorney for Mulga, Alabama) was recently given an award for his work in the city and "Honored by International Association for Municipal Legal Work." Goldman had "watched as city officials faced mounting problems with burned houses, abandoned cars and garbage issues. But in the beginning of 2011, Goldman began working with city leaders to help force change." He helped create and promote all sorts of new laws and taxes, and if the people couldn't afford to pay the trash bill which the city had implemented because of their budget problems, he would "petition the court to have the defendant sentenced to hard labor picking up trash." This perfectly characterizes "the nature of the state," using aggression, coercion and force:

"The award focused on the City of Tarrant's efforts to remediate urban blight through programs that Goldman helped design and facilitate with other city leaders, including the revitalization of the historic downtown district, the creation of a tax increment financing district, the implementation of an environmental docket in the City's Municipal Court, a new dangerous buildings ordinance and a program for the removal of blighted buildings, the implementation of a property inspection policy to bring dilapidated properties into compliance with applicable building code, and the initiation of the Tarrant Optimization Project (T.O.P.).

"When the City had to turn the cost of garbage service over to residents because of budget constraints, the number of residents who actually signed up for service was dismal. As garbage piled up on streets and alleys, Tarrant faced a public health problem. Goldman obtained a change in City policy so that customers seeking to establish electric service could not do so until the City verified that the customer was subscribed to garbage service and, where applicable, that the customer had obtained a certificate of occupancy indicating compliance with the City’s property inspection policy. While citizens were willing to go without garbage service, they were not willing to go without electric service, and the problem improved as garbage subscriptions rose dramatically. As Tarrant's Prosecutor, Goldman began conducting Environmental Dockets designed to address problems affecting the City's neighborhoods (litter, junked vehicles, noise, vicious animals, and other nuisances). In further remedy to the garbage problem, a standard plea has been arranged for the Environmental Dockets where the defendant will remedy whatever condition brought the defendant to court, will subscribe for garbage service, will pay a monitoring fee, and will agree to remain under the Court’s jurisdiction for one year. If the defendant agrees to the terms, at the end of one year, the charge will be dismissed. However, if the defendant does not agree, Goldman promises that, where applicable, he will petition the court to have the defendant sentenced to hard labor picking up trash. " [link.]

One final thing, I will not include with certainty because I don't know if the police officer Dennis Reno in the following article out of Madison, Wisconsin is the same 'Dennis Reno' who is currently the police chief of Tarrant, Alabama. Perhaps if Chief Reno will comment on why he refused to "comment whether more items were taken from the evidence room" by his employee Sgt. Charles Higgins, he will confirm or deny whether he is the same Sgt. Dennis Reno mentioned here:

COP SERGEANT DEMOTED IN TICKET-FIXING CASE. - The Capital Times - December 4, 1997
"A veteran Madison police sergeant is losing his stripes for fixing $182 worth of parking tickets. The demotion of Sgt. Dennis Reno was announced this morning after more than two months of negotiations. An internal investigation of Reno came to light in October when one of his supervisors determined the sergeant improperly dismissed 18 parking tickets issued to his vehicles and reduced the amount owed on 11 other citations. The allegations shocked and embarrassed the Police Department for two reasons: Reno was supervisor of the court services section, and he was considered an exemplary officer. The demotion also poses to have serious consequences when Reno retires."

Spread the word about this typically corrupt city if you think it's worthwhile, and put a kibosh on this silly, juvenile, statist cop-worship. ;-)
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