Infowars Characterizes Pro-Palestinians / Anti-Israelis as Terrorists
By Martin Hill
September 16, 2014

NEW SECTION: CATHOLICISM CLASSICSHISTORICAL QUOTESALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS! ran a dramatic, front-page story yesterday titled "FEDS FIND 9/11 TERROR MESSAGE ON BORDER FENCE". They linked to a Breitbart story by 'Brandon Darby', whose actual headline didn't contain the phrase "terror message" at all, but rather said Exclusive: Feds Find Anti-Israel and Pro-Palestine 9/11 Message to America on Border Fence.

It appears Infowars got their headline from Zionist website, whose headline read FEDS FIND 9/11 TERROR MESSAGE ON BORDER FENCE. also ran the Breitbart story but used the WND "terror message" headline as well. It is not clear who wrote that headline but it is odd because all three sites used the '9/11 TERROR MESSAGE' headline yet linked to the URL of the Breitbart story, where the phrase '9/11 TERROR MESSAGE' appeared nowhere.

All three websites, Drudge, WND and Infowars, chose to use the same headline, characterizing the pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel / anti-Zionist sentiment as a "terrorist message." Jones has in recent weeks referred to those three websites specifically- WND, Infowars and Drudge- as "the real media," where Americans can find the truth of what is really happening in the world and in geopolitics.

Infowars own readers in the comment section appeared fed-up with Jones characterization of anti-Zionists as terrorists, as well as with Jones' bizarre capitulation to the "al qaeda did 9/11" crowd. Matthew wrote "I'm beginning to suspect something's not right with aj. Linking to an article that refers to an anti-Zionist anti-gov message as a terror message? So anti-Israeli regime and anti government sentiments are terror, 9/11 was done by al-quida (I still can't believe he's saying that now) and sandy hook was a real incident that was the result of psychoactive drugs. It sucks but it looks like whatever scared Beck must have put the same fright in aj."

Another wrote "Yeah, That sounds like less a threat than a communication. Most of the world condemns the recent actions of Israel and US government support of it, Including Americans, objecting to what appears to be genocide doesn't make anyone a terrorist." Yet another wrote "Don't trust a f---- word written by FBI INFORMANT Brandon Darby. Hey Alex, why are you reprinting articles from this guy? He's a tool of the fascist state, and has been ostracized for entrapping and informing on organizer colleagues. Try a little harder next time. And by the way, that's not a terror message."

Whether or not there was actually a banner draped over a border fence is dubious at best, but even if the Breitbart story is true, what was reportedly written on the banner is one of political expression, not a terror message.
According to the photograph of the border patrol report which Breitbart posted on their site, the 'Yuma Sector Intel' reported finding the banner at '0520 hours' in San Luis, AZ. The report states, in part, that the banner "contains a statement condemning the United States' relationship with Israel an supports a free Palestinian State. The sign also contains an anarchist cymbol in the upper right hand portion of the banner." The words 'terror' or 'terrorism' appear nowhere on the report.

To make things worse, on the thirteenth anniversary of September 11, Alex Jones had Jerome Corsi as a guest on his program in the third hour. Corsi, as usual, rambled on and on about the dire Muslim threat as well as crying crocodile tears for poor innocent Israel, who Corsi said faces a dire threat from "Hammas terrorists," who Corsi claimed are being aided by Iran. Jones did not mention once that 9/11 was perpetrated by the U.S. or Israel. Jones in fact, gave credence to the 28-page report promoted by Rep. Walter Jones, which purportedly implicates the Saudis in 9/11.

Personally as a long-time listener to Jones I tuned in to his show on 9/11 specifically to hear his program on the anniversary of 9/11 and was extremely disappointed. It's as if he's brown-nosing to whatever neocon zionist he can, without even a pretense of challenging them on their false narrative.

Corsi, portrayed by Jones as some prestigious expert, could have been asked some real questions by Jones. Number one, do you agree that 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated or at the very least allowed by traitors within our government? Furthermore, and get the irony here folks... Jerome Corsi has the unique position of being the only person who Barack Obama ever addressed officially, on the issue of 9/11 truth! In 2008, Obama specifically launched a written attack on Jerome Corsi himself, whom Obama characterized as a "9/11 TRUTH BELIEVER!"

In his 41-page 2008 Campaign document titled 'UNFIT FOR PUBLICATION - An investigative report on the lies in Jerome Corsi's "Obama Nation", Obama wrote "CORSI HOLDS WIDELY DISCREDITED BELIEFS. Corsi is an advocate for fringe, conspiratorial arguments... perhaps most disturbingly, that the government is hiding the truth behind the attacks on September 11th, arguing that airplanes were not truly to blame for the collapse of the twin towers. CORSI IS A 9/11 TRUTH BELIEVER´┐ŻTHAT AIRPLANES WERE NOT TRULY TO BLAME FOR DESTRUCTION OF WORLD TRADE TOWERS. Corsi is a 9/11 Truther."

That 2008 document was the only time Obama has ever gone on the record stating his derisive opinion of 9/11 truth. In his missive against Corsi, Obama's document also referred to Coris's radio interview with none other than Alex Jones.

On the anniversary of 9/11 itself this would have been a priceless opportunity for Jones to call out Corsi on the matter - since Corsi has never since mentioned the inconvenient fact of controlled demolition of the world trade towers. But no, all we got from both Jones and Corsi was 'arab terrorist boogeymen' fear mongering. I for one found it extremely disingenuous and disgusting. I think Jones would be best served to remember who his audience actually is, and get back to his roots.

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InfowarsCharacterizes Pro-Palestinians / Anti-Israelis as Terrorists

— Martin (@LibertyFight) September 16, 2014

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