Police Nationwide Spooked As Cops Shot & Killed in Texas, Missouri, Arizona, Florida, Puerto Rico, Ohio & New York in the Past Month
By Martin Hill
December 28, 2014


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The LAPD has tweeted "115 Law Enforcement Heroes have died in 2014. Never forget their sacrifice." Several officers have been shot and killed nationwide just since November.

Constable Robert Parker White of the El Paso County, TX Constable's Office was killed on 11/1/14. 19-year-old suspect Devon Person Huerta allegedly got into a physical altercation with White as he worked security at the 'Texas Terror Trail Haunted House.' "According to a complaint affidavit, Constable White was punched in the face and fell to the ground, unresponsive. He was taken to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead.Huerta, a Fort Bliss soldier, was charged with Capital Murder and his bond was set at $5 million."

25-year old Deputy Sheriff Matthew Chism of the Cedar County Missouri Sheriff's Office was shot and killed on 11/2/14 following a vehicle pursuit and foot chase in El Dorado Springs shortly after midnight. He had attempted to stop a vehicle for driving with no headlights when one of the vehicle's occupants fled, and a foot pursuit ensued. During a struggle for the gun, both were shot and killed. The driver of the vehicle, Joshua Brown, a felon with 8 prior convictions, was arraigned for the murder on Nov. 5th.

24-year-old Police Officer Tyler Jacob Stewart of the Flagstaff Arizona Police Department was shot and killed on Saturday, December 27, 2014 while investigating a domestic violence incident at a home in the 800 block of West Clay Avenue at approximately 1:30 pm. When Officer Stewart arrived at the scene a male subject exited the home and opened fire on him, striking him in the face. Despite being wounded, Officer Stewart was able to activate an emergency alert button. Responding officers discovered him suffering from the gunshot wound and he was transported to a local hospital where he later died. The subject who shot Officer Stewart committed suicide at the scene. The subject is identified as 28-year-old Robert W. Smith of Prescott. Here is a news video of the crime scene.

Police Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu of the NYPD were shot and killed December 20, 2014.

32 year old Police Officer Justin Winebrenner of the Akron, Ohio Police Department was shot and killed Sunday, November 16, 2014 at a pub while confronting an armed subject while off duty at approximately 2:00 am.

47-year-old Deputy Sheriff Christopher Smith of the Leon County Florida Sheriff's Office was shot and killed on November 22, 2014 when he responded to reports of a house fire at approximately 10:22 a.m. The suspect approached him from behind, killed him, then took Deputy Smith's firearm and continued to fire at other responders, including members of the Tallahassee Fire Department and Tallahassee Police Department. One other sheriff's deputy was shot and wounded before the subject was shot and killed by an off-duty Tallahassee police officer who lived nearby and had responded to the sound of gunfire. It is believed that the subject intentionally set the fire with the intention to kill as many first responders as possible.

45-year-old Police Officer Charles Kondek of the Tarpon Springs, Florida Police Department was shot and killed on December 21, 2014 while responding to a noise complaint call at 199 Grand Boulevard. Residents of an apartment complex had called police because a man who had been knocking on apartment doors at approximately 2:00 am. When Officer Kondek arrived at the scene he was shot by the subject. The subject, who had recently been released from prison on parole, then drove over Officer Kondek as he fled the scene. The subject was arrested a short distance away after crashing into a utility pole and parked car. 23-year-old suspect Marco Antonio Parilla Jr., fled said he felt like a "caged rat" when cofronted by Kondek.

36-year-old Agent Edwin O. Roman-Acevedo of the San Juan, Puerto Rico Police Department was shot and killed Wednesday, November 26, 2014 after he intervened in a robbery at a pharmacy in Trujillo Alto. He was in the pharmacy's parking lot when he observed two armed subjects approaching the entrance. A struggle ensued for his service weapon when he identified himself as an officer. The second subject shot Officer Roman-Acevedo during the struggle. Despite the wound, Agent Roman-Acevedo was able to maintain control of his weapon and returned fire, wounding one of the men. Agent Roman-Acevedo was transported to Rio Piedras Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. Both subjects fled but one was taken into custody at a nearby hospital after seeking treatment for the gunshot wound. The second subject was arrested by the FBI as a result of the ensuing investigation.

The Officer Down Memorial Page states that 47 officers have died as a result of gunfire this year. Here are LAPD's and Chief Charlie Beck's Tweets on this matter:

115 Law Enforcement Heroes have died in 2014. Never forget their sacrifice. @ODMP @LAPDHQ http://t.co/jtp4r1oJfq

— Captain Brian Thomas (@LAPDCaptBThomas) December 28, 2014

A sorrowful day for #LEOs, but I know 2guardians are joined at heaven's gates.#RestEasy brothers. #NYPD DET Ramos|#TarponSprings Ofcr Kondec

— Chief Charlie Beck (@LAPDChiefBeck) December 27, 2014

Heartfelt prayers go out to #TarponSprings Fl. as they mourn the loss of a police officer murdered last night. #LAPD http://t.co/5xHOYyJCEL

— Chief Charlie Beck (@LAPDChiefBeck) December 21, 2014

Our hearts go out to the entire #NYPD family as they mourn the tragic loss of two brothers.

— Chief Charlie Beck (@LAPDChiefBeck) December 20, 2014

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