Rand Paul: Having Children Too Soon the Number One Cause of Poverty; Register To Vote To Deal With Ferguson Anger
By Martin Hill
November 29, 2014


In a recent TV news interview discussing his visit to Ferguson, MO, Senator Rand Paul said that the number one cause of poverty was people having children too soon. Paul mentioned nothing about the inflationary policies of the federal reserve, the monetary policies enacted by criminal oligarchs, the outsourcing of American jobs, or the overregulation of industry. He suggested that people should wait to get good jobs and an education before having children. He added that petty fines issued by government were a main cause of anger among the black population and that the answer is getting people to 'register to vote.'

When asked by FOX news why he went to Ferguson, MO last week, Paul replied "because I think that I wanted to understand what is going on, not just in Ferguson but in a lot of our major cities. What I sense is that there's a sense of, an under-current of unease out there that people are unhappy because of poverty. They're unhappy because of unemployment. But they're also unhappy because the criminal justice system I think seems to have trapped people, particularly people of color. African Americans, hispanics are disproportionately represented in our prisons for non violent drug crimes."

"And because of that, I think there's this sense of 'you know I'm not being threated fairly.' There's this sense of anger. You see what's going on- none of it do I condone any of what's going on in Ferguson- the violence. In fact I was there, I suggested, put out a voter registration table, I'll come help you man the table because I want more people to vote and I think it's a way of getting more people to partcipate."

"But at the same time there is an anger out there. And we ought to understand what the anger is about. Doesn't mean we condone it, but we need to understand, is there a way to make our legal system better. A good example is in Ferguson, last year there were two million dollars in petty fines. For you or I a hundred dollar fine might not be a big deal, but if you're poor and if you have a hundred dollar fine and you don't pay it then the next week it's $125, then it's $150, then it's $200. You can see how these petty fines build up and theres an anger build-up towards authorities because they're getting nickeled and dimed to death by these petty fines."

"Well the interesting thing is when you meet with the leaders obviously none of them want violence, in fact many of the businesses that have been burned are owned by minority business owners. So are these people from outside, get out of control? But the bottom line is I think we need to do something diferently and here's the problem. Some of this laws can't do. I think that needs to happen and I can't make it happen. If you look at the number one cause of poverty, this is not just black population. If you look at just the white population, the number one cause of poverty having kids before youre married, and not finishing your education. Those two things put you in this category- if you finish your education and wait to have your children, you're in this category - way different- like four times better chance of staying out of poverty, maybe ten times better. But someone needs to talk about that. There needs to be leaders. Instead of leaders inciting violence, they need to be saying "come on guys you need to get ahead you want to have a job, you got to wait to have your kids." This isn't just a black thing. I want to mkake sure people aren't thinking this is a racial thing. This happens in white comunities, this happens across culture for the last thirty or forty years."

When asked about Obama's comments regarding Ferguson, Paul replied that many leaders "they don't want this but dont quite understnd why it has to happen." He repeated his suggestion to set up voter registration tables with black leaders, saying 'don't go out and do anything, let's sit down here and register votes."

Watch this ridiculous interview here:

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