Rand Paul: Israelis Don't Burn American Flags
By Martin Hill
August 31, 2014


Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox's On the Record with Greta Van Susteren - August 5, 2014

Rand Paul: [2:23] "Yeah well I've never targeted Israel for any aid cuts, never voted to cut any aid to Israel, and the interesting thing is I've spent the last two months trying to cut aid to Hamas and the Palestinian Authority; and people seem to be trying to create their own story here. But I've been on the Senate floor three times in the last two weeks challenging the Democrats to say 'you know what? Hamas should not get aid.' That's the real story here, anything else being brought up is someone trying to create a story."

This video was posted at Paul's Senate website here.

In reality Paul specifically advocated stopping all aid to Israel and is only now back-peddling to appease what he believes and hopes will be his Zionist masters. In August 2013, Paul admitted that he meets with Israeli groups daily".

On page 36 of Rand Paul's "Proposed Budget of the U.S. Government for fiscal year 2012", Rand wrote specifically about cutting all foreign aid and addressed Israel specifically, stating that cutting aid to Israel would be beneficial to them. Paul included a graphic about Israel's economy titled 'Chart 14,' in which he pointed out that Israel's GDP Per Capita Growth had an average of 3.6 Percent growth from 1960 to 1982, but since U.S. aid began increasing an average of $3 Billion annually in 1982, that growth has decreased to 1.9 percent. Excerpt:

Aid to Israel
"Free money is the scourge of Israel’s Economy. It is the difference between a free, prosperous Israel and a statist, dependent Israel." --Alvin Rabushka, Stanford Economist

While this budget proposal does eliminate foreign aid to Israel, it is not meant to hurt, negate, or single out one of America’s most important allies. This proposal eliminates all foreign aid to all countries. Israel’s ability to conduct foreign policy, regain economic dominance, and support itself without the heavy hand of U.S. interests and policies, will only strengthen the Israeli community.

The elimination of all foreign aid, including provisions to Israel, is not necessarily a new idea. In 1996, during an address before the U.S. Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that his nation would eventually wean itself from dependence on U.S. foreign aid. Prominent Israeli politicians and economists alike have called for the end of foreign aid. Among them is economist Amon Gafney, who served as governor of the Bank of Israel from 1970 to1981. He pointed out that foreign aid has caused Israel to suffer from ¯Dutch Disease, a situation in which a generous gift brings short-term benefits but impairs a country’s long-term competitiveness.

Also: "Rand Paul Defends Israel": http://www.paul.senate.gov/?p=video&id=1188


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