Rand Paul on "the Jews, those bankers, the Jews did this to us!"
By Martin Hill
February 12, 2014


Every so often I will go to Rand Paul's Senate website and type in a few keywords. It can make for very entertaining and revealing reading, such as when Rand Paul admitted that he vsits with Israeli groups daily!"! (8/13/13) Or, when he said Israel is "one friend that never leaves our side, has never wavered" (11/18/13). I also did the same search on Ted Cruz and found these Fourteen Ted Cruz Quotes on Israel" (1/3/14).

In March 2013, Paul gave a speech which is described as follows: "Today, Sen. Rand Paul took to the Senate floor to participate in an active filibuster of President Obama's nominee for director of the Central Intelligence Agency, John Brennan. Sen. Paul's remarks began at 11:47 a.m. ET, and as of this release, he is still participating in the filibuster. Below is video and an unofficial transcript of his remarks between approximately 1:47 p.m.-2:47 p.m."

The segment about "Jewish Bankers" begins around minute 32. I thought it was funny only for the potential comedy that could ensue if someone took this video clip out of context. ;-)

030613 - Sen. Rand Paul Senate Filibuster - HOUR 3

UNOFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT: Hour 3 - Sen. Rand Paul Filibuster of Brennan Nomination Mar 6, 2013
"You know, the president's response to this was also pretty disappointing. It wouldn't have become law without him. I think he threatened to veto it and then he signed it anyway. Empty threats are of no value. He struck no great blow for America or for American freedoms by not vetoing this. But when he signed it, he said something similar to what he's saying now. He said well, I have no intent to indefinitely detain people. Am I the only one in America that's a little bit, you know, underwhelmed by the President saying he has no intent to dough taken somebody but he is going to sign it into law saying he has the power to? That's the same thing we're getting now in this drone strike program. Don't worry, everything's okay. I'm your leader, and I would never detain you. I would never shoot Hellfire missiles at noncombatants. I won't do that. And I can take him at his word, but what about the next guy? And the next guy? In 1923, when they destroyed the currency in Germany, they elected Hitler. I'm not saying anybody's Hitler, so don't misunderstand me. I'm saying that there is a danger even in a democratic country that someday you get a leader who comes in in the middle of chaos and says, Those people did it! Those people are the mistake, those people are who we need to rout out. And if the laws have been removed that prevented that from happening, if the laws had been removed that say we can indefinitely detain. In Hitler's case, he said the Jews, those bankers, the Jews did this to us and they were indefinitely detained. Now, am I saying it's going to happen in our country? Unlikely. I can't imagine any of our leaders for all of our disagreements doing that. But if you don't have the law to protect you, you don't have that protection, because you do not know who the next guy is, and the next guy, or the next woman. When Madison wrote about this, he was very explicit. He said we have these rules in place because we don't have a government of angels. If we had a government of angels, we wouldn't need these rules..."
In a CNN Op-Ed: Stop using taxpayer money to aid Egypt's Morsy from July 2013, Rand said "Our government insists on calling Morsy an ally. Morsy, on the other hand, has called Jews "bloodsuckers" and has said they are the "descendants of apes and pigs."

In Sen. Paul Opposes NDAA After Right to Jury Trial Amendment Stripped (12/21/12), Paul notes "Your trial by jury is your last defense against tyranny, your last defense against oppression. We have locked up Arabs, we have locked up Jews, we have locked up the Japanese. Do you not want to retain your right to trial by jury? Do you want to allow the whims of government to come forward and lock up who they please without being tried?"

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