Pro-Surveillance Mayor May Thwart City Council's Plan to Axe Red Light Cameras in Riverside, CA
End of Riverside Red Light Cams On July 8 Council Agenda: Contact Pro-Camera Mayor Now

By Martin Hill
July 7, 2014


The city of Riverside, CA is voting to end their red-light camera program at the Tuesday, July 8th City Council meeting, but the pro-camera Mayor Rusty Bailey (pictured at left) may use his veto to override the council members votes. Contact him now and let your thoughts about these big-brother revenue cameras be heard.

As far back as 2012 Bailey has been an adamant defender of the cams desipte resident complaints. Bailey, A West Point grad and former FedGov employee, defended the cameras by claiming they "help the police" and that by saying "there's a payment plan available" to "help" people pay the nearly $600 fines. A typical serial government-employee hack, Bailey burdens residents with outrageous fees while claiming on his website that "I am committed to making Riverside a safer, healthier, and more prosperous place to live, work, go to school, and raise a family."

The mayor can be reached via online contact form here or at the following numbers:

The city council can be reached 951-826-5991 or by e-mail here.

The editor of writes: "The termination of the program is not a slam dunk, as the mayor likes the cameras and can use his veto to override a vote by the councilmembers. To pressure the mayor to NOT exercise his veto, the public needs to show up at the meeting, and be seen and heard (the public will be allowed to speak to the item). Please spread the word. The meeting starts at 3 on Tues. July 8. It is item 19 on the agenda. The staff report is attached."

The City Council, in their recent report, recommended that the city
1. Eliminate the Photo Red Light Enforcement Program and terminate the Agreement with Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc.;
2. Authorize the City Manager or his designee to take all actions necessary to terminate the Agreement; and
3. Approve the program termination plan outlined in this report.

The Chief of Police concured with the report.

The report also noted "The recommended termination plan will result in an estimated $445,000 net loss to the General Fund based on the adopted fiscal year (FY) 2014/15 budget... The total cost of the Program to the City is around $92,557 per month. Fines collected by the City from Program citations are estimated around $137,500 per month. Collection time for an average citation is approximately four-months, representing between $350,000 and $400,000 in revenue. Over the past two-years the revenue has covered the Program's costs and contributed approximately $450,000 in additional funding per year to the General Fund."

Many cities across California have been removing the costly and legally troublesome cams. The neighboring City of Upland, CA removed all their red-light cameras in 2009 after admitting that 'rear end collisions have actually increased.'

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