Stop the Police Tobacco-Related Murders of Black Guys
By Martin Hill
August 16, 2014


This is not to make light of the recent extremely high-profile killings of two young black males.

People are killed by police every day acorss the country. More innocent people are killed by police than by "terrorists." Police are militarized, trained by the Israeli government, and are completely out of control. We live in a fascist police state.

But one interesting point of late is that this is the second black guy killed over incidents which began involving cigarettes/tobacco products. Eric Garner was allegedly selling black-market untaxed cigs in New York, and Michael Brown was killed after allegedly shoplifting tobacco products in Missouri.

"MSNBC is playing a loop of some security video from the nearby QT that appears to show Mike Brown shoplifting a large box of swisher sweets (cigarellos) valued at $48.99." Brown was shot and killed by officer Darren Wilson shortly after an altercation with a Quick Trip store clerk.

The previous killing of course occurred in New York where 43-year-old Eric Garner was killed on July 17 by Officer Daniel Pantaleo, who put Garner in a choke hold after he allegedly commited the ''crime'' of selling 'blackmarket non-taxed cigs'. Now in Ferguson, MO, an apparently disadvantaged cigarette-deprived black is guy dead because of an incident which began when he allegedly commited a strongarm robbery to steal tobacco products.

Let's address policy here, which is the crux of the matter. Policy affects lives. If the state allowed the first black guy and his ilk to sell tobacco unregulated to this second tobacco-deprived black guy and his ilk, none of these tragedies would be happening. (Of course this would apply not only to black guys, but to any color guy or gal for that matter.) Obama is black, and he smokes, so maybe there needs to be a law. Or a petition to to get congress to act promptly.

Or alternatively, perhaps less regulation of tobacco would equals less deaths. What do you think? You can comment below, you don't have to log in to do so.

Prohibition was an unmitigated disaster and does not work. Not to mention the phony drug war, in which the U.S. admittedly ships in the drugs and creates a lucrative prison-indistrial complex to imprison both the drug customers and suppliers. Why all these squabbles over tobacco which lead to state-sanctioned murder???

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