PC Police Turn On Their Own: Why Thought Police Are Bad No Matter Who Is The Target
By Martin Hill
November 12, 2014


A black teacher named Vinita Hegwood who taught at Duncanville High School in Texas has been fired after a 'firestorm' of people were greatly offended at the woman's comments, which consisted of the following: [screenshot of the tweet is here.]
"Who the fuck made you dumb duck ass crackers think i give a squat fuck about your opinions about my opinions RE: #Freguson? Kill yourselves. 11/7/14 639pm Season44 @duckseason6

Soon after posting, Hegwood initially removed the tweet and then deleted her Twitter account entirely. Reactions to the tweet went viral and Vinita Hegwood was immediately fired from her job by the TX school district. Granted, a government school would have a hard time justifying keeping someone who called whites "crackers" and vulgarly promoted suicide of whites. But the so-called conservative sect promoting Hegwood's firing, who generally scoffs at the racist label, is promoting the exact same politically correct speech and thought-police rules which should be rejected. People know how ridiculous it is when we're told "you're racist if you oppose obamacare," "you're racist if you oppose wide open borders," you're racist if you dare criticise the Israeli lobby and its' undue influence on our ZOG (zionist-occupied government.), etc.

Typical reactions to Hegwood's tweet by statists consisted of the following:

  • "Unspeakable..!! She is an ignorant racist..! People like this cannot and should not EVER have access to our children..!"
  • "@DuncanvilleISD Is this what you promote in the US ? Surely children should not be expose to such hate speech"

    Since I don't believe in the thought police, I don't care if this woman is fired from her government school job. If these people had any sense, they wouldn't have their kids in government school to begin with.

    The Duncanville School District issued this statement late Sunday:

    "As an individual, Ms. Vinita Hegwood expressed an opinion on social media that is solely her own. She used her personal social media account to make remarks that are offensive. While everyone has the right to free speech, as a teacher in the district, we believe the comments that are alleged to be made by Ms. Hegwood are absolutely reprehensible and we do not condone it. The district is taking swift action in this matter within the authority set forth by district policy. Duncanville ISD embraces diversity and is not defined by the personal opinion of one."

    The establishment, which generally promotes racial division and agitates racial and class strife whenever the opportunity arises, is now appalled when the fruits of their race-pimping surface in a black woman's tweet about Ferguson, MO.

    Politically-correct nuts on the left and right went berzerk with angst over the teacher's cracker comments.:

  • Black teacher goes off on "crackers kill yourselves" rant - askwhy shes still employed
  • Racial Tweet has Duncanville teacher in twitter storm

    In 2011, there was another infamous case of a black female who was fired from her job as a public school teacher for daring to have a controversial opinion about a matter. She was called a "racist" too, and fired after a public outcry from offended, politically-correct handwringers. Patricia McAllister, a substitute teacher employed by the L.A. Unified School District, was at an "Occupy L.A." protest when she was interviewed by ReasonTV and said "the Zionist Jews who are running these big banks and our federal reserve -- which is not run by the federal government -- they need to be run out of this country."

    I am not saying that what Patricia McAllister said about zionist Jews and what Vinita Hegwood about "F-ing white crackers" said are similar or comparable. But it's irrelevent. They are both people with unconventional opinions and who dared to voice those opinions. Neither was working in school when they did so.

    When McAllister's interview came to light, L.A.U.S.D. Superintendent John Deasy made this announcement: "I want to emphasize that we condemn the remarks made recently by Patricia McAllister. Her comments, made during non-work time at a recent protest rally, were her private opinions and were not made in the context of District services. As a day-to-day substitute teacher, Ms. McAllister was an at-will employee. As of today, she is no longer an employee of the LAUSD."

    PC folks on the left and the right went berzerk with angst over McAllister's "outrageously offensive" comments:

  • OUTRAGE: Occupy LAs Jew-Hating Teacher Fired, But FOX Gives Forum for Anti-Semitism
  • Spew Anti-Semitism at Occupy Rally Get Fired
  • L.A. teacher loses job over anti-Semitic comments

    See McAllister's interview here:

    Mrs. Vinita Hegwood's husband, questioned outside the couple's home, was quoted in the news as saying that there was more to the story. On her Pinterest account, Hegwood has four categories, including education and her apparent affiliation with the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.. One of the posts she made in the education category was the following: Notice to Students (Big Text) - NEW School Classroom Student Motivational POSTER- YES!!! Do I dare share this with parents on back to school night? This is MY classroom and you follow the rules or face the consequences...LOVE IT!

    In today's confused society, people might be freaked out and offended by anything racial, controversial, insulting, or discriminatory, but is it really necessary to crucify the woman and to relish destroying her career and her ability to earn a living? What exactly is gained by all this? Have none of these complainers ever in their life used a racial epithet, either jokingly or in a moment of anger? What about "those without sin cast the first stone?" Yes, we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. (In Matthew 22:34-40 Jesus said "You shall love the Lord, your God, with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the greatest and the first commandment. The second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.") What about forgiveness and mercy? In The Beatitudes, Jesus taught "Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy."

    Maybe, just maybe, an actual discussion of these hot-tempered, ill-advised tweets such as the one Hegwood made could be productive. Does Vinita Hegwood really hate whites as all these complainers allege? If so, why? Does she mistreat and abuse white students at her school? Has she ever had any complaints of such misconduct? What's wrong with actually analyzing and addressing these issues instead of going into a reactionary, rabid attack mode?

    A lot of educators have been removed from their professions for much less offenses than calling people "white crackers" or "zionist jews." Dr. Kevin Barrett was fired as a professor for daring to question the official version of 9/11/01. Dr. E. Michael Jones was fired for daring to be against abortion at a Catholic university. Dr. Nick Kollerstrom lost his job as a university professor for daring to question details about the World War II holocaust narrative.

    Sure, the offended public on both the left and right can continue to get people fired from their jobs for daring to voice a non-politically correct opinion about something. But the thought police mentality actually does more to harm our society than the thoughts themselves.

    Flashback 2009: 'InfoWarrior' Jason Bermas: Jew Critics Are 'Anti-Semites' Who Should Hang Or Electrocute Themselves
    [Jones and Bermas respond to my article on air.]

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