American Fighting For Custody In A Foreign Country
TX Man's Wife Divorces Him, Takes Their Son To Her Foreign Country- Chronicling His Fight For Custody
February 16, 2015


The following is a series of messages corresponding with a man in his late 30's whose wife left him, then left the U.S. with the couple's son and filed for divorce. He relays the story of his quest to fight for visitation and custody of his son up in Canada. No editing has been done to the messages, other than some names have been changed. This is posted in the interest of public education and free speech. If you feel compelled to help the man with even a buck or two for his trip to Canada, feel free to click his link here. I am not affiliated with the fundraiser or link. I can attest that I've known Russell Shipp for a number of years (since 2001) and attest to his integrity, sincerity, kindness and genuine caring nature.

Here is a photo my wife took of us this past summer when we went out to dinner at a nice steakhouse near Austin, TX. Rusty is on the left.

Rusty cares a lot about his country and protested 'Texas Israel Day' in Austin in 2013 with a handful of others. He is pictured here with his son who is in a stroller with a sign reading 'NO TEXAS ISRAEL DAY!' outside the State Capitol.

You can follow Rusty and his progress in Canada on Twitter @titorite here. His Twitter feed is also embedded below.

Update: Russell Shipp's ex-wife posted an update and her side of this situation and asked if she had a place on this page to defend herself. It is below in blue text.

Date: January 24 7:26:42 PM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

The family situation has gotten worse. Cynthia refused reconciliation and continues to hide my son from me in the name of revenge. The divorce was finalized but custody will be heard in Canada... So in essence the state find no fault with her kidnapping. And She finds no fault using our son to get revenge.

I feel as though my life is destroyed.

Date: January 28 10:37:57 AM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

Thank you brother... my God hear our prayers... I'd still reconcile with her if she wanted...still , as the situation stands I gotta get to quebec pronto. if you like you could help by sharing the charity link im selling everything I own and doing this charity thing to try my best to reach my son.

Date: January 28 1:33:16 PM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

Gofundme takes a cut as I understand it, but hey, they let me set it up with out any hassle. I didn't have to give them any money or anything... And you know what I am gonna do with the funds... My truck has a head light out, broken wipers, bald tires and bad inspection. It's a total trifecta LOL... But shes my beast. The lights and the Wipers I can handle... new used tires to replace the bald ones is something I'll need help with....

Date: February 6 11:41:58 PM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

Hey martin, I sent you an email, not sure if you got it. I wanted to say hi and I was curious if you needed any more backstory for that story if if you were just gonna go with it. I look forward to seeing it. I really hope it give me the edge I need to help propel me north to be there for my little guy... Thank you so much .... Rusty

February 8 11:50:48 AM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

Well, Mine is a common tale of typical tyranny. After things fell apart in my marriage my wife orchestrated a plan to try abduct and hide our child through a series of lies and manipulations. Once I realized that I had been deceived and that I needed to do something I called the local sheriffs office right away and was promptly told that mothers can not kidnap their own children. Title 5 Chapter 20 of the Texas Penal Code clearly states otherwise but the officer refused to take my report further enabling a dangerous woman with control of my son. I tried going to the DA directly but was told they only pursue charges the sheriffs office forwards to them. The FBI refused to help, city cops offered no assistance , no authority was willing to assist me.

I manged to learn about and file a Hague Case for the return of my wrongfully retained son on my own. I was assigned a Lawyer from the province of Quebec were my former spouse had fled too. I thought I had a rock solid case since my wife had publicly confessed to lying to me online. I never expected my own lawyer to call me a liar. I never expected her to lie about filing the evidence. I was not prepared for the lawyer to throw away her career to help a fellow Quebbecer but that is exactly what happened. My own lawyer sabotaged the case.

So I fired her and hired a new lawyer and continued the litigation down in Texas. When it was all said and done they tell me that Canada still has jurisdiction over the child custody aspect and the ex wife is still doing all that she can to this day to deny and destroy my relationship with my son. To that end I must get back to Quebec and fight for my sons rights in Canadian courts because the US authorities were unwilling to enforce the law.


Date: February 9 6:44:12 AM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

Q. That's great. Now a question, why do you say that the lawyer that you fired destroyed her career? also- tell me how it was, an American going to a foreign country to fight for custody.

Well that is basically what I was aiming at in the last reply. To expand upon your questions; My lawyer lied to my face, showed me the print outs of the public confession on a forum, the emails where Cynthia admitted to lying , her facebook screen shots of her and her sister discussing jumping the border and tricking me, all of it was printed up and I was told it was entered into evidence. On the day of court my Lawyer accused me of lying about being manipulated and conned into signing the consent form. Cynthias lawyer did not have to argue a thing. When I fired her during the hearing and insisted upon all the evidence she had in her possession be turned over so I could present it to the judge. Thats when she informed the court she had not filed any evidence because she did not think it was relevant to my case.

I filed a formal grievance against her and although the discipline committee decided to find no fault with her, My lawyer Law firm, the most prestigious law firm in Montreal, [XX--REDACTED--XX], they let her go. She is now practicing law independently on the poor side of Montreal in the burrow of Verdun. Also I have filed for a review of the Discipline Committees decision so her actions of betrayal my still cost her her legal license.

The Ride up to Montreal Quebec was a heck of a thing. Originally I was refused entry and told that I would not be allowed into Canada because of some marijuana convictions in my youth.

So I went home and got my mother to go up there with me. People have a much more sympathetic disposition towards nice little old ladies. This time the let us in for a 200 fee and we found a room to rent for our stay. We thought we would only be up there a few weeks but quickly discovered that the montreal courts work super slow.

It was another month before I was even allowed to see my son after the first court date. And even then my lawyer did nothing to facilitate that. I figured out what they called their health and human services departments and where they were located and day after day I went out through snowy blizzards as one center directed me to another center and then another and this run around went on for about two weeks till I finally found the proper place that was responsible for the supervised visitation. Only they had not gotten any of the paperwork from my lawyer. I wrote her an email about it and she said she had filed everything correctly , thats when I forwarded their email to me stating that they had not gotten anything from her. ONLY THEN did the right paperwork finally get faxed to the right people and a few days later I got to spend an hour with my son for the first time in 6 months.

It was one hour of bliss followed by the long week till the next blessed hour I would get to spend time with my boy. I got to see him for about 2 or 3 months like this till the end of the trial. After my lawyer made a convincing argument against me to the judge , the judge informed me that I had two options, he was going to rule against me or I could with draw my case. In the face of total defeat I choose to with draw rather than be ruled against. I decided that I would have to continue my case in Texas despite the miscarriage of justice they put me through as I informed you about already. And as you know, I'm now going back to the great white north, I still have no clue what my sons address is or where he goes to school or anything about his health and life. She keeps me in the dark as much as she can,

Our room in Montreal was located on Park Avenue. It was really nice. Me and my mom lived with a native Bi-lingual English Canadian who was a full time student, A world traveling violinist making a name for herself, and an Israel Russian whos father was a jew so naturally he was not welcomed in Israeli society. HE was quick to say he wasn't jewish either by belief, ... he was a tough russian. When he made coffee he boiled the grounds in a pot and drank it grounds and all. HE hooked up with some other russains and found work under the table. I could not find work , at all. Nobody could hire me legally without a work visa and my spouse viciously trolled craigslist flagging every single ad about alternative healing that I made. We had to live soly on the money we took with us, costing our family around 10K total with less than idea results.

My mothers health was a very real issue. She forgot her medicine then Canada couldn't help her so we had to travel back into the states to get her medicine and even then she still lacked her vaporizer so she could not do her proper treatment like she should of been doing. The cold really got to her too. Before we even got back to Texas I knew she wouldn't be able to go back again. It is just too much for her at her age.

So now I'm going back solo, fully informed and armed to the teeth with paper work and completely ready to do all that I can to be there for my little guy.

Date: February 10 5:23:34 AM
From: Rusty
Subject: theres been a change.

I hope you haven't sent your story to the presses yet. Today as I was taking care of my last duties, making my last phone calls , get everything in order when here come the constables to harass about the junk in my yard thanks to jerk wad people on the home owners association. .....

Anyways, so im in my back yard showing them that I had gotten rid of the mattresses by burning them. I lost a point there because burning mattresses is apparently illegal here. But they let it slide and told me to keep working on it. I get 30 more days. Thanks but heads, say before you go, can I ask you a legal question? So I ask them "if it is legal for a mom to kidnap her own children"? And I explain the dynamics of my situation to them real quick and they tell me the same thing other sheriffs deputies told me. "no , mothers have equal custody rights so they can take a child where ever they want". To wit I informed them of which laws they were ignorant of and of the standing county law signed by all the judges of this county regarding taking minors out side the county... I yammered a bit and they nodded politely and said their hands were tied. They wished me well and said bye bye.

About that time I got one of those phone calls I had been waiting on. Earlier in the day I had called the local county DA office to ask them about getting some laws apostled/authenticated. I needed to know if a law is not enforced is it still valid? Like, could I take an authenticated copy of our American law to show the Canadian family courts that even though it was not enforced the law does indeed exist and she did indeed break it to get my son to Quebec.

Well they said the DA was out but he would call me back when he got done with court. Then I was privileged with the opportunity to have that delightful discussion with those constables. And despite what they said the DA office informed me that they wanted me to take my stuff all that I had and go report it to the sheriffs office under their insistence and if they gave me any grief I was to inform them to call the DA office themselves.

I asked if it was OK to go today, and they said sure go knock you lights out.

SO, I gathered all the evidence I had that I never got to show Canadian courts or US courts and I went down to the Sheriffs office/jail. I told them the DA had asked me down there to give my statement and make my allegation and they did not give me any trouble this time. I even had the foresight to write my incident number because I never got a case number but regardless of the differences all the stuff I said was still there including my befuddlement at cops swearing that moms can not kidnap children....

And All I was wondering was if I could get proof of a law to support my custody case.

I tell ya it hurt doing it. I told my mom before I left that this was a one way road. I never in a million years expected them to do their job, especially after all the courts. Then faced with the fact that they were indeed about to do their jobs...and all that it would mean.

I filled out the paperwork and choose my son.

I'm still packing and preparing. I'm moving forward as though nothing has changed because aside from that development , I still gotta get up there.... If they take him from her and put him in protective custody I doubt that they'll put him on a plane. And the legal ramifications of all the courts...BUT I did with draw my hague case so I was never technically ruled against. even though I did sign an interm custody order which the backstabbing quebeccer lawyer thrust upon me first thing before any court hearing. BUt I filed for review of her misconduct which is ultimately still pending....SO MANY WHAT IFS!!!

In the face of so many fuck ups I can't help but to think that my shit is about to international. I know I am I got two weeks left for my personal deadline to be able to make it up there by the end of February.

And now you are fully updated.

February 11 5:13:17 PM
From: Rusty
Subject: Re: New Braunfels

Well as it turns out the Authorities were just fucking with me again. The sheriffs deparment refuses to forward the information to the DA. And the DA also is insisting the laws on the books don't matter/dont exists and that mothers can not kidnap their own kids... I read the law to her and the DA just did not care. So in essence They don't give a shit as long as their ass is covered. That is the name of the game for them. CYA, cover your ass. They know they fucked up. Now they don't want to be held accountable for their fuck ups. Even if that means fucking over a citizen.

I hate this nation.

[Here is Russell's ex-wife giving her side:]

#21. To: All (#0) Just letting you all know on an update

Russell did reach Montreal safe and sound, where he proceeded to go straight at my mothers for the last 4 days in a row since it is the only address he knows of. Instead of communicating with an attorney or a CSSS for visitation scheduling with our son, he has been active and busy harassing my mother of 70 years of age.

Tonight it culminated in him kicking and banging at her door, ringing her doorbell like heaven caught on fire even tho she told him to go through with an attorney or someone to schedule a visit, more than once. It ended with the cops catching him red handed at her door still, he is lucky he did not get arrested.

For those who contributed funds for his little venture which he did not fix his truck and came up with his mother's van, helping him terrorize my mother and her landlord who lives downstairs, both are 70's+ A stellar job at supporting your pal Russell!

If you are wondering, I am mad as hell!

It is one thing he got you all swindled and suckered into how his ex wife is the wicked witch of the north but it is unacceptable for him to behave in such a matter. His previous lawyer is already paying the price for accepting his case, she did her job. In court back then, it was found that he knew that we were relocating and he admitted that there was no set date for our return or our son's return, she defended him to the best of her ability but considering the 2 main points were met when it came to international child kidnapping, he had no case anymore so the judge offered him to either withdraw his case or he would likely rule against him. Now, if he pulled the same shit has he did with the attorney he hired for the divorce case back in Texas and lied flat out to her as he did her Texas attorney, no wonder she could not defend him or counsel him properly. Russell told his Texas lawyer that there was no arrangement or court order regarding custody of out child. When my SA attorney told me that she asked his lawyer if she knew that there was already a court order in place, she was unaware it was so... Strike one, bold face lie.

Russell also have been active on Reddit where he has been busy smearing the crap out of me, no names mentioned, but still, active of also depicting on how he believes and is convinced I'm a narcissist. For those who have not done any research on the subject, they project big time, it is never their fault, they are to be pitied, they get screwed over all the time, they mean well (I have 2 black eyes unreported to the cops and one reported assault where he pleaded guilty and did jail time) and the list is long, just don't like to dwell in the past and tried to move on. So far have not chimed into his pity fest but tonight was straw that broke the camel's back.

He has no boundaries, he has no reservations. He even got a hold of an old list I did in an attempt to save our marriage, part of a self help book, fascinating womanhood, and posted it on reddit ut_myself/

And some other stuff, and then more. Have kept quiet, have not impeded in his "little oh poor me pity" me fest nor kept one step ahead to try to defend myself because I knew it would be useless because 1) He would twist around everything I said accusing me of doing the same and 2) He would always have an excuse for his behavior and why he did it.

Not secreting our son, just have a strong sense of self preservation after going through everything I did with that man. He puts on a good persona in public, he is likable, believable, charming, honest, gentle, kind, understanding, genuine... In private and after living with that man for 5 years, I can tell you otherwise but that is what i'm trying to desperately put in the past to move forward. This is why i've been silent, this is why you have not heard a single peep about the user behind the moniker that is SilverStorm.

Martin/Artisan, Cynthia, really?

In the name of seeking truth and an equal fight, do I have a place on your page do defend myself and post the supervised custody arrangement we both signed, his consent letter, his abusive e-mails, his criminal records, the new and upcoming police reports of him harassing my mother?

For the record, I did not "dump him" as you posted on your website, he wanted me out, desperately so he could pursue his new 19 years old flame at the time, Shawnessy Rife.

Russell, if you read this, restraining orders, with an s as plural are coming your way, thank you for being such a jerk and showing your true colors, once again.

Cynthia aka Nancy

SilverStorm posted on 2015-02-25 0:46:04 ET Reply Trace Private Reply Edit

#22. To: SilverStorm (#21)
What are you doing in Canada?? Are you trying to keep Russell from seeing his son by crossing an international border???

#23. To: X-15 (#22)

He is here.

He successfully harassed my mother for 4 consecutive days in a row. There is a court order in place X-15 of supervised visitation which he did nothing to contact the right people to make it happen, he only harassed my mom, an elderly woman whom he ended kicking and banging at her door late this afternoon. i'm sticking to the court order that WE both signed.

FYI, he could only cross because there is a court date set, otherwise, he is barred from coming to this country, he even said as much himself in one of his posts, in the thread, I love you son.

He is violent! FFS, wake up people!

Why do you think I keep my home address private!

For shit and giggles?

If he were pulling that shit at my door, he would already be in jail, collecting new badges in a foreign country. That stuff is sure going to sit well in court this upcoming Thursday.

He has visitation rights, he has done nothing so far to prevail on them beside harassing my 70 years old mother for, let me put it again, 4 straight days in a row until the cops showed up and caught him red handed!
SilverStorm posted on 2015-02-25 1:32:32 ET

[Russell responds:]

Well it was not quite like.she was was knocking and door bell rining. This bs about kicking never happened . I dont dare hurt a snowflake on her property because i know they would use that against me. But no. This story about me trying to bust down the door screwming for my son... total bumkis lies. The cops did come though. They said the lady wishes you leave. And i did with out objection. I wasnt there to cause problems. I was there because that was my only ponit sin e nancy blocked every other means of communication. The sound of my voice is.too painful for.her to hear but somehow.reading and reposting my words hurts.neither her eyes or fingers... so yeah. I knocked i begged her to take my money to just make the call to the ex and ask about visitation... i have no lawer currently they knew that. I informed.them.

I had hoped that nancys hurt had eased some and that she wouldrefrain from continuing to use.our child... sadlly that aint in fact i kinda wonder if she is using the bitches guide to custody (at the expense of your children) it is be a satire article but she seems to be following the guidelines of it.

No matter. The courts will decide whatever they decide but i will alwys for my boy.

posted on 2015-02-27 12:15:30 ET


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