Israel's Fierce Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked Is Fan of Ayn Rand
By Martin Hill
May 15, 2015


The NY Times has an article on Israel's new 39-year-old justice minister Ayelet Shaked, who is described as "a secular woman."


"They say that I'm very calculated and not very sensitive - that a regular, average person, there are many things that bother them, and I don't see or feel it," Ms. Shaked explained in an interview, her first since her recent rocket rise. "If you get into emotions, then it disturbs your work. Sometimes you focus on what's less important and not the main thing."

For Ms. Shaked, a former computer engineer, the main thing is "to strengthen the Jewish identity" of Israel, "to have a democratic, Jewish, strong state."

...That translates, in policy terms, into promoting Israeli annexation of most of the occupied West Bank and ousting African asylum-seekers.

It was as an instructor in the army's Golani Brigade that she grew close to the religious-Zionist settlers who form the core of her constituency today.

A flash point came last June, when Ms. Shaked posted on Facebook a never-published article by a settler activist who had died. It described the entire Palestinian people as "the enemy," called youths who become "martyrs" while attacking Israelis "snakes" and said their mothers should "go to hell" with them. Bloggers accused her of promoting genocide. She deleted the post and wrote an op-ed article attacking the attackers.

Her approach was shaped in part by the author Ayn Rand. "The fact that sometimes you think differently than others," she explained, "but you still need to insist on your views, although you are being accused."

[NY Times link.]

Catholic scholar Michael A. Hoffman of is a sharp critic of Rand and her ideology, such as this excerpt from Greed: An Idaho Republican Virtue

"What is it about Idaho, which has a reputation as a predominately "Christian conservative" state, yet where greed reigns supreme, in the form of permissible usury at a rate of 400% interest on "Payday" loans, and a 6% sales tax on the food we buy for our children? The latest manifestation of this culture of avarice is the proposal by Idaho's Republican Senator John Goedde of Coeur d'Alene, to make the reading of a novel by Ayn Rand (Atlas Shrugged), mandatory for public high school students (cf. Spokane Spokesman-Review, Feb. 6, p. 1).

Rand taught the concept that “greed is good.” Just as Karl Marx founded Communism, which possessed no moral constraint, Rand founded a super-Shylock, hyper-Capitalism (dubbed 'Objectivism'), that also lacked any moral constraint. She viewed charity to the poor with more jaundice than Ebenezer Scrooge. Rand, who was the author of The Virtue of Selfishness, cannot comprehend charity to anyone, except perhaps one's own inner circle, and then only as a personal choice, not a duty. The Christian virtue of doing for others and for the less fortunate is regarded by Rand as a violation of the will and ego of the 'Atlas man,' the money maker supreme. This skinflint, dog-eat-dog barbarism (Isaiah 10: 1-4) is what the goddess of greed and her Republican cheerleaders are all about.

What happens to the New Testament's poor man Lazarus, in a land ruled by Ayn Rand's capitalism? Under Rand, Lazarus would not have a scrap of food off the rich man's table. He would die, as did the Biblical Lazarus in Luke 16, in privation and agony. Rand can approve of this because in her world, exactly as in the Soviet empire of Lenin and Trotsky, there is no god except the material world itself. Like the Communists, the Capitalist Rand refuses to acknowledge the Scriptural truth that every property-owner is God's tenant and owes charity to the poor, and thus is impelled by an informed conscience to voluntarily share one's wealth in some measure (Isaiah 58:7; Nehemiah 5:1-19). Instead, she promotes the option of depraved indifference to the poor.

I would not be expending five words on this debased loanshark, who was so far gone that she shamelessly trumpeted her 'virtue' of selfishness, were it not for the astonishing datum that Rand is a guiding light to many who claim the mantle of the 'Christian Right' in the early 21st century. Rand's ideological perversion is the driving force behind NAFTA, the WTO, “free trade,” many Internet technology capitalists, and many preachers of Churchianity, along with Right wing 'Constitutionalists' who don't know or simply don't care that Rand is the personification of the terminal usurer - usury taken to its farthest and most degenerate extreme (Exodus 22:25; Ezekiel 18: 12-14)."

Hoffman is also the author of Usury in Christendom: The Mortal Sin that Was and Now is Not. One reviewer of the book wrote "This is well researched, and shocking that someone would have the time to gather all the historical facts and quotes on Usury. I especially liked the part about Ayn Rand and have always felt she needs to be put in her place with cult followers."

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H/T: Michael A. Hoffman

Media: racist Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet#Shaked is good-looking hard-worker who tackles issues follows #AynRand

— Michael Hoffman (@HoffmanMichaelA) May 15, 2015

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