Idaho Deputy Brian Wood's Shocking New Facebook Post About The Jack Yantis Killing
By Martin Hill
December 9, 2015




  • [Note: I was on Dr. Kevin Barrett's radio show this past Friday, December 4th, to discuss this case. You can listen here (2nd hour, after Robert Wenzel.) I had actually invited MacKenzie Wood and Her husband Brian to participate in the show, but they did not respond.]

    Adams County, Idaho official ISP in the City of Council has been crawling all over my site for weeks, as recently as yesterday - in addition to the State of Idaho every day, even a week after we forced the sheriff to name Jack's killers. Stay tuned to for the latest ground-breaking coverage on this controversial case.

    Surprise, surprise. Lookie who's visiting again! See, I wasn't exaggerating when I said that the State of Idaho crawls all over my site every day for a month now, since I began writing on the Yantis case. They went to this article moments after it was published. (Don't they have anything better to do with the taxpayer's money?)

    See my reply to Brian Wood here. I have also sent this to him personally via a Facebook message.:
    I'm The One Who Outed Jack Yantis' Killers Last Week. Here Is My Reply To Idaho Deputy Brian Wood's Shocking Facebook Post About Jack's Killing Deputy Brian Wood, (pictured at left) one of the two sheriffs from Council, Idaho who killed 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis on Sunday, November 1st, has posted a shocking new Facebook message thanking his friends for their love and support, and once again defending the killing of Yantis. Wood posted the message on December 7th at 12:12pm.

    Police had called Jack Yantis at his home on Sunday night last month as he ate dinner with his family, asking Jack to come help take care of his injured bull, which had been hit by a car. When Jack went to the scene as dispatch had asked, he was, as his nephew and witness Rowdy Paradis put it, "Murdered in cold blood by trigger happy rookies gunned down at the end of his own driveway for trying to take care of his own livestock!!!!!!"

    Here is Wood's Facebook message:


    The last five weeks have been the most trying of my life. I'd elaborate, but I've come to realize I don't need to because I'm not experiencing this alone, I'm not hurting alone. You have shown me that you love me, that you trust me, and that you are hurting with me.

    It's pretty demoralizing to get several messages, calls, texts, and e-mails each day telling me I'm a murdering piece of _____, a baby killer, and everything in between. These people have no real clue what happened that night, but it still adds up to weigh a person down. That's why I'm so grateful for you.

    YOU, my friends, have sent me so many messages and texts that I've had to upgrade my phone plan TWICE! Your messages, texts, e-mails, calls, and letters mean the world to me. That you would offer your support, your love, and your trust... I can't describe how much that helps! Every time I see something negative, I'm encouraged by one of you. A call, an invite to dinner, a prayer, a sliced up newspaper [smile emoticon] , a hug, an offer to help. Sometimes it's just an understanding look. Really, you have changed everything. Thank you!

    MacKenzie, I never had to guess or wonder how you'd react, what you'd say, or what you'd think. Thank you! I'll say the rest in private [smile emoticon]

    Cody, those who want to hate us always will, regardless of what the investigation shows. First, we were “Barney Fife rookies” and that was bad. When the opposite was proven true, we were evil for FBI sniper training or overseas service. No apology for being so completely wrong, just blind ignorant hatred. But isn't that the reason our profession exists? Law enforcement exists because there is a small percentage of people who aren't reasonable, who don't treat people fairly, who would rather harm innocent people than take the time to educate themselves, who hate good and glorify evil. I know what happened. You know what happened. Hopefully soon, the world will know what happened. In the mean time, know that MacKenzie and I are deeply grateful for you, for who you are, and for your actions.

    We all learn in grade school that forming an opinion before hearing both sides is foolish (Proverbs 14:15, 18:13 and 18:17). This is constantly reinforced through personal experiences, as every person knows the pain of being lied about, and the frustration of watching people blindly believe those lies. To those who have expressed anger toward the people who are believing and repeating false information, remember that you, me, all of us, have done the same thing. It's so easy to hear one side and take it as fact, but it's stupid, and incredibly hurtful, so let's all resolve to never again do that to someone else!

    There are other people and issues I'd like to address but right now I'm not allowed to.

    Please pray for peace and healing for all the families affected by this. When you see an ugly comment, take an extra minute to pray for that person, or if you know them, reach out to them. Please don't correct them or argue with them. Just be there. Chances are, they are hurting and really need you.

    With grateful love,



    His Main Facebook Page Link:

    Notice that Wood referenced the 'FBI sniper training,' a story that broke on Nov. 30th.

    My reply to Brian Wood is here.

    Rowdy Paradis responded to Wood's Facebook post with a brief message of "What bullshit" on his Facebook page. Rowdy added "We're not cop haters.........We only ask for accountability and justice to the unjust."

    You can find the Jack Yantis Archives here.

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