Family of 17-year-old Killed by Michigan Sheriff Police Issues Statement
By Martin Hill
June 22, 2015


The family of 17-year-old Deven Lee Guilford of Michigan issued a statement about the case, after the prosecutor announced that Eaton County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Jonathan Frost will not be charged in the matter.

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The family stated:

Around 8:00pm on February 28, 2015, our 17 year old son and brother, Deven Guilford, was killed as a result of being shot seven times by Eaton County Deputy Sheriff Sgt. Jonathan Frost. At the time, Deven was merely traveling to his girlfriend's house after playing basketball at his church. Deven was stopped by the officer because Deven flashed his bright lights to alert the oncoming officer that his brights appeared to be on. Notably, Deven was the third person that the officer had pulled over that night for flashing brights at the officer, who was driving a brand new police vehicle with high-intensity head-lights. During this traffic stop, it appears that Deven was puzzled and confused about why he was pulled over and why he was being confronted by the officer. It appears that the officer did not make any reasonable inquiry of Deven that could have helped ease the tensions of the situation.

The Eaton County Prosecutor, after reviewing the investigation by the Michigan State Police has determined to not bring any criminal charges against Sgt. Frost. Based on what we know at this time, our family believes that our son should not have been killed on the night in question. There was no reason or necessity for the officer to physically remove our son from the car without considering other options to avoid an unnecessary violent escalation. These options could have included, keeping Deven in the car to allow more time for the incident to cool down and/or wait for other officers to arrive. It must be also noted that Deven was not in possession (of) any weapon and emphatically told the officer that he was not armed. We also have serious concerns about whether the officer used unreasonable force against Deven under the circumstances. In this regard, there are questions about whether Deven should have been tased on the side of the roadway and whether the officer had the right to shoot and kill Deven in these circumstances. Ultimately, we encourage those want more information about the encounter to view the full video of the traffic stop leading up to the physical altercation between Deven and the officer. This video is available through the Michigan State Police Department and the Eaton County Prosecutor's office. We believe this video raises more questions than answers regarding whether Deven should be alive today.



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There is a right and wrong way to assert your rights during encounters with police. Deven Guilford chose the very wrong way, and ended up dead, shot seven times by a county sheriff. If you look at these photos of Sgt. Jonathan Frost after the Deven Guilford shooting, you can see the officer suffered a savage beating. Judge for yourself if you think lethal force was justified. I'm far from a police state apologist or cop bootlicker, but not every police shooting is unjustified. Regardless of how this altercation began, if you beat a man like, cop or not, he has a right to defend himself. I agree with the prosecutors report which states "law enforcement officers have the same privilege of self defense as anyone else."

In the official report released by the prosecutor, Deven's father and girlfriend reportedly spoke to police about his recent focus on Youtube videos of police encounters and "how bad cops are.":

Recent Life events

As recorded on both the body-cam and Deven's own cell phone, Deven was defiant toward the officer's authority. He challenged the reason for te traffic stop, questioned the legitimacy of the officer's position as a law enforcement officer, refused to provide identification and other required vehicle information after numerous requests, refused to get out of the car when ordered to do so, did not comply with demands so he could be arrested and forcibly resisted, opposed or obstructed Sgt. Frost's efforts to handcuff him; all while he was focused on documenting his encounter.

Deven's father and girlfriend reported that, in the days and weeks preceding this traffic stop, Deven was focused on YouTube videos of police encounters with citizens. While not expressing harsh anti-police rhetoric, Deven was supporting the videos as examples of police violating people's rights and "how bad cops are." They said that Deven's focus on these videos was recent, sudden, out of the ordinary, and may have influenced Deven in this traffic stop. His father reported that, in recent days, he tried to counsel his son that these videos did not show how all police acted. Deven's act of recording the traffic stop may have been intended for YouTube. Deven held his phone to focus on Sgt. Frost and narrated, "This is what American..." as Sgt. Frost ordered him to put the phone down and move his arms to his side so he could be handcuffed.

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