Idaho Sheriff's Dept. That Slaughtered Rancher Jack Yantis Was Trained by U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security
By Martin Hill
November 9, 2015

NEW SECTION: CATHOLICISM CLASSICSHISTORICAL QUOTESALL WARS ARE BANKERS WARS! has uncovered official government documents from the Adams County, Idaho Council meetings which reveal that the Adams County Sheriff's Department participates in multiple classes given by the federal U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. Current Sheriff Ryan Zollman was present at the meetings. The Sheriffs were required to take both online and in-person classroom DHS courses.

A more in-depth search reveals that the Sheriff's Dept. has received many federal grant awards for years from DHS, and must comply with requirements in order to receive the grant money. In addition to the feds, the sheriff also works with the Idaho State 'Bureau of Homeland Security.'

Other meetings acknowledge that local Adams County politicians "worked hard at obtaining this [DHS] grant(s)," and were 'rewarded' with grant money. According to the records, they worked for years trying to get these federal DHS grants, which obviously, as admitted in the meetings, come with a price of 'compliance' with DHS training, standards, and classes for local sheriffs.

This is in sharp contrast to the bluster uttered by Sheriff Zollman in 2013, in which he vowed to stand up to the feds.

[LATEST: Gun Grabber DHS Sheriff 'BEGS AND PLEADS FOR PATIENCE' After his Deputies Slaughter Rancher
2 Sheriff Perps under Armed protection, Kept Anonymous, Skirted out of town

In 2014, an official DHS 'use of force' report admitted that Agent's "shots at suspect vehicles are taken out of frustration" involving "non-violent suspects who posed no threat". This is the kind of people and 'DHS training' that we are dealing with.

Here is the relevant text and a link to their actual meeting about DHS. This particular 'Board of County Commissioners' meeting took place on Monday, February 13, 2012. In the screenshot below you can see that they discuss DHS compliance right before asking for another Costco credit card.

Note that when they refer to 'Adams County NIMS compliance issues, 'NIMS' stands for 'National Incident Management System.'

Present General Shawyer, Dale Nader, Civil Defense Director Don Horton, Pam Murphy, UnderSheriff Richard Borger, Steve Ogden, Celeste Zielinski and Ryan Zollman.

[p 3/6] February 13, 2012 - Department of Homeland Security Grant Management Continued:

General Shawyer came before the Board to discusss Adams County NIMS compliance issues. The following have not been participating in the classes that are grant requirements: Emergency Management, Fire and Law Enforcement Departments. The 100 and 200 classes can be performed online, the 300 and 400 clases will need to be taken in a classroom and the 700 and 800 classes are provided online. The General stated the County needs to be committed and asked to have all County Emergency Management cooperating, General Shawyer informed the Board that the FEMA disaster funds are not on hold. Civil Director Don Horton expressed his concerns on how management treated him at the meeting. At the end of the discussion, General Shawyer stated he would unfreeze the grants under the condition of participation. UnderSheriff Borger will collect all certificates in the Sheriff's Office and make them available to the Department of Homeland Security.

The original document can be found here:

Here are a few screenshots of some more DHS related business with the Sheriff's office.:


Certificates of Sheriff's class completion sent to DHS:

Ironically, and sadly, Commissioner Michael Paradis, who's a relative of Yantis, made motions to approve multiple DHS grants. [See Relative of Murdered Rancher Jack Yantis Serves in Local Adams County, Idaho Government.]

[See more screenshots on Sheriff Ryan Zollman's gun grabbing here: 'Pro Gun' Adams County, Idaho Sheriff Ryan Zollman Seizes Guns From Local Residents, Sells Them.]

Note: I found this info documenting Adams County sheriffs relationship with DHS while searching to see if the Idaho Sheriffs were trained by or with Israel or Israeli aligned groups, who are known to train law enforcement nationwide. I have not yet found anything linking Sheriff Zollman to Israeli or Zionist groups, but you may contact him here. His e-mail is listed publicly on their website.
Sheriff: Ryan Zollman
208-253-4228 ext 4160

Below are several more links revealing the smarmy relationship between DHS & Adams County, Idaho. Direct from their official meeting transcripts!

EOC NETWORK EQUIPMENT/NETWORK SERVICES FROM IDAHO TRANSPORTATION DEPTARTMENT TO BUREAU OF HOMELAND SECURITY: Pat Lucas from Homeland Security was before the Board to give an overview of the grants for Adams County. Pat reviewed the EOC network agreement stated no action is needed from the Board.
...GRANT OVERVIEW WITH PAT LUCAS: Present are the following: Pat Lucas with Bureau of Homeland Security, and Building Inspector Don Horton. Pat presented the Board with the total grant dollars for 2007, 2008 and 2009 totaling $501,037.00. Pat will continue to work as a liaison between Don Horton and the County. Bill Brown stated the Board appreciates the work Adams County's Building Inspector Don Horton and Pam Murphy has done. Pat stated he will start visiting the County annually with regard to the Homeland Security grants. Idaho BHS
EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT (formerly known as the Civil Defense Department) - Adams County Emergency Management is the local government agency responsible for disaster preparedness and the coordination of response to emergencies and disasters. It is operated with the cooperation and supervision of the Adams County Board of Commissioners and works closely with local volunteer organizations and law enforcement, as well as state and federal emergency response agencies. Don Horton is the official Emergency Management Coordinator for Adams County.
Resource Links:
FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
Idaho Bureau of Disaster Services
American Red Cross
Homeland Security's Website
HOMELAND SECURITY - GRANT AWARD PRESENTION: Present are the following: Building Inspector Don Horton, Colonel Shawver, Robert Finley, Pat Lucus and Dave Jackson from Homeland Security. The Highland Estate landowners; the Martinsen were also present. Homeland Security presented Adams County with a $200,000.00 grant for fire mitigation thru FEMA. The Highland estates are located above Meadow Creek, all the landowners within the estates approved this fire mitigation. Bill Brown stated Don Horton and Pam Murphy worked hard at obtaining this grant which was applied for 3-years ago. Later Mike Paradis made a motion to sign the grant for the fire mitigation. The motion was seconded by Joe Holmes and carried unanimously. 'head count' More Homeland Security Grants, for $34,000 and $8,900.

Sheriff's Office
Sheriff: Ryan Zollman
208-253-4228 ext 4160
Under Sheriff:
Jeff Brown
208-253-4228 ext 4161
Mail To:
Adams County Courthouse
PO Box 64
Council, ID 83612

Phone: 911 - Emergencies
(208) 253-4227 Normal Business
Dispatch - Press 2
Jail - 253-4168
Drivers Licenses - 253-4163
Fax: (208) 253-1141 - Driver's License
(208) 253-4370 - Jail and Dispatch
Office Hours: Drivers Licensing & Civil:
8:00 -11:30 am; Noon - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday.
Dispatch/Jail: 24/7

About Adams County Idaho:

Established March 3, 1911 with its county seat at Council.
Named for John Adams, the second President of the United States. The Council valley was a meeting place for the Nez Perce and Shoshoni Indian tribes.
County Seat: Council
Population: 3,976
Address: 201 Industrial Ave
Area: 1,370 square miles
Business Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Assessor Stacey Swift Dreyer (R) (208) 253-4271
Clerk Sherry Ward (R) (208) 253-4561
Commissioner District 1 Joe Holmes (R) (208) 741-0971
Commissioner District 2 Michael Paradis (R) (208) 253-4561
Commissioner District 3 William Brown (R) (208) 347-2290
Coroner Susan Warner (R) (208) 253-3461
Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Faulks (R) (208) 253-6896
Sheriff Ryan Zollman (R) (208) 253-4228
Treasurer Christy Wilson (R) (208) 253-4123
Assessor Stacey Swift Dreyer (R) (208) 253-4271


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