Check Out Irwin Schiff's Extensive Website - While It's Still There
By Martin Hill
October 15, 2015



Renown tax protester Irwin Schiff tragically died in an Indiana prison yesterday. The feisty 87-year-old left quite a legacy and a lot of writings behind.

The Orange County Register, a libertarian-leaning mainstream newspaper in Southern California, snidely remarked "Income taxes are voluntary! (If you like prison food)" in a 2010 article about Schiff. They go over a long list of 'Schiff wanna-bees' who are also in prison.

A 62 page document from the IRS titled THE TRUTH ABOUT FRIVOLOUS TAX ARGUMENTS was released in March 2014. The document refers to Irwin Schiff and his cases numerous times, to prove that his contentions are no-winners. Excerpts:

Relevant Case Law: United States v. Schiff, 379 F.3d 621 (9th Cir. 2004);see also – the court affirmed a federal 4 district court’s preliminary injunction barring Irwin Schiff, Cynthia Neun, and Lawrence N. Cohen from selling a tax scheme that fraudulently claimed that payment of federal income tax is voluntary. In subsequent criminal trials, these three were convicted of violating several criminal laws relating to their scheme. See 2005 TNT 206-18. Schiff received a sentence of more than 12 years in prison and was ordered to pay more than $4.2 million in restitution to the IRS; Neun received a sentence of nearly 6 years and was ordered to pay $1.1 million in restitution to the IRS; and Cohen received a sentence of nearly 3 years and was ordered to pay $480,000 in restitution to the IRS. See

Schiff v. United States, 919 F.2d 830, 832 (2d Cir. 1990) – the court rejected the taxpayer’s argument that the IRS must prepare a substitute return pursuant to section 6020(b) prior to assessing deficient taxes, stating “[t]here is no requirement that the IRS complete a substitute return.”

Schiff v. United States, 919 F.2d 830 (2d Cir. 1990) – the court rejected a due process claim of a taxpayer who chose not to avail himself of the opportunity to appeal a deficiency notice to the Tax Court.

United States v. Schiff, 612 F.2d 73, 83 (2d Cir. 1979) – the court said that “the Fifth Amendment privilege does not immunize all witnesses from testifying. Only those who assert as to each particular question that the answer to that question would tend to incriminate them are protected . . . . [T]he questions in the income tax return are neutral on their face . . . [h]ence privilege may not be claimed against all disclosure on an income tax return.”

Ironically, I just wrote an article about Schiff ten days before he died: Libertarians Asking 'Anti-IRS' GOP Candidates If They Would Give A Presidential Pardon To Imprisoned 87-Year-Old Tax Protester Irwin Schiff (10/6/15.)

Irwin Schiff left behind a very extensive website which includes video interviews and conferences with him, radio podcasts, many links and documents, free copies of his books, multiple dozens- perhaps hundreds- of court filings, and many opinionated angry columns from the tax researcher who had basically contended that he did not have to pay income tax because he was an individual, not a corporation.

I do not suggest anyone try Schiff's arguments or tactics because they are obviously a losing lot. Sherry Peel Jackson went to prison for not filing, too. Ed and Elaine Brown are in their 70's and are in prison for many years to come. The U.S. Dept. of Treasury is auctioning off their home next week!

Irwin Schiff was featured in Aaron Russo's film AMERICA: FREEDOM TO FASCISM. My friend Pete Nosan headed up the California Chapter of Aaron Russo's group 'Restore the Republic.' Pete was active in what he called the 'tax honesty' movement, and he stopped filing his tax returns because he believed that he did not owe income taxes to the government. This week marks the seven year anniversary of Pete Nosan's suicide. The IRS had come after him, showed up at his job, and garnered his wages. You can read his story here.

In 2008 I interview Joe Bannister and his lawyer Jeff Dickstein.: Joe Bannisters Lawyer Warns Non-Filers 'You Risk Going To Jail- Be Prepared To Lose Everything You Have'. Watch the video below. Believe it or not Pete Nosan was standing right there when I recorded this interview, in Newport Beach.

Nevertheless. Here is Schiff's website. It's interesting from a historical perspective, especially if one likes to read legal stuff like I do. On the front page of his website, Schiff posts what he calls the "Transcript of Irwin Schiff Kangroo court "trial" and writes:

Important Notice - Please Read: On October 14, 2008, Las Vegas Federal Judge, Lloyd D. George pursuant to to a summary judgment (i.e. no hearing) gave the United States a permanent injunction, barring Cindy and myself from doing things we don't do anyway and asking me to remove from my website material that is also not there. (No I'm not kidding). On November 24, 2008 I filed a 23 page motion requesting Judge George to stay his injunction pending a review by the Ninth Circuit. It is extremely important that you read both documents below, since they will provide you with unique and overwhelming proof the the U.S. Justice Department knowingly enforces the "income tax" in violation of law, while Federal judges, knowingly do the same thing. More proof that organized crimes in the U.S. begin with the Federal government. After I posted Judge George's "Permanent Injunction" Ruling, and my response to it; the Court sent me its related "Order," to which I subsequently responded. In order to appreciate the full extent of the income tax hoax, I urge everybody to read all four documents. There is really not that much to read, considering how clear these show that the government is the one scamming the American People.

Schiff continues and urges readers " But remember we are now dealing with the Federal Mafia and my website may be in danger, so download and save as much material as you can.":

Even advocacy of [law] violation, however reprehensible morally, is not a justification for denying free speech where the advocacy falls short of incitement and there is nothing to indicate that the advocacy would be immediately acted on. So Brandies points out that even advocating violations of law is protected speech. Only when the speech might incite others to immediately break the law - like inciting a mob to storm a jail and drag the prisoner out for a lunching - is such speech not protected. Does anyone believe that someone who has paid taxes all his life (and overlooking all my warnings and disclaimers) is going to read something on my web site an immediately run out and break the law? So how can Judge George believe he can legally censor anything on my website?

Referring to his book The Federal Mafia- How the government illegally imposes and unlawfully collects income taxes, Schiff writes:

The Federal Mafia exposes every facet of the government’s illegal enforcement of the income tax – and will convince you that Organized Crime in America begins with The Federal Government – which is why the federal government has enjoined me from selling the book, so now I'm posting it for FREE!

The government doesn't want you to know what's in this book, so now you can download it for FREE! Just right click the button below, to save it on your computer. Please share it with everyone you know who will read it.

The Federal Mafia, first published in 1980, has sold over 90, 000 copies. It contains procedures for protecting yourself from the illegally enforced "income tax". Even though I cannot sell the book, you can now download it for FREE. Just click the orange "Federal Mafia" link at left.

There must be hundreds or even thousands of pages and files on that site. I don't know who owns the site or if it will remain, or if it will be scrapped, so now's your chance to see what Schiff wrote. Regardless of what one thinks of his tactics or positions, Irwin Schiff gave his life for a cause he believed in. He fought in a non violent intellectual way and they killed him for it, refusing to even let him go to be with his family as he was dying of cancer. This simply reveals the brutal nature of the state.

May his soul, and all the souls of the faithfully departed, through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

Schiff's website is

Here is Schiff at the 1996 Libertarian Convention:

Here he is on FOX News.


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