Nation's First Black Republican Congresswoman Swears In, Promises to "End Foreign Military Financing"
By Martin Hill
January 6, 2015


39-year-old Mia Love from Utah is the first black woman Republican ever to be elected to the House of Representatives. She was sworn into office today, January 6th. On the plus side, Love is a novel candidate who spouts what we like to hear- pro 2nd amendment, states rights, smaller government. On the minus side, Mia Love is endorsed by fellow Mormon Mitt Romney and is pals with Michelle Bachman. The daughter of Haitian- immigrants, Love once told a newspaper "I was a miracle and our family's ticket to America." Love is extremely vague- almost nonexistent - on her foreign policy ideals, as the "Foreign Affairs" page on her official House website literally only features a picture of flags- nothing more.

During her 2012 campaign race, she released a document in which she said the U.S. should "End foreign military financing," for a savings of $5.4 billion. "Take a look at my initial plan to cut federal spending," she said. "It isn't the final solution- much more will need to be done- but it's a bold first step to stop the flood of wasteful spending. I want to know what you think of my plan, and I'd love to hear your ideas. Contact Mia at 8013106415"

On her official house website, her 'Foreign Affairs' page consists only of one photo of a bunch of flags and text which reads "For more information concerning work and views related to Foreign Affairs, please contact our office."

Wikipedia notes:
Ludmya Bourdeau "Mia" Love (born December 6, 1975) is an Haitian-American politician and the U.S. Representative Utah's 4th congressional district. Previously the Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah from 2010 to 2014, Love is the first Haitian American and the first black female Republican in Congress, as well as the first black woman from Utah in Congress.
  • Abortion- Love is pro-life and has been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List.
  • Spending and taxes- Love proposes deep cuts to federal spending, particularly in the area of entitlement spending (Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid). She also supports cutting taxes.
  • Other issues- She supports domestic energy exploration, local control of education, Second Amendment rights, and state control of public lands.
  • Congressional Black Caucus- She has said that if elected to Congress, she would "join the Congressional Black Caucus and try to take that thing apart from the inside out." She has described the mainly Democratic Caucus as characterized by :...demagoguery. They sit there and ignite emotions and ignite racism when there isn't. They use their positions to instill fear. Hope and change is turned into fear and blame. Fear that everybody is going to lose everything and blaming Congress for everything instead of taking responsibility."
  • Personal life- Raised a Roman Catholic, Love joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after graduating college in 1998. While a flight attendant she moved to Utah as part of her work, but also to be closer to the temple and to learn more about her faith. There she got to know Jason Love, whom she had met briefly when he was an LDS missionary in Connecticut. The two were married in December 1998. Love turned down an offer to appear in the Broadway show "Smokey Joe's Cafe" that started two days before her marriage. They have three children.
  • Love's Facebook page is here: On Jan. 4th she posted an article about her husband: "Thought I should post this article. It's rare to have a reporter capture the details of an LDS family working together to serve. Kudos to Doug Robinson. "Mr. (Mia) Love - the man behind the congresswoman- Jason Love will stay home in Saratoga Springs with the children while Mia Love goes to Washington. "It has been an adventure from the beginning," he says of their marriage."

    On New Years Day, Love posted a cute picture of her family in front of the Capitol along with a message which read, "Yes Washington is broken, because Washington has forgotten that "We, the people" don't belong to government, the government belongs to the people. This family and the families of many others around this great country are committing to do all we can in 2015, to return power back to people. Happy New Year. May God bless you all."

    Her Twitter account is here: Love recently re-tweeted a tweet by Michele Bachmann which read "Ran into my friend @MiaBLove in the hallway. She'll be a fabulous Congresswoman. Watch her do great things."

    Ran into my friend @MiaBLove in the hallway. She'll be a fabulous Congresswoman. Watch her do great things.

    — Michele Bachmann (@MicheleBachmann) November 17, 2014


    Her campaign site stated "Learn why Mia is right for Utah- What we need right now in Washington are tough, consistent, tested leaders who put the American people first. For too long Congress has run up trillion dollar deficits, made promises it cannot keep, and failed to balance the budget. A change is needed, and that's why I am running to represent Utah's 4th congressional district in Congress. As the mayor of my city I have brought coalitions together to balance budgets, cut wasteful spending, keep taxes low, and limit the size and scope of government. I will do the same in Washington."

    Her campaign site section on The Middle Class stated "I'm a member of Utah's middle class. I will work in Congress to lower the burden on working class families by reducing spending, reforming and simplifying the tax code, and slashing the deficit. Our families need every chance to fulfill their American Dream."

    Mia recently ranked #4 on the "most admired conservatives" list, even above above George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rick Perry, Ted Cruz, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, and Matt Drudge! Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas were ranked first and second.

    In 2012, Mother Jones ran an amusing expose on Mia Love entitled GOP Rising Star Mia Love: "Anchor Baby"? (Updated). Excerpt:
    The Haitian-American House candidate has embraced harsh immigration policies, but she once described herself as her "family's ticket to America."
    When she spoke at the Republican National Convention last month, Mia Love, a GOP rising star who's vying to become the first black Republican woman elected to the House, wowed delegates with her parents' up-by-their-bootstraps tale. She said their story of coming to America from Haiti with $10 in their pockets formed the basis for her own belief in self-reliance and her staunch opposition to government handouts. ...Love doesn't talk about this aspect of her family's immigration story now that she's running for Congress, but she once said in a little-noticed interview that her birth on US soil helped bring her siblings to America. In January 2011, Love told the Deseret News that her parents, Jean Maxime and Marie Bourdeau, came to New York in the 1970s, fleeing poverty and looking for a better life. Love said that her parents immigrated legally, but were forced to leave their two young children behind in Haiti because their visa didn't allow them to bring the kids. But, writes the Deseret News:
    There was an immigration law in place, however, that would grant the entire family citizenship if Jean Maxine and Mary had a baby in America. But there was a deadline. The law was set to expire on Jan. 1, 1976. On Dec. 6, 1975, with 25 days to spare, Mia was born in a Brooklyn hospital. In no time, her older brother and sister were sent for in Haiti and the family was re-united. Says Mia: "My parents have always told me I was a miracle and our family's ticket to America."

    On her campaign site, How Congress Can Fix Itself, Love wrote, in part:
    I was recently asked a series of questions regarding my thoughts on Congress, and I wanted to share my responses with my blog readers:

    The approval rating of Congress is at an all-time low. What needs to happen in the new Congress to change that?
    The new Congress needs to trust America.<> For too long, members of Congress from both sides of the aisle have be pleading with voters to "just trust us." I think that is backwards. This isn't about getting the American people to trust Washington—it about getting Washington to trust the American people. My focus is going to be on doing just that. Let's trust the American people with their own hard-earned money, trust them to make healthcare decisions with their doctors and providers, and trust them to make education decisions with their children's teachers and local administrators.

    Americans are clearly skeptical about their elected officials in DC. What can actually be done to restore trust?
    Trust can't be asked for; it can only be earned. The best way Washington can earn some trust from the American people is by being transparent. We need to end the era of backroom deals and passing bills no one has read. I think that is offensive to the American people.

    We seem to have entered an era where Congress is never accountable for anything. How can we change that?
    Congress needs to do its job and stop passing off its lawmaking authority to regulatory agencies who are unelected and unaccountable. The federal registry is over 80,000 pages of laws and rules that have not gone through the House and Senate. We must reclaim legislative authority from the executive agencies. The House has passed the REINS Act every year for the past four years, and I believe both the House and the Senate will get this passed in the new Congress and onto the President's desk.

    The President seems to be getting away with doing whatever he wants, most infamously by going around Congress on healthcare and executive amnesty. Is there any way to stop him at this point?
    President Obama is doing exactly what he said he would do: legislate with his cell phone and his pen and doing so without congressional involvement. Whenever he doesn't get his way, he threatens to shut down the government while blaming Republicans....

    According to the political polling site, Mia Love supports Israel, supports 'preemptively strike any hostile nations perceived as a threat,' and supports 'Strategically eliminating Iran's nuclear bomb making capabilities'. However, upon closer examination, the website merely lists the official GOP Platform as a source, rather than Love's actual statements or answers. She in fact appears to have given no comments on Israel or any such matters. If anyone can find her comments on Israel or related matters, please contact me here.

    Incidentally, the official GOP Platform states "Our Unequivocal Support of Israel - "Israel and the United States are part of the great fellowship of democracies who speak the same language of freedom and justice, and the right of every person to live in peace. The security of Israel is in the vital national security interest of the United States; our alliance is based not only on shared interests, but also shared values. We affirm our unequivocal commitment to Israel's security and will ensure that it maintains a qualitative edge in military technology over any potential adversaries. We support Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state with secure, defensible borders; and we envision two democratic states - Israel with Jerusalem as its capital and Palestine- living in peace and security. For that to happen, the Palestinian people must support leaders who reject terror, embrace the institutions and ethos of democracy, and respect the rule of law. We call on Arab governments throughout the region to help advance that goal. Israel should not be expected to negotiate with entities pledged to her destruction..."

    In 2012, ABC News reported:
    In a printed proposal obtained by ABCNews that features Love's picture and touts "Mia's initial plan to cut spending and get America back on track," she lists a proposal to "End foreign military financing," an act that would save $5.4 billion, according to the CATO institute, a libertarian think tank. The proposal, which is not featured on Love's website, doesn't elaborate and Love's campaign did not respond to a request for more specifics, but there is a program run through the Department of State called Foreign Military Financing that has spent about $5.4 billion each year. Read Love's Budget Proposal The catch that puts Love at odds with other Republicans? About $3 billion of that money goes to Israel, according to the State Department's site.

    The 2012 article Mia Love poised to make a political comeback noted:

    If elected to the House of Representatives, Ludmya "Mia" Bourdeau Love is poised to make history. She would become the first black Republican woman elected to the lower house, the first Haitian American to win a seat in Congress—she was born in Brooklyn, New York to Haitian immigrants- and the first person of color elected to that legislative body from the state of Utah. Utah has only elected three women to Congress, and is an overwhelmingly white state with a black population of only 1.3 percent. After attending college in Connecticut, Love, who was Catholic, joined the Mormon Church and moved to Utah. She had met her husband, Jason Love, a white Mormon and a missionary, in Connecticut. Further, Love, 38, would be the only black Republican member of Congress. There have been no black Republican Congressmen or women since January, when Rep. Allen West (R, Florida) lost his seat to Democrat Patrick Murphy, and South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley appointed Rep. Tim Scott to fill the seat vacated by Jim DeMint. Meanwhile, since 1900, only five black Republicans have served in Congress. It is expected that this black woman with braided hair who is the daughter of immigrants would counter the narrative of the Republican Party as a whites-only club with policies that are unfriendly to people of color. The GOP has reportedly been eager to attract candidates such as Love.


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