A Trip To Ground Zero NYC 9/11 Site 14 Years Later: "Fascism Could Be Broken Apart Right Here"
Dedicated Building 7 Activists At Ground Zero Continue to Share the Truth with the Public
By Martin Hill
April 6, 2015



My wife and I took an impromptu trip to New York City on the weekend of Friday 3/27/15. While there we bought a $114 book of attractions and used them all.

I had been to ground zero once before, in 2008. PrisonPlanet.com publshed my video of that trip entitled 'Police Sate Measures at the Statue of Liberty' (Video is embedded below.)

St. Paul's Episcopal Chapel in New York City is directly adjacent to the World Trade Center and was designated a registered National Historic landmark in 1962. The propaganda at this church was quite overwhelming- not to mention the 9/11 museum itself, which is an elaborate masterpiece of propaganda. We visited St. Paul's chapel first and it was really, really something else to go into this place. I was speechless. There were people sobbing in grief throughout the place. I had a very strong emotional reaction to that place. After walking out of there, that's when it really hit me- not because I believed that "19 guys in a cave attacked America because they hate us for our freedoms," but because the level of propaganda and deception were very painful. It is difficult to put into words even now.

For example, a huge picture of Rudy Giuliani adorns their display, and they have a 'pilgrimage altar' which 'honors all victim of war and terrorism.' Inside the chapel itself, they had a cashier selling momentos, including children's books and other publications parroting the official government story of the attacks.

So it was a very nice surprise to see these 'Building 7' truth activists nearby, standing with a display on the walkway between the chapel and the official WTC museum. Seeing these 'We Are Change NY' guys at ground zero was a breath of fresh air after being in that disgusting so-called church which is essentially a shrine to the government story concerning 9/11/01. Seeing all the sincere people affected by the 911 propaganda was nearly too much to handle. I was, and am, disgusted beyond words with the depth of the deception. I did a quick interview with one of the WACNY guys which is below. I was so very happy to see them out there countering the official lies.

At the 9/11 museum, on the other hand, I expected what to see so I didn't really have a reaction to it, other that it was a silly and fraudulent sales pitch for the war on terror.

One thing that shocked me in the museum was one wall which featured 9/11 truthers, including people wearing Alex Jones '911 Was An Inside job' t-shirts. These were presented in a surprisingly impartial way. The display explained that some people have doubts, concerns and questions about the official story. Other placards in the same area featured people protesting the war on terror and the assault on our civil liberties. They also featured people questioning building 7. While the display did claim that the government adequately explained all the anomilies, none of these skeptics were portrayed in an insulting way.

Some other notes I took about the trip:

On Saturday 3/28/15 we also visited the Empire State Building, took a 3 hour boat tour of NYC in the Hudsen River, and later a comedy show- we had bought tickets from a guy on the street for the 'LoL comedy club.'

On Monday 3/30 we took a free ride on the Staten Island ferry, visited Central Park, saw the infamous Dakota, where John Lennon lived and was killed; hit the Museum of Natural History, the Metropolitan Museum of Art & the Rockefeller "Top of the Rock."

Some folks had warned us not to drive into NYC, that the traffic is horrible, impossible to get around, and no parking. I found none of that to be true. We rented a car for $10 bucks a day at Enterprise and found free parking each and every day we were there. One time when we needed to leave the car for 12 hours, we paid $16 bucks in a gated garage.

As for food- I'd never heard of 'Grays Papaya,' but if u Wikipedia it its been featured in a great # of hollywood films and shows. My wife had remembered it from a movie she saw with salma hayek and matt perry, (a movie about a Mexican woman who marries a gringo) and she looked up the name of the place since it was allegedly the best dogs in the world. We didn't get around to it till Monday. But we had found a similar place called Papaya Dog.

Papaya dog, for cheap junk grub is a-ok with me! Hot dogs and drink 4.95. Or chicken tenders, or philly cheese steak or burger and fries and drink for 5.50. Super busy all the time. I give papaya dog my stamp of approval. ;-)

"Grays Papaya", however, reeked of old cooking oil when we walked in, we both were hit by it. The dogs were much smaller, (1/4 slice of an actual hot dog, as I know it). NASTY; nasty place. Marketing is amazing isn't it?

My wife liked neither place, but especially disliked grays, proobably because of the fraud she had been presented about it.

On another note- the NYPD cops we encountered on the trip were all very pleasant and professional.

I've been on subways plenty of times before, in New York, Mexico, Europe and China- but being from California, the culture of the subway is still a real trip to me. On the Staten Island Ferry also, the people were literally like zombies. Only one man out of hundreds spoke, it was an old WWII vet in an animated conversation with someone. It was spooky. I'm not judging the masses or smearing them as bad people mind you, just very interesting culturally /people watching.

I wasn't happy about going to the top of Rockefeller center watching the ghoul jibber on the video as you enter the place. It pales in comparison to the tour to the top of theEmpire State Building. That is actually quite an interesting and extensive museum. I'd recommend skipping the Rockefeller "top of the rock".

The 9/11 museum alone one could spend a month in there. It was impressive the extent of it. Of course you could debunk every aspect of it while people literally weep next to you in grief, what a freakiing joke it is. But to me, the church in particular was very painful and repulsive to watch and to be in. I took photos and got their literature.

Here is an interview I did with the trth activist after visiting the church and before going into the WTC 9/11 museum.

Here is the video of my visit to NYC in 2008:

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