Accused LAX TSA Shooter Has Been Held Incommunicado For Two Years: No Letters, Calls, Visits - Except Psychiatrist
By Martin Hill
May 25, 2015



An interesting update on the murder suspect charged with killing a TSA officer and wounding three others has appeared in a local news outlet in Southern California.

On November 1, 2013, Paul Ciancia allegedly got a ride to Los Angeles International airport from a roommate and then went on a murderous shooting rampage, killing Transportation Security Agency Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez with a semiautomatic rifle at a security checkpoint in Terminal 3.

He is also accused of shooting at TSA officers Tony Leroy Grigsby and James Maurice Speer, and schoolteacher Brian Donovan Ludmer of Calabasas. Ciancia has pleaded not guilty to charges.

Ciancia, 24, faces the death penalty and is currently incarcerated in Los Angeles. He has received no mail, written no letters, and has not made or received any phone calls , e-mails or visits. Except for a trusty psychiatrist, of course.
(Interesting name, by the way, "CIA n CIA.")

The day of the shooting, police found notes Ciancia had allegedly written referring to 'fiat currency,' the 'NWO,' and calling 'Big Sis' Janet Napolitano a "BULL DYKE." He wrote that he wanted to "kill TSA and pigs" in order to "instill fear in your terrorist minds." Ciancia also railed against the DHS, Federal judges, the FBI, the Federal Reserve, the ATF, FEMA, and the EPA.

On a live CBS 2 Los Angeles news video the day of the shooting, the CBS commentator says that this shooting may be "some sort of inside job if you would." (link below.)

In another news video broadcast while events were unfolding live, an LAX POLICE CHIEF spokesman admits that they practiced that exact same scenario 3 week ago: "We practiced for this not more than 3 weeks ago. We took every one of our officers...our patrol officers...and a coupla hundred officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and we practiced the exact scenario that played out today..[that] we played out today." (video link below.)

The Daily Breeze reports:

"Attorneys for the suspect charged in a deadly shooting spree at Los Angeles International Airport contend that any communications between the defendant and his father and siblings should be kept from prosecutors without a judge's approval, according to court documents obtained Monday by City News Service.

Prosecutors, however, counter that there is no legal precedent for withholding access to Paul Anthony Ciancia's written, telephonic and electronic communications with his immediate family members, nor is there such a thing as a "parent-child" privilege.

His attorneys argue in their court papers that because Ciancia is facing an "authorized federal death penalty prosecution," there is a "parent- child" privilege that covers communications with "immediate" family members, which presumably means the suspect's father, brother and sister.

However, since Ciancia's arrival at the downtown Metropolitan Detention Center early last year, he has not participated in the facility's email service, "nor has defendant made any telephone calls, received incoming mail or sent outgoing mail," according to court filings.

...Defense filings have signaled that Ciancia's lawyers will raise mental health issues at his trial next year in an effort to save their client from execution.

Previous defense filings have mentioned a psychiatrist visiting the defendant at the federal detention facility where he is incarcerated, and his attorneys also raised the specter of a mental health defense at a February court hearing.

... Ciancia's immediate family members have not been seen at pretrial hearings."

[LINK: Defense wants to keep LAX shooting defendant Paul Ciancia's jailhouse communications secret 5/11/15]

KTLA Los Angeles reported earlier this year that Federal Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty Against Alleged LAX Shooter Paul Ciancia (2/2/15)

"Federal prosecutors announced Friday they were seeking the death penalty against the 24-year-old man who was charged in the deadly shooting of a TSA agent at Los Angeles International Airport in November 2013. The death sentence was being sought against Paul Anthony Ciancia in the event that he was convicted on three of the counts, including a first degree murder charge of a federal officer, according to the federal complaint. The two other offenses included a count of violence of violence at an international airport causing death and a count of discharging a firearm during a crime of violence causing death.

"The circumstances of the offenses are such that a sentence of death is justified," the complaint read.

Prosecutors stated that Ciancia intentionally targeted the victim, Transportation Officer Gerardo I. Hernandez, when he went on a shooting rampage with a semiautomatic rifle at a security checkpoint in Terminal 3 of LAX on Nov. 1, 2013. Hernandez, 39, was the first TSA agent to die in the line of the duty since the agency was founded after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Several others were hospitalized in the shooting spree, which prompted a massive police response and created near chaos at the international airport.

..."By committing his crimes on a weekday morning in a crowded terminal at one of the busiest airports in the world - Ciancia terrorized numerous airline passengers and airport employees by causing them to fear for their lives and experience emotional distress," acting United States Attorney Stephanie Yonekura and four assistant U.S. attorneys wrote in the legal complaint. The shooting rampage ended with Ciancia being shot in the face by responding airport police officers. Ciancia was indicted by a federal grand jury on 11 charges, including murder and attempted murder, in December 2013. He was also alleged to have shot at TSA officers Tony Leroy Grigsby and James Maurice Speer, and Brian Donovan Ludmer, a Calabasas teacher. Ciancia has pleaded not guilty to all 11 counts."

Ciancia had a court date in late February. The Daily Breeze reported
"U.S. District Judge Philip S. Gutierrez previously said jury selection could start on Feb. 23, 2016. ...Ciancia allegedly shot Hernandez at a lower-level LAX passenger check-in station and began walking upstairs but returned when he realized Hernandez was still alive and shot him again. ... During the shooting spree, Ciancia was allegedly carrying dozens of rounds of ammunition, along with a handwritten, signed note saying he wanted to kill TSA agents and "instill fear in their traitorous minds." Witnesses to the shooting said the gunman asked them whether they worked for the TSA, and if they said no, he moved on." [LAX murder defendant Paul Ciancia due in court Monday (2/6/15)]

Be sure to visit our incredible run-down and local news video from the day of the shooting hereL Original Source: Full 12 Minute CBS News Video Of Mannequin Victim At LAX.
"There have been numerous videos with music added, etc. of the glaringly ghost-white bald mannequin being pushed in a wheelchair at LAX after the recent shooting. Lest the zany nature of these videos cast doubt in skeptics minds about the legitimacy of this footage, we have found the original nearly 13 minute CBS 2 Los Angeles news video footage (at the original CBS2 link) from which these clips were garnered. The mannequin first appears at 4:50. Beginning at minute 6:35 the CBS commentator says that this shooting may be "some sort of inside job if you would."

At 1:38 of this video, the caption refers to the 'LAX POLICE CHIEF.' Then, at 1:59-2:25, a four-star officer tells us they practiced that exact same scenario 3 week ago and the training was critical to how they responded:

"We practiced for this not more than 3 weeks ago. We took every one of our officers...our patrol officers...and a coupla hundred officers from the Los Angeles Police Department and we practiced the exact scenario that played out today...[that] we played out today. And I...And I was talking to the officers involved in this particular incident a few minutes ago and they said that that training was critical to how they responded to [this]"




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