State of Connecticut, Complicit In The 'Sandy Hook Massacre' Hoax, Caught Reading About 'CRISIS ACTORS' On The Internet: ISP Logs, BUSTED!
By Martin Hill
October 30, 2015



The State of Connecticut, home of the notoriously controversial 'Sandy Hook massacre' in Newtown, Connecticut, has been caught peeking at a video on crisis actors I posted earlier today. [See National Hoax Awards - Best Crisis Actor .] Now why on earth would this be? Hmmm?

The state that is complicit in the SANDY HOOK HOAX can deny publicly and scoff at the notion that Sandy Hook was a false flag hoax; they can deride 'conspiracy theorists' all they want in public while they hide the truth, but in reality the state of Connecticut is reading about the hoax they have perpetrated. That is why I am sharing their ISP logs visit to my site today.

Like most all websites, we track and monitor visitors to this site. The policy of this Website is to not to reveal individual users or their ISP log info. I could have public stats, like many sites do, but I choose not to because I like privacy. However, there are exceptions. Only when it is a government agency, or a mega corporation do we do that. I use to gauge and monitor traffic, I highly recommend them. I do not choose to make the traffic publicly available on every page, but in cases where it exposes the corrupt nature of government or shows what corporations or news agencies, etc. are reading, it can be worthwhile. I very rarely do this anyway because I simply don't have the time, and most people might not find it relevant. [For one example of where I shared some visitor logs, see this article: U.S. Dept of Defense googling 'Bishop Richard Williamson Boston Bombings' . Not coincidentally, that was once again the government reading about their false flag being exposed.]

Now a little bit about my site before I proceed. Or if you're in a hurry, you can just scroll down to the CT screenshots below. I know you may be saying like many people have told me, 'this site is ugly', it has html from the 1990s, they 'don't like my use of 'tables' which are 'outdated', etc. Yeah I acknowledge that my site doesnt have flashing gizmos and dancing bears. It's basically a white sheet of paper wih text on it. I am happy with it. To me it's the content that matters, and I'm not interested in using a 'cookie cutter corporate blog' format to host my site. I'm happy with my site and get plenty of traffic. That said, you would not believe who visits this little website. you would just not believe it because I don't even believe it.

The internet is a marvelous thing. I actually believe God had a hand in its' creation because it allows the people such a beautiful, empowering, massive amount of information which allows the people of this earth to learn about, expose, and oppose evil and share the truth about a wide variety of topics, in a way never before seen on earth to mankind.

One thing I absolutely can't stand is when the establishment types claim that they 'can't talk about certain subjects;' they 'cant broach that topic,' it's too controversial!' or taboo.' They don't want to be seen as a 'conspiracy threorist' because that's 'not respectable, not mainstream, not reputable!' Excuse my french but screw that. [For an example of someone too afraid or gutless to tell the truth, even after retirement, see this absurd collection of lies and denials about the most important event of our time. It's the most dizzying, convoluted pile of b.s. you've ever seen! Sorry, but I simply don't respect that. Who is the father of lies? Ron Paul on 9/11 conspiracies - in chronological order.]

My website covers very controversial issues that many people in the general public, and especially in the government, academia and media, would NEVER dare talk about. But guess what? the fun thing is that with my site I get to see proof that they (these governments, law enforcement, universities, prestigious corporations, etc.) are reading about it. And very often. My website starts out exposing the 9/11 inside job, explains that towers were blown up by the CIA and Israel, the federal reserve is a fraud and a criminal organization of usurious thieves, along with most corporations and local and state governments. The judeo-masonic cabal that runs everything are freemasons, which means they are satanists, the government peddles in child sex slaves, the Bush's and many more of them are all satanists and fags, I talk about how the holocaust is a hoax, a lie, a complete fraud, the six million number is completely made up; Corrupt Jews run the world, and own the media; public school is brainwashing, vaccines are poison, the govt sterilizes people, and just about every public event since I was born is a complete fraud and a hoax. There are many things I of course have not included in that summary, but you know what I mean. I find this all very revolting, vile, outrageous, offensive and disgusting. I have an inherent obligation to shout out and oppose it and expose it. I am Roman Catholic, and that is my motivation for exposing and opposing all this sick, twisted evil in the world.

That being said, like I said above, you will not believe who visits my site. So people can call me a 'conspiracy theorist' or a right-wing religious zealot, or an Anti-Semite, [As HAARETZ published about me after I wrote my first-ever article on the 'holohoax.'] They can call me an anti-government extremist or whatever they want, but I couldn't care less about name calling. Because the people who read my site are the people in power. Those very governments and corporations that I criticize. Why just yesterday the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland and the U.S House of Representatives visited my site. [Those screenshots of their log visits sare below.] Harvard Visits my site. NBC, FOX News, CBS, Yale, Princeton, Halliburton, The U.S. Department of Justice, The Department of Homeland Security, Even The Executive office of the president, The Pontifical Council, the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. The U.S. State Department, California Attorney General, The City of Austin, TX, NYPD, State of New York, Just about every state in the nation, and countless endless other national, state and local government, as well many law firms, Fortune 100 corporations, police departments, federal courts, state courts, local courts, retail chains, amusement parks, media outlets, movie companies, etc.

I like to TEAR OFF THE MASK and let's stop tip-toeing around and just admit the truth. Reality is much stranger than fiction! The State of Connecticut is reading about false flag terror events and crisis actors! GOT IT?? THEY KNOW SANDY HOOK AND ALL THIS OTHER BULLSHIT WAS A FRAUD! THEY'RE COMPLICIT! HEY, FUCK YOU CONNECTICUT! YOU ARE LIARS, DECIEVERS, YOU ARE COMPLICIT IN THIS EVIL!!


P.S. Some of the others who have been reading this page is the State of New Mexico, Farmers Insurance Group, California Department of Corrections, The Boeing Company, California Technology Agency, Hewlett-Packard Corporation, The University of Oklahoma, Capital One Financial Corporation, Government Telecommunications And Informatics Serv. in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, The University Of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada, & Virgin Media in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom.

The State of Connecticut has visited my site many times before, and was browsing through my Zionism Archives a few weeks ago. That ISP log screenshot is below, too.

Also below are some recent screenshots of the United Nations and U.S. Congress visiting my site earlier this week.

Here in July is where the State of Connecticut was reading this article and my Zionism section.: [1954 Govt 'Report on Hate Groups' Villified Eustace Mullins, Ben Freedman, Opponents of Water Flouridation, 'Invisible Government' & 'Zionist Wars' 12/12/14.]


National Hoax Awards - Best Crisis Actor

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Sheen correctly predicts that "there is latent in our society a grave danger that we may go in for a kind of masochism and cruelty."

Towards the end of the clip Sheen addresses what to do with wayward youth and to set them back on the right track. He then targets child labor laws, and derides society's apparent obsession with getting a college education:
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See full article and video HERE.


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