The Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Is Still On My Car
As The Years Roll On, A Tribute To Ron Paul Supporters & The Tireless Spirit Of Liberty
By Martin Hill
January 12, 2015


Some recent events have made me think about the past, and the journey that I - and we- in the liberty movement have had- as the 2016 presidential election races forward. Since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic and sentimental today, I would like to share a very powerful video I made after the 2007 Ron Paul Presidential campaign ended. It's called The Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Is Still On MY Car. It includes a lot of photos videos I took during that time, at various Ron Paul rallies, and events, at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Burbank, etc. (set along with music,) from the grassroots campaign... and I think it really conveys the hopeful spirit of the people.

With people very cynical nowadays, I think we need to be reminded of this spirit now and again.

I hadn't watched this video in years, and had pretty much forgotten about it, but I heard "Beautiful Loser" on the radio today and remembered this vid, so I got a little nostalgic, and dug it up.

As the video caption states, "Remember the good times.. a tribute to Dr. Paul and his supporters who love liberty."

I remember very well how a lot of people were not happy with the outcome of the 2007 campaign and the way it ended. I also know a lot of people didn't support the 2012 campaign with the same spirit and hopefulness.

I was not involved in the 2012 campaign at all. But that's not the point here. The spirit and hope of the people at that time, during the grassroots 2007 campaign, to me, was something much more meaningful and revealing than just about the man Ron Paul, strengths and flaws.

If you know what I mean. It was about eternal the hope of how things could be.

And that is why that time will always be special.

The Fight for Liberty is eternal.

I don't really believe in politics or politicians anymore. Ron Paul was the only politician I ever donated money to. "Remember, Remember the 5th of November," the Ron Paul Moneybomb in 2007, which was record-setting for the most donations in a single day ever to any candidate. That was very special at the time, and was amazing for even me to donate, since I am a notorious cheapskate. ;-)

The only other politician I ever sort-of donated to besides Ron Paul was Rep. Tom Tancredo, when I paid $50 bucks to see him speak at a fundraiser in 2003. Tancredo later turned out to be a Zionist loon who wanted to "bomb Mecca," as he put it. The only other politician I ever really supported was Tom McClintock, when he was running for Governor of California against Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tom Talked an absolutely great game and said all the things we wanted to hear- he was as good as Ron Paul-- or so i thought. I was very much against Arnold Schwarzenegger and knew he was an evil gun-grabbing collectivist, and it made me sick to see all those GOPers adoring him like they did. It was INCREDIBLE. I have so much footage from that campaign I could make a 10 hour documentary on it. It was painful to watch. When Arnold won, President George W. Bush came to California to meet with new Governor Arnold. I went down there and was on the 11 O'clock KNBC TV News protesting both, because they were fake conservatives who would grow government and increase tyranny. Go to minute 5:00 of this video to see that TV news clip or watch it at the left. Of course, Arnold's disastrous tenure as governor proved me right. (does banning .50 caliber ring a bell?) In the very next Governor's election, Tom McClintock endorsed Arnold for governor and said everyone else should too! WOW!! I even have a Tom McClintock archive section on my website documenting all of this- this joke and a fraud of a politician who I had met several times and tirelessly promoted him, (read Tom's classic speech FREEDOM AND FIREARMS in the California State Senate on 6/09/2001 and you will get the idea of why I had supported him). I worked real hard to get him elected. Tom later became a U.S. Congressman, voted for the Patriot Act, NDAA, voted for money to Israel, sanctions on Iran, etc. etc. and turned out to be a Zionist loon, just like Tancredo!

And honestly, that's when I thought, WOW, man. I was done. I have been done with politics and politicians for many years now.

That is not our hope.

God's moral laws, the spirit of goodness and liberty, and tireless resistance to evil is our hope.

Another thing that led me to write this column today is that the is reportedly closing down- although the owner Michael Nystrom has threatened to pull the plug and fretted about closing the site for years with a lot of melodrama, it appears he's gonna kill his site. And while that's not really a big deal to me since I only go there occasionally, it's a disappointment to a lot of really good people, it reminded me of 'our' - the Ron Paul supporters in general - our journey and how far we've come, and how we've evolved over the years in the course of our journey. All the good people involved in the fight for liberty.

I've had my problems with the DailyPaul site- their censors actually banned me from the site in 2009, because I posted this- so - full disclosure here, haha- I later rejoined with another username.

As I explain on my new website, I supported Ron Paul for president in 2008 and my website,, was launched in 2007 as my local way to help promote Ron Paul's presidential campaign when me, along with my dad and my best-buddy sidekick Samoyed dog Maxine, (pictured there in front of the Ron paul sign without a leash I might add) put up a giant Ron Paul sign on a friend's building on a busy street in my town. Here is my website as it originally appeared. At the time in 2007, like many others, I was very excited at the prospect that Ron Paul could be president. I met him several times at various rallies and at the Tonight Show. My dad and I went to the very first 'Ron Paul Meet-Up' in Pasadena, Calif. You see, I was already familiar with Ron Paul because my dad had been a follower of Dr. Paul since I was a kid, and had received Dr. Paul's newsletters and materials. [The New York Times reported on that very first Ron Paul Meet-up and insinuated that the participants were a group of conspiracy theorists who hated Jews. In actually no one even mentioned Jews, although the leader of that meeting kept droning on promoting the 'John Birch Society,' and we left early. It was kind of a joke. But at any rate, the 'Ron Paul Meet-ups' were off to some sort of a start, and grew wildly from there.]

Here I am with Ron Paul in Burbank outside the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. People lined up a day in advance just for the chance to get in. Hundreds of people waiting all night sleeping on the sidewalk just for the chance to meet Ron Paul and show their support for him. Tom Cruise and Shakira were the other guests on the show that night- it was a great show and an experience I will never forget. Ernest Hancock of gave every single person a free bright yellow neon 'Ron Paul ReEVOLution' t-shirt for the show. What a great guy Ernie is. He's the one who created that design, you know. I was a guest on Ernie's show in 2012, the MP3 is here (2nd hour.) Somewhere I have a photo of that episode with Jay Leno on TV, and Ernie and I and a bunch of other Ron Paul supporters in the audience. I'll have to dig it up. And actually what had happened was, the NBC producers herded hundreds of us into the studio and then abruptly announced that no one wearing a neon yellow (Ron Paul) T-shirt was allowed to be on camera, because "the coloring looked bad on TV." It was sad and chaotic, with hundreds of people scrambling for sweaters and jackets to try and cover up with. Many people had to move seats out of camera view, or leave altogether.

That's all for now, thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy the video, and cheers to liberty. May God bless you all, and here's to a peaceful and prosperous 2015.

Note: I should add, that at the time I made this vid, several people told me it was a tearjerker.

The Ron Paul Bumper Sticker Is Still On My Car- "Beautiful Loser..."


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