Don't Ever Have The Cops Call A Tow Truck For You! (A Good Trooper Story For A Change)
By Martin Hill
December 15, 2015



Many people assume that I don't like cops, based on my website's content, I've even see people claim that I have an open anti-cop bias.' [See my Fighting Traffic Tickets Sectionwrite , my Filming Cops Archives, and my Red Light Camera Ticket Section.]

While it's true that I don't like militarized, aggressive, tyrannical trigger-happy cops, in general I actually have very few negative experiences with cops. Believe it or not, most of the law enforcement officers I encounter throughout the United States are very professional and courteous. I also have cops on both sides of my family.

I recently had a very positive experience with a good cop, so I thought I'd share it. This cop was decent, honest, helpful and fair.

If you ever break down and have a highway patrol officer ask if you'd like a tow truck, be sure to say NO!

This is because in most all states, the tow companies charge double or event triple if the police call for a tow, rather than if the motorist calls themselves.

This is basically because when the police call, the tow is 'compulsory' and the person doesn't have a choice, for example in a drunk-driving case or an unlicensed driver. But many times, if a motorist is simply having car trouble and needs a tow, if the cop asks if they need a tow truck the unaware motorist will say 'sure,' because it seems helpful.

This happened to me a week ago. I broke down in a big rig on the interstate and some time later an officer arrived and asked if we needed help. He asked if we needed a tow truck and I asked the trooper if it costs more if he calls them rather than if I call them. Because I knew that's how it works in California. He assured me that NO, it does not cost more if he calls them, that there is no difference in price.

While I was waiting I asked my dispatcher if the tow truck doesn't charge more if the cops call, and she assured me that yes, it costs A LOT MORE, IN EVERY STATE, without fail. So I go to the cop and ask again, and he assured me that that is not the case. I asked him if he can cancel the call, but he said they're already on their way, so he did not cancel them.

So the tow driver arrives and I ask them if it costs more if I call vs whether the cop calls. He says he doesn't know, but his boss will arrive on the scene shortly. The boss soon arrives and smugly informs me that yes, indeed, it's more than double the cost since the police called him out. Drat!

He tells me that it would have been $750 for a tow if I had called him, but it is $1750 for a tow since the cop had called him out.

I tell him that I don't want the tow, that the cop had assured me there was no difference in price. I said that's legalized extortion and that I don't want the tow, and tell him not to hook up to my truck because I'm not going to pay him a dime. They were pretty aggressive and so I responded in kind. He said is not going to leave unless the cop says it's okay. The cop had already left, so the tow boss calls the cop back. The younger tow guy started raising his voice, now remember, this is 3am on a cold night in the middle of nowhere, and this mental-case degraded goon starts getting all uppity shouting "SO YOU'RE SAYING WE'RE STEALING? SO YOU'RE SAYING WE'RE STEALING?"


The boss, very wisely and properly admonished his goon to calm down and shut up. He saw where this was headed.

While we were waiting for the cop, the tow guy suggests I can go back inside my truck to wait since it is cold. Ha! In reality he just wanted a chance to plead his case to the copper without me there. I said 'No thanks, I'll wait here for the cop.'

So the cop arrives back on the scene, and I approach him first, and tell him that the tow driver, indeed, just as I had suspected, is charging me almost TRIPLE the rate, since the cop had called him instead of me.

The cop was shocked and felt bad, since he had repeatedly assured me that there would be no difference in price. The cop even told the tow guy that I had asked him several times before he called for the tow, and that he had assured me that it was the same price.

"Well it's not," the tow guy proclaimed.

"That's not right!" the cop said to the tow driver. "That's just not right, I don't agree with that at all," he said. He kept repeating it.

The cop asked "Now why is that, Jim? Why do you charge so much more just because I call you? It's still a breakdown call."

The tow driver replied "because we are taken off rotation. We could possibly get called out for a $10,000 job for a wreck but we have to come here instead, and we could be losing money."

The tow driver was trying to persuade the cop to force me to use his tow services, but the cop was not hearing any of it. He even called the tow driver by his first name, they apparently knew each other.

"That's just not right, Jim, I don't agree with that at all," the trooper repeated again.

So, the tow guy just waved his arms in the air and drove off.

The trooper told me to call my own tow company, which I did. They promptly arrived and charged a fair price. Everyone was happy!

I should note that this was not a case of the trooper (a state agent) telling the tow guy how to run his business. Matter of fact the trooper told the tow guys several times, "I'm not telling you how to run your business, but I don't think that's right" (that I, the cop, should force this driver to accept your services at almost triple the regular price, just because I, the cop, called you out here.) It was the exact opposite. It was the state agent (the cop) refusing to coerce and force a citizen to pay for services of a private corporation who peddles in literal highway robbery. Kind of like Obamacare!

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